Friday, September 5, 2014

Week of September 8-12

THANK YOU for the amazing job that you did to prepare and present for Curriculum Nights and our Sky Ranch Parent Meeting.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed.  Here is a text I got from one of our school board members: "Most awesome place EVER!!! The building's great, but your designers ROCK!!! Tears of joy here! I truly became emotional when I got to my car- overwhelmed with joy.  Our kids are so fortunate!"  This is only one compliment of MANY that were shared.  What principal doesn't want to hear something like this?  SO, SO VERY PLEASED YOU ALL ARE HERE!  Thank you for helping to establish our reputation already and making Lee look SO GOOD!


  • Our PE wall is being installed on Monday night? *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
  • That curriculum materials and resources are still coming in?  Shelving is going to be ordered for you to help you better organize your materials.  Think of the vertical resources you have at your fingertips.  WOW!
  • Irving is doing a traffic study of Ranch Trail.  CISD will be meeting with them in the coming weeks.
  • That there is insurance for your devices?  Remember to get a case for your MacBook and that technology is your responsibility.
  • We have chart paper of all different shapes and sizes?  (some lined, some unlined)  Please ask Diana for what you need.  There wasn't a proper place in the workroom to put the boxes.
  • Alicia put together a bag of recess equipment for you to take outside?  Please see her if you have any questions.
  • That you have voicemail that connects to your computer? Here is how you set up your voicemail.
  • That you can scan on our copier now?
  • That your whiteboard stands are on their way?

As we transition to our house schedule, house leads, please share your "meeting/designing" days with Chantel, Todd, Courtney, Alli, Julie, Roxann, Ayesha, Amanda, Renee, and Angela so we can support you.

Please, also share your meeting/planning agendas with us.  In order to maximize your time and focus and for you to get the support you will want to have one of these.  You can establish your own by house.  Some suggested agenda items are: 
  • Meeting Norms (established your first meeting)
  • Learner Needs (talk about RtI learners at Tier I, counseling concerns, GtI, MLI, and other concerns
  • House Needs (talk about House business like shared space schedules, shared technology schedules, upcoming field trips, etc.)
  • Design Work  
House agendas need to be shared with administration by the end of the week.

As you have noticed, we have a revolving door of visitors in the building.  We cannot compliment you and your learners enough for carrying on with school business as if visitors are not even present.  Please help our learners to be comfortable sharing what they learn when our guests ask.  They should be able to articulate the learning objective or "why" behind what they are accomplishing.

Please do your best to keep your design studios and back pack areas tidy.  With all of the glass, EVERYTHING, is on display.

Dr. Denison will be here on Thursday with representatives from the North Texas Regional Consortium.  I can't wait to hear feedback from them. These are talented Asst. Superintendents from the metroplex who have helped lead the movement of transformation in education.

The following was added to our campus handbook:

We all take pride in our clean building.  Please follow these guidelines in your spaces. 

WOOD SURFACES (DOORS, CABINETS)use sticky tack putty.  No tape, labels, or hot glue.  The adhesives and glue pull the finish off.
GLASS:  use blue painter's tape to attach work on and brown paper towels to clean the surface.
WHITEBOARD STANDS and IDEA PAINT WALLS:  only use microfiber cloths, paper towels, and water to clean them.  If there is a stubborn mark, draw on top of it with dry erase marker and erase.  That should remove it.  Do not use tape, sticky tack, glue or anything adhesive on these surfaces.  Please erase weekly (at a minimum) so that the wall does not stain.
CARPET:  Use blue painter's tape only.  Do not use masking or duct tape.
PAINTED SURFACES:  You may staple, use thumb tacks, or use blue tape to hang on these.  Do not use cement, glue, or sticky tack putty on painted surfaces.

Call a custodian immediately for any spills.  Put a drop of dish soap in your paints--they will wash out easily.  Also keep on hand a box of regular table salt.  Should a spill occur, blot as dry as possible then pour the salt on the wet area.  Avoid use of this area until the salt had dried (24 hours) and can be vacuumed up.  This will remove most stains if this process is followed immediately.  

Food attracts roaches, ants, and rodents.  Keep all food in plastic containers with a sealed top

When learners are outside, please ask students to avoid any muddy areas.  Students should check and wipe their feet before returning to the building.

If something needs repair in your room, please e-mail the secretary, assistant principal, or principal.  Provide your room number and information concerning the nature of the repair.   For emergency repairs, contact the office immediately.

September 8-12: Celebrate Freedom Week 
September 8:  Start of House Master Schedule
                       RtI Meetings
                       4th and 5th Club 21 Meeting at Lee (3:30 Media Center)
September 9: First day for Salad Bar
                      CK at Admin Meeting
September 9: Dr. Waldrip Visits Lee (3:30 Media Center flex space)
                       Lee Tours at 4:00 (City Council, Mayor, Bond Committee)
                       PTO Meeting at 6:30 (All welcome.  We need a designer rep)
September 10: MAP Testing Window Opens until October 8
                        Superintendent Reception @ Admin Bldg. at 3:30 
                        Campus Curriculum Meetings Cancelled 
September 11: Patriot Day- Wear Jeans and Red, White, and Blue
                        Dr. Denison and team will be at Lee (8:30-11:30)
                        Lee Tours at 4:00 (Facilities, Realtors, and Math Specialists)
September 15: RtI Meetings
                        Parent Club 21 Information Meeting (6:00 Media Center)
September 17: Staff Meeting
September 18: Sky Ranch Chaperone Meeting (6:00 Media Center)
September 22: Grand Opening (9:00-10:30)

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