Thursday, August 17, 2017

Week of August 21, 2017

WOW!  This week has FLOWN by.  THANK YOU for your hard work, design work, laughter, positivity, and MOST IMPORTANTLY your KINDNESS.  We are truly the BEST school on the planet with the BEST people!

  • our School Board liaisons for Lee this year are Mrs. Fisher and Them Hulme?
  • that Sam helped develop a "Year at a Glance" with important events by month?  THANKS, Sam!
  • that some people have already started turning in their Lee Staff Handbook signature page?  Join in.
  • you have access to our faculty favorites?  
  • you can access the Lee Staff Calendar on your Mac and phone?   

HTML Link:
ICS Link:

After much reflection and internal debate, here is the master schedule for the year.  My hope is that you will seek out some grade level time with other houses.  You want it and, most importantly, our learners want it.  The second tab is our adjusted first day schedule.  Due to the eclipse all elementary learners must have recess before 11:30.  

We have to design a cheer/callback for Friday.  If you have an idea- PLEASE share it so we don't hear crickets when they call out our school at the event.  Please carpool over and wear the black Convocation shirt that was delivered to your mailbox. Doors to Irving Bible Church open at 8:10 and Convocation starts at 8:30.  I'm hoping there is no confusion which side is the front side of the shirt this year. ;) We will take a group picture on the stage at the conclusion of Convocation and are expected back on campus at 1:30.  We will cover some "Nuts and Bolts" and then give you the remainder of the afternoon to work in your spaces.

To help speed up Friday afternoon, it will help if you sign up for your committees for the year.  Some (like DEIC) need to be "elected" so we will have to vote if you put your name there.  All staff needs to serve on committees.

Don't forget that all staff is on before and after school duty the second through fifth days of school.  It is about learner safety and showing our parents that this is a priority at Lee.  THANK YOU!  On the first day, learners and parents can come straight to your spaces upon arrival (doors unlock at 7:15).  We request that specials and all support staff help us in the front car loop on day one. Please sign up for your duty time here.  Support staff will have morning and afternoon duties.

Ashley, Leigh Ann, and I would like to meet each and every learner the first week of school.  Please sign up HERE to bring your class to our spaces.

Since parents have permission to walk their learners to your class on the first day of school, we thank you for being prepared to welcome them and to ready to leave a great first impression of their first day of school with YOU!  Remember that this first week is about building SOLID relationships with the children and their famiLEEs.  Please, by the end of the first week, pick up the phone and call EVERY family.  Tell them/leave a message sharing something special about their child.  It will pay huge dividends to take the time to do this!  My expectations for you, this first week, are to ensure that school is SO FUN and EXCITING, that the learners do not want to leave at the end of each day.  

For now you should have Physical Science boxes in your houses.  Thanks, Sam, for coming up with a plan for where we can locate them.  Red house will house Units 1&2 for K, 2, and 4.  Yellow House will house FOSS Kits for 1, 3, and 5.    Green House will house K/1 Kits, Blue House will house 2/3 kits, and Purple House will house 4/5 kits. 

Establish a positive affective environment by acknowledging and respecting cultural and linguistic diversity. Let's create that positive and safe environment so the learner trusts you!

Here is the T-TESS Appraisal Calendar for the 2017-2018 school year. 


Excellence- to stand out with valuable quality

Quickly learn the names of other designers and learners in the school and greet them by name.

Excellence is never an accident.  It is always the result of High Intention, Sincere Effort, and Skillful Execution" -Aristotle

Aug 19- Brief Mentor Mtg. after Nuts and Bolts
Aug 21- First Day of School
              Parent Yahoo BooHoo Breakfast (Cafe)
Aug 23- Kristen's Birthday
     Convocation Shirt with Jeans
Aug 26- Megan C's Birthday

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Week of August 14, 2017

Can you believe it?  We are one more week away from our 850 sweet kiddos filling the building.  I hope you are as excited as I am!!  

