Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week of September 15

It has been another AWESOME week at Lee thanks to YOU!  Your engaging learning experiences keep our learners excited to return to school each day.  Happy learners = Happy parents.  THANK YOU!


  • School zone signs have been installed for our school.
  • You should email your parents in a group or blind copy them.  If you don't, they can extract the emails of the other people in your classroom.
  • Our Lego Build to Express kits arrived.  We have 25 kits, a teacher's guide, and a Resource CD.  See Chantel if you are interested in learning more.
  • Our enrollment is 530 learners as of 9/11/14.
  • The district has started working on a district wide recycling program.  I have requested a paper dumpster and plastic bottle recycling cans for our school.  Your efforts with paper, so far, are noticed!!! 
  • We have had over 100 visitors in our building for tours this week.
  • Lee will participate in the CHS Homecoming parade on October 15 @6:30.
  • We will have a learner led bank in conjunction with the Las Colinas Credit Union.

Thank you for sharing your house planning days with Todd and Chantel.  We are publishing these days so that our "Glitters" can help support your design work.  If your day or time are incorrect, please let Chantel know and she will update it in this blog.

Blue- Wednesday (8:30-9:30)
Purple- Tuesday (9:30-10:30)
Red- Tuesday (11:30-12:30)
Yellow- Tuesday (1:00-2:00)
Green- Thursday (after school)

Leadership team, please make sure your agendas for team planning and PLC's are shared with Chantel and Todd via Google Docs.  Chantel is already giving some of you feedback via the comment tool.  These agendas keep everyone focused and let's our administrative team know where you are headed and what we can help with.  

We will work on a modified schedule on Friday.  Dr. Herauf will share the schedule.  We must practice and re-practice our procedures for this day.  Our school is on display and we want to show how incredible we are!

We need help from you and your learners so that all ages of children are involved in the Grand Opening.  Dr. Herauf has asked you to share learners who will be exemplars for this day.  Please get those names in as soon as possible.

Please communicate to your families that we will wear our navy blue inaugural spirit shirts on the 22nd.  Staff, please wear your shirts, too, with khaki bottoms.

There will be people touring the building from 10:00-10:30 on September 22.  Carry on with what you would normally do that day.  Help us remind learners that when we have guests, we stay focused on the "work" and not what is going on around us.

For those of you that are new or returning to CISD that might need help navigating through AWARE (our online database) there are two trainings (basic and advanced) being offered on the 16th and 23rd of September.  If you choose to register for these (through Eduphoria) please feel free to wear jeans on these Tuesdays.

If you choose to self train on AWARE, please use the ?HELP button on the top right to watch tutorial videos in how AWARE functions.

I encourage attendance so that you can use this tool to inform your instruction and be prepared when we have quarterly data meetings with Campus Administration.

Please pay special attention to my email this weekend regarding Accident Reports.  Please remember that we must actively monitor learners at all times.  That means during recess that designers are in separate locations of the playground.  This means during dismissal that designers are not congregating and visiting until learners are completely released.  This means at lunch that designers are not sitting and eating; they are walking around engaging with learners.  Thank you very much for your help in this matter.

September 15: International Dot Day
                        RtI Meetings
                        Parent Club 21 Information Meeting (6:00 Media Center)
September 17: College Shirt Day with Jeans
                        Staff Meeting (it will last until 5:00)
September 18: 4/5 iPad Rollout Day
                        Sky Ranch Chaperone Meeting (6:00 Media Center)
September 19: Grand Opening Dress Rehearsal (8:00 Cafe)
                        Caroline's Birthday
September 22: Write a Check Week
                        Grand Opening (9:00-10:30) 
September 23: Layne's Birthday
September 24: Red and Black Attack Shirt Day
                        BOY Data due in AWARE
                        4/5 Progress Report Grades Due
                        Fed Ex Day (3:30-4:30)
September 25: Fall Picture Day (Faculty Photo at 7:15 am)
September 26: Progress Reports sent home
September 27: Green Apple Day at Lee
September 30: Child Abuse Training must be complete
October 3: Information Literacy Course must be complete

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