I want to take time to thank some of you for helping to remind us how LUCKY we are at Lee. (I apologize if I have left any of you off.)  Let's start with our front office... Shanna has been working NONSTOP to enroll all new learners in our area of CISD.  Deepa has helped to verify ALL of the new learners moving to our school.  Lastly, we brought Candace in a bit early, too, to help with records requests and other tasks.  All of these ladies continue to greet visitors and staff members with a smile and helpful spirit, even when they are interrupted.  Can we get a power clap for these ladies?!

Thank you to our Kindergarten Designers, Jacque, and Courtney for coming in for two days to assess our incoming Kindergarteners and for class list creation.   This is still their summer break, yet they are working for the good of our entire school in order to put learners in balanced classrooms that will help ALL of us as they grow through Lee.  WOW!  THANK YOU, ladies!

Muchos Gracias to Sam and Taylor O. as they hosted Broadcast Camp this week.  They brought back learners who will be in middle school so they could mentor and teach others about the TriCaster system.  Even though they make it look easy, this is not an easy task!  Our learners went to WFAA studio in Dallas to learn more about ways to enhance our morning broadcast.  Because of these ladies, our morning broadcast will begin DAY ONE of school with a fresh new look!  WAY TO GO!  We appreciate you!

Your fearless Leadership Team spent a full day (well...minus a succulent workshop) working through a great deal of information.  They helped to update their mission as a group and we designed collective commitments.  We worked on updating Curriculum Night presentations and to weigh out the pros and cons of a master schedule change for this year.  (Stay tuned as a final decision is being made.)  Each of us also identified our top five leadership strengths and how we can use them this coming year.  This group's dedication and their efforts to bring ALL of our houses and teams together is massively inspiring.  THANK YOU for CULTIVATING KINDNESS this school year!  Thank you for being the communicators you are!  Thank you for leadership!

KUDOS to those of you that worked on curriculum writing this summer!  The fruit of your labor will be enjoyed by the entire district.  Curriculum directors bragged, endlessly, on Lee participants.

THANK YOU to our gals who attended Common Formative Assessment Training and PLC Training with Ashley and I this summer.  May, Samira, Kristina, Megan Schlosstein, Taylor H. will help us with leading learning on these topics.  

We appreciate Layne, Megan, Jacque, and Kylie for planning our CBL update training during Back to School Training.  We are excited to offer differentiated support from these experts in CBL.  THIS GROUP IS AMAZING!!

Shout outs to all of you that have put time in getting systems in place before we come back.  I know even if you weren't up here in person, you were working electronically, meeting for dinners, attending ARDS, orienting teammates, and MORE.  Please know that your efforts do not go unnoticed and are what help make this the BEST SCHOOL ON THE PLANET!

Lastly, can I get an AMEN for the blessing of an INCREDIBLE Admin Team?  Not a minute goes by that I am not reminded about the power of teamwork, collaboration, and servant leadership when I am with Angela, Ashley, and Leigh Ann.  There is NO DOUBT in my mind that we are all #luckyatlee to work together.  I can only imagine how our school and staff will benefit from this fierce foursome!  

You probably have a great deal of questions about this week.  Ashley, myself, and staff members have been designing learning experiences for you for next week.  It is our intent to deliver professional learning that mimics how you teach in your spaces.  You should expect to be engaged, moving around, and working on meaningful tasks.  Here is what you need to know about next week.  
  1. You can wear shorts and jeans (be comfortable!)  Monday is team building and that usually means getting in your car to do "something."  
  2. Snacks will be provided each day.  Bring your own drinks.
  3. We will start promptly at 8:00 and conclude by 4:00.
  4. Monday we will be in the cafeteria.  If you do not want to sit in the wooden chairs, feel free to roll down your design studio chairs or bring bean bags down.  
  5. On Monday, please sit as a house (including your support folks) with the corresponding duct tape in the center of your table.
  6. Lunch will be on your own each day.
  7. Agendas will be shared daily.
  8. You will have FUN and some time to design!
  9. Here is the In-Service schedule for Wednesday.  

Class lists are already populated in Pentamation, so that you can email your parents on Wednesday.   Please work together, as a house, to comprise a welcoming email to send out on Tuesday afternoon at 3:45.  We want to be consistent, and send these at the same time, so that the office is not bombarded with phone calls.  In your email, please include a Google form to capture info so that you do not have to have all of your parents complete it at Meet the Designer Night.  PTO has requested you add a yes/no question on your form that asks if parents may be contacted by the PTO.  Also include the Volunteer Background Check link so that ALL parents can get approved to engage at school.  A sample blurb was provided to your leadership team on Thursday. 

Please plan to be at this event from 5:30-7:00 on Thursday night (except time clock employees).  Your space DOES NOT have to be completely ready for this event!  Stage it the best you can and remember that your space will come to life once the learners arrive and create work.  We will give you our 2017-2018 campus shirts to wear on this day and to our event.  We will take a staff picture on Thursday and these shirts will help parents to identify staff members in the building.  I am fine with you wearing shorts or jeans with your new shirt for MTD.  Designers, if you have a PTO board member's learner, or a staff member's child in your class...they will come to your space at 5:15, to meet you, so that they can participate in Meet the Designer Night.  Thank you for your flexibility with these parents.  

PTO and volunteers will be delivering school supplies to your spaces on Friday.  If there is a specific place you want these stacked in your space, please put up a sign in an easy to see place.  THANK YOU for tweeting out about ordering school supplies.  We all know you want as many kits as possible.

Please carpool over to Irving Bible Church on Friday.  We will sit together as a school and you need to wear your black Convocation t-shirt.  

In an attempt to lighten your load, we have been strategically sprinkling out "to-do's" though the last couple of blog posts.  I want you to be kind to yourself this school year, so it will help if you get some of these tasks done, now, so you can focus on relationships and lesson design the first couple weeks of school.  Here are some items you can hopefully check off:

Please review this resource Stephanie R created for you to help with Monday's special event.  We will discuss more about this during in-service training this week.

All important events are uploaded to a shared Lee Staff Calendar.  New hires will want to add the  staff calendar to your phones and MacBooks.  Here are links to help you:
HTML Link                                         
ICS Link 

CISD CURRICULUM COURIER in schoology (Access Code: XD7F9-WSDFH)

Aug. 12:  Stephanie R's Birthday
Aug. 14:  Campus Professional Learning (8:00-4:00)
Aug. 15:  Campus Professional Learning (8:00-4:00)
Aug. 16:  District Professional Learning (info above)
Aug. 17:  Campus Professional Learning (8:00-4:00)
                Meet the Designer Night (5:30-7:00)
Aug. 18:  Campus Professional Learning
Aug. 20:  You will not sleep because tomorrow is...
Aug. 21:  The First Day of School!!!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week of August 8, 2017

We are so excited...we have our additional AP hired.  Leigh Ann Howard will be working at both Lee and Valley Ranch Elementary.  You may recognize her as a previous DLC in the district. We are EXCITED to learn and grow with her.  Please welcome her to our famiLEE!

It is New Hire induction week!  We are honored to have our new folks joining CISD.  You will LOVE our district, it's hometown values, and the personal connections of our tight knit community.  Enjoy your week of learning.  Join us at MiCocina after your morning with the district, on Monday. (We have reservations for 11:45).  We will head back to campus after lunch.  You will need your technology.  We will meet in A118 (just outside the teacher's lounge).


  • we have opportunities for fostering animals this school year?  The summer camp that Layne volunteers at has (2) African Fat Tail Geckos and (2) Russian Tortoises.  The geckos are slow movers, very friendly, kids can old and touch, and they can roam out of the cage.  The turtles are quick movers, eat a lot and are not to be handled.  They do not live in water, so their are not as smelly or hard to care for as a typical turtle.  They will be dropped off either the week of 8/14 or 8/21 and picked up in May.  They arrive with all the equipment, but you must purchase food.  If you are interested in fostering email 
  • we ordered 200 pairs of eclipse glasses so that you and your learners can view the solar eclipse visible on the first day of school?  I also forwarded an email to you from Linda Cook with a great deal of instructional information. 

Please remember to fill out this Google Form that includes information about you and your favorites.  This is a tool the office, PTO, and staff uses to treat you and get to know you better.

Want to get together and meet or reconnect with Lee staff members?  We will be in downtown Coppell on Wednesday and hope you can join us!  Thanks, Kylie, for the darling invite!

We look forward to seeing this year's Leadership Team on Thursday.  Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your favorite drink to stay hydrated.

Our faculty website is updated and ready as a resource for ALL.  It is meant to be a "one stop shop" for you, so if there is something we need to add, please email me, and I will add it on there.  The Lee Staff Handbook is updated and you must sign off that you read it by August 31.  Updated items are highlighted in yellow.

Thank you to those who are coming in early to assess over 150 incoming kiddos.  We are grateful you will help us sort our new friends out as evenly as possible.  Thank you to our Broadcast Babes who will be taking our kiddos downtown on Tuesday for an authentic news experience.  Also, thank you to the Designers that attended PLC training with Ashley and I.  Lastly, a huge shout out to those of you that helped with curriculum writing.  The leadership on our campus is second to none!

Finish Strong!  Tweet out with #rjlyear4 and #summerselfiechallenge .  Do you have a bingo yet?

*Start tackling Compliance Trainings in Schoology
Aug. 7-11:  New Hire Induction
Aug. 9: Get together at Twisted Root
Aug. 8-9:  Kindergarten Assessment Days
Aug. 10:  Leadership Meeting
Aug. 11:  Residency Verification Day
Aug. 14-18:  Back to School Professional Learning
Aug. 17:  Meet the Designer Night (5:30pm-7:00pm)
Aug. 21:  First Day of School

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week of August 1, 2017

Welcome back for another incredible year at Lee.  It has been a RESTFUL but BUSY summer in the office as we have been hiring the best and most amazing additions to our school.  We still need to find the perfect 1/2 time Assistant Principal (our hire was transferred to Denton Creek by the district) and Instructional Aides for Enrichment and STEM.  We know we will find the perfect fit and will keep you posted!  Here is our latest staff roster.   *UPDATE!!!!  WE FOUND OUR PERFECT 1/2 AP- her name is Leigh Ann Howard (you may know her from her previous role as a DLC in the district).

New hires are required to attend Induction Week.  Here is the schedule of events.  We look forward to seeing you at Lee on Monday afternoon.  Please join us at 11:45ish at MiCocina.  We will have lunch together and head back to campus for an afternoon of learning.  I will also see you at the Chamber Breakfast on Tuesday.  We will need two tables for all of our new folks, so look for a familiar face! The Chamber Breakfast is a FUN event, to kick of the week, where you get to win prizes from Coppell community business partners. Professional dress on this day.

Ashley and I have been busy making sure that there is equitable distribution of furniture in houses. Please DO NOT move furniture out of your houses.  Please do not "borrow" furniture from the media center, A120 or A118, or other places in the building.  If you are a special program designer and need additional/different furniture, please fill out a furniture request form in Eduphoria Formspace. Here is the breakdown of furniture.  Please cross check it with what is in your house.  If you have anything extra or are missing something, please let Ashley know.

We will make decisions about our Master Schedule at our Leadership Meeting on Thursday.  If you have strong opinions about the schedule, please share your thoughts with your leadership member so they can voice your thoughts.  Remember our goal is the least amount of disruptions to the learning day, large chunks of teachable time, and getting red and green houses empty as much as possible during lunch times.

We look forward to seeing this year's crew next Thursday.  Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your favorite drink to stay hydrated.

Thank you to Kylie who is serving as our campus Lead Mentor and to our Designers who are taking on this leadership role this year.  All 1st and 2nd year Designers in CISD are assigned a mentor.  Here are this year's partnerships.  Our hope is that you have already started talking and supporting your mentee.

  • Mariah-Kylie
  • Akta-Layne
  • Megan S-Megan S
  • Meredith-Taylor
  • Megan O- Stephanie
  • Hannah-Courtney

Our faculty website is updated and ready as a resource for ALL.  It is meant to be a "one stop shop" for you, so if there is something we need to add, please email me and I will add it on there.

Please take a chance to fill out this Google Form that includes information about you and your favorites.  This is a tool the office, PTO, and staff uses to treat you and get to know you better.

We have asked for compliance videos early so that they do not need to be completed during the school year.  You can get these 9 required trainings done, NOW/VIRTUALLY, in the comfort of your home.  Here is how:
  • Log into Schoology (same login as email)
  • Go to Courses
  • Go to Join
  • Enter code: 8ZFJB-KQ52K
  • Please have these done by September 30, 2017

Each staff member should have keys to the Design Studio and Storage Room for your House. If you are in a classroom, you should also have a key to the classroom. If you are in need of these keys (or any others), please indicate that in this form. If members of your House have moved spaces, please check with them, first, to trade keys for the appropriate spaces. Your photo ID badges (also building access) have been delivered and Ashley has them ready for you.

Let us know what you have been up to this summer!  Tweet out with #rjlyear4 and #summerselfiechallenge .  It is fun to watch everyone's adventures.  Do you have a bingo yet?

July 31:  Wendy's Birthday
Aug. 7-11:  New Hire Induction
Aug. 9: Get together at Twisted Root
Aug. 8-9:  Kindergarten Assessment Days
Aug. 10:  Leadership Meeting
Aug. 11:  Residency Verification Day
Aug. 14-18:  Back to School Professional Learning
Aug. 17:  Meet the Designer Night (5:30pm-7:00pm)
Aug. 21:  First Day of School

Monday, June 12, 2017

Week of June 12

We hope you have enjoyed your first week of summer vacation.  YOU KNOW YOU ALREADY MISS US!!! Ashley and I will be at Common Formative Assessment training in district tomorrow and at TEPSA the rest of the week.  Here is a little update for everyone.

While you have been off, Ashley and I (and some other rock stars) have been meeting with potential applicants to join our famiLEE. We are VERY excited about the ones we have extended offers to.  Some have already been approved, some are being approved by the board tonight, and others will be approved at the next board meeting.  Please join us in welcoming:

Music Designer:  Megan Copenhaver
Nurse:  Shanelle Stewart
Designer:  Jessie Tadgerson
Designer:  Leslie Howard
Designer:  Michelle Apgar
Designer:  Micha Patel
Designer:  Meredith Greer
Designer: Megan Oatis
Designer:  Aisha Khan
1/2 time Assistant Principal: Crystal Roach

You have been anxiously awaiting your assignments for #rjlyear4.  THANK YOU for your patience!  After meeting with the district last week, we will have 35 sections for next year.  That means we will have 7 sections in each house. All other learners will be rerouted to other Coppell schools with room.  We can plan to have up to 22 learners in K-2, up to 23 learners 3rd-4th, and no limit in fifth grade.   A HUGE thanks to Shanna who has enrolled all of these learners and EXTRA thanks to the district for adding new sections so we can house all of these children moving in.  Looks like we will fill up a table or two at the New Hire Breakfast in August.

Here are assignments for the 2017-2018 school year.  Remember that they are always subject to change.  An "*" designates our Leadership Team members in house/grade.  Much effort was made to balance houses out, but to also move as few folks as possible.  Please do not be upset with colleagues who have changed grades/houses for not telling you the "inside scoop."  I asked them to respect the process and keep it to themselves until this blog came out.  It is going to be a fabulous 4th year at Lee!

Would you like to get to know some staff members BEFORE the school year starts?  We have a volunteer opportunity if you would like to join in.  Buckner International is a wonderful organization centered around foster care and adoption, providing families for abused and neglected children.  They are looking for volunteers to help with their School Supply Train on Saturday, August 5th from 9:00am - 3:00pm.   The day will consist of sorting school supplies, filling backpacks, decorating the trunks of cars, and then delivering the backpacks to a few foster children/families!  You can read more about the day here.  Please let Ashley know if you would like to participate.  You aren't committing yet, but our contact wants to get an idea of how many we might have come, and she will create a group for us to register together. More information to come! 

Last year we had our first summer selfie challenge.  Thanks to @matthew_arned for the idea and to Ashley and Crystal for some of this year's new ideas!  It is a FUN way to see what you are doing this summer and to stay connected.  Here is this year's board.  Tweet it out to your followers so our learners and their famiLEEs can join in, too.  Please use the hashtags #rjlyear4  and #summerselfiechallenge 

As for the PLAYING BINGO square...we are totally going to coordinate an outing.  Stay tuned and join in the FUN!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Week of May 29

THANK YOU for another incredible year at our school.  #rjlyear3 was an absolute JOY because of each and every one of you.  Your hard work, dedication, perseverance, and genuine love of children goes unmatched and you are applauded for all that you have contributed to making our school the fine place that it is!  I hope you will always remember that you are "Here for a Reason"  because of the gifts and talents that you possess.  Sometimes you already knew them, other times we brought them out of you.  The special and unique blessing is that we are each on our own journey, yet we can all reflect back over the last year and see that we are better because of each other.  It is exciting looking forward and dreaming about #rjlyear4.

It will be sad to see some of our famiLEE move on to different paths, however, I feel confident that the bonds, connections, and lessons made at Lee will have a positive impact at your new homes.  Rachel, Amanda, Vianna, Kaylee, Amy, and Ashley B (yes- we just found out!) will forever be a Lee Spur famiLEE member, and we wish them nothing less than the best. Please keep in touch! 

Enjoy your THREE DAY weekend as you get ready for the last (sort of) week of school.  We know this is the BEST school, with the AWESOMEST staff and learners.  We only get our kiddos 187 days, so make the most of these last 3 1/2 with them!  THEY ADORE YOU-  AS DO I!

  • that we host a FINAL WALK for 5th graders on the last day of school?  Early release is 12:50, so at 12:35 we will ask that you line a path with learners (starting in the cafeteria) around the first floor so that our fifth graders can be recognized by their school.  Bring your Kleenex!  They walk the building two times and all of us will assist with dismissal duty this day.
  • if your learners do not pick up their medication by the last day of school that it will be discarded?  Please inform your parents!
  • that lost and found filled up two trash bags with clothing?  Please ask parents to check lost and found before the last day.  Anything not claimed will be discarded or donated.
  • that we have some ROCK STAR STAFF MEMBERS that did not miss a single day of school (other than school business) this year?  KUDOS to: Jayca, Kamille, Carla, Rikki, Akta, Shanna, and May.  Way to go!

Don't forget to sign up for summer learning in CISD.  If you are not able to attend, please make sure you unenroll.  Hours earned for this will count towards your 2017-2018 Flex Time.  Please remember that when you attend events outside of Lee that you represent our school.  Please be respectful of presenters, use technology appropriately, and enjoy learning from others.

Don't forget to have your class complete cards for Memorial Day by Friday, May 26.  We will take them to the DFW National Cemetery on Saturday, at 9:00 a.m.  This is a rewarding experience, so feel free to join in.  THANKS, Bethany, for being the point person on this service project!

Thank you for getting done with your inventory of your storage spaces.

SUPER JOB with your MacBook re-imaging today!  Jennifer and her team gave you high praise!!  Please check out this document that reviews how and when we will check in/out devices and carts for the end of year.  See Melinda or Alli if you have any questions.  Dates and info are also on the staff calendar.  

Want to see our fifth grade graduation on Wednesday afternoon?  Tune in to watch via LiveStream.  Thank you, Alli, for setting this up for us. 

Please notify your parents if their child is getting an award at Thursday's Spirit Rally.  They may want to come and watch them be honored.  Learners will get awards from Leedership Council, Citizens of the Year, Spelling Bee,  Sunshine Spurs, Broadcast, Yearbook Cover, Math Olympiad, Red and Black, Art, PE, Music, Library, STEM, and Enrichment. 

Please let the cafeteria know on this form if your learners will need a sack lunch on the last day.  All learners will eat before we release on Thursday.

We will host yearbook signing after Thursday's Spirit Rally.  Please let families know that there are a few more yearbooks for sale in the front office of the school.

Success- the gain of something desired or attempted

Never stop improving.  Great people are always learning and keep their minds open to new possibilities.

"If you want to be successful, it's just this simple...know what you're doing, believe in what you're doing." - Will Rogers

May 26- Grades Due (8:00)
May 27- Memorial Day Letters Delivered (9:00am)
May 30- Talent Show
May 31- Talent Show
     Turn in Shared Carts and Devices
     Lunches in Houses
     Fifth Grade Graduation (1:00-3:00 Gym)
June 1- Cindy's Birthday
     Report Card Day
     Spirit Rally (8:30-10:00)
     Yearbook Signing (10:00-11:00)
     Turn in Projector Carts to Melinda (11:00-12:00)
     Fifth Grade Walk (12:30-12:50)
     Early Release (12:50)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Week of May 22

There is so much to celebrate this week!  Field Day (for those who haven't experienced it yet) is such a FUN day for us all and PTO has worked very hard to put together a great day.  We had a fantastic time at the ballpark celebrating learners, there was a successful harvest from our garden, and there are some EXCEPTIONAL solutions coming to fruition on campus.  I feel #luckyatlee that you all keep the learning experiences going strong for our learners and that "learning happens until the last day at Lee!"  We know you are tired, yet you still give your all to our learners- THANK YOU!  IT DOES NOT GO UNNOTICED.  

  • that we now have Lee Reading A-Z for all of Kindergarten and Lee Vocabulary A-Z for the whole campus?  I'm working on finding out passwords and if it is accessible to your learners for the summer.  Stay tuned! 
  • that for those of you that are planners, our Master Schedule has two new tabs for May 30 and 31?  We will continue with grade level days, but there are some minor adjustments so please take notice.  Thank you for creating the schedule, Julie, and thank you ALL for your flexibility.
  • that Penny Tramel will be going to College Station ISD next year?  
  • we have recommended a new Designer for hire.  Please welcome Leslie Howard.  Leslie has taught in Eagle Mountain Saginaw, is a former teacher of the year, and been a campus leader at her school.  I am sure she would LOVE a friendly welcome to our FamiLEE, so please feel free to text her at 817-240-5583 or email her at: 

Feel free to wear shorts and ball caps with your Field Day t-shirts tomorrow.  Shorts should be fingertip length or longer- don't ruin it for others!  Please use the following schedule:
  • 7:55- Morning Broadcast House Meetings
  • 8:10- Head outside to start your first zone at 8:15
  • 12:00-1:00-  Lunchtime in houses
  • 1:00-1:15- Head back outside through the gym (get popsicle)
  • 1:15-?- House Competitions/Teacher Games
Please involve the CISD student athletes as much as possible.  We have football, tennis, RST, and other athletes here to make the day tons of fun for ALL.

Don't forget to have your class work on creating cards for Memorial Day by Friday, May 26.  We will take them to the DFW National Cemetery on Saturday, May 27 at 9:00 a.m.  This is a rewarding experience, so feel free to join in.  THANKS, Bethany, for being the point person on this service project!

Thank you for getting started on your inventory of your storage spaces.

Please check out this document that explains how and when we will check in/out devices and carts for the end of year.  See Melinda or Alli if you have any questions.  Dates and info are also on the staff calendar.  

In addition, 4th and 5th grade, please make sure to read and follow Alli's email.  Get a jump on this now because your office End of Year Checklist is coming next!

Please read new info about district benchmarks 
join the C&I Schoology Group.

Humor- comical or amusing quality; ability to see or show the funny or amusing side of things.

Your ability to make people laugh can help others feel comfortable and relieve tense situations.

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."

May 21- Japanese Club Field Trip
May 22- Last day of MLI
     RtI Meetings
     Therapy Dog Visits Schliewe's space (11:00)
     Board Mtg (6:30) recognition for Youth Art Month
May 24- Jess' Baby Shower (before school)
     Staff Meeting (3:30-5:00 ALL STAFF MUST ATTEND)
May 25- Designer Macs Reimaged
     LEEdership Council Meeting (8:30 A120)
May 26- Green Folders Due
     Memorial Day Letters Due
     Grades Due (8:00)
     Final Spirit Stick Sales
May 27- Letters Delivered to National Cemetery (9:00)