Thursday, January 18, 2018

Week of January 22, 2018

Thank you, ALL, for showing me such grace and kindness today.  Your supportive words, texts, emails, calls, and hugs have truly lifted me and gave me strength today.  It is a beautiful reminder of the incredible FamiLEE we are a part of.  Please know each of your gestures has greatly impacted me.  I appreciate the beautiful card from Social Spurs and the plant.  Now...if I can keep it alive...

  • that we currently have THREE student teachers in the building?  We have Madelene Williams in Speech, Derek Stull in Music, and Chandra (pronounced Sondra) Sapaugh in PE.  We are excited to have them on board and know they are going to learn so very much from their cooperating designers!  Thanks ladies for hosting!
  • the district is looking for folks to participate in two different areas: Unconscious Bias training and Local Accountability System.  If you are interested in learning more or participating, let Ashley and Leigh Ann know.

We will review these each day on morning broadcast:
  • Mon:  "No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted." (Aesop)
  • Tues:  "Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to you...not because they are nice, but because YOU are."  (Unknown)
  • Wed:  "Choose to be kind over being right and you'll be right every time."  (Richard Carlson)
  • Thurs:  "Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing."  (Mother Teresa)
  • Fri:  "Go into the world and do well.  But more importantly, go into the world and do good."  (Minor Myers, Jr.)

We will start the parade at 8:15 at the cafeteria by lost and found.  We will begin by having guests line up in the cafe in parallel lines and along the walls by Enrichment and STEAM ending toward the front office doors (not passing into yellow house).  They will cheer our kids on as they parade one lap and return to your houses.  The order will be the same as afternoon dismissal:  Green House -> Red House -> Blue House -> Yellow House -> Purple House.  Start from Red House or stairs by Red House and make your lap.  For Green, Blue, and Purple, go up the Yellow House stairs so all guests can see your Kindness Banners.  

Don't forget to pass out your checklists and encourage your famiLEEs to sign up for The Great Kindness Challenge App to be able to participate at home.

We will also collect toothbrushes and toothpaste all week.  Please encourage FamiLEEs to participate!

The office has your beads and bracelet strings.  They should be delivered to you first thing Friday morning.  

If you are a 4/5 Designer, please turn in your Kindness kiddo so I can send home a permission slip.

Lastly, Alli created this awesome video to help with Kindness reflections this week.  We can't wait to see what you come up with!  HAVE FUN!


CISD has an internal recognition system called GEMS.  These folks are recognized in front of the CISD Board for going above and beyond the call of duty.  SO MANY OF YOU DO THIS!  Please take time to recognize GEMS at Lee.  Remember to be specific in your description so that it paints a picture of why this person stands out in our district.  Here are the directions:

We know AWESOME learning experiences happen at Lee all the time, but be aware we have three sets of tours on Thursday this week.  We have learning walks in the morning, a 9:00 tour, and a 1:00 tour.

For our focused walkthroughs the next four weeks we will be focusing on Domain 2 Dimension 2 Content Knowledge and Expertise.  We will be looking for things like cross curricular connections, strategies to avoid learning pitfalls, learners analyzing, creating and evaluating, and learner-directed learning.

(check out the info about your Feb 19 Professional Learning)

Talk (as You Draw)
When you write, you don’t need to be quiet! You can say what you’re writing about (or drawing) out loud to yourself.  As you say a new part aloud, you can add that new part to your picture. (Taken from The Writing Strategies Book by Serravallo)

Problem Solving- creating solutions; finding answers

You should never complain if the line is too long, the food isn't good, or there is a wait.  You don't want to be negative to the point where you spoil the enjoyment of the event for others.

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations" -Charles Swindoll

Jan 22-26- Great Kindness Challenge
Jan 22-26- Jump Rope for Heart
Jan 22- RtI Mtgs.
     CISD Board Mtg. (7:30)
Jan 23- Angela's Birthday
Jan 24- House Shirt with Warm Ups/Jeans (ENJOY!)
     Staff Mtg. (3:30 Purple House)
Jan 25- Meredith's Birthday
     Spurs Savings (7:20-7:40)
     Campus Tours (am & pm)
     5th grade Honor Choir concert (7:00)
Jan 26- Progress Reports Go Home
     Spirit Stick Sales (recess time)
Jan 27- Dads Club Bowling Event (Main Event Lewisville)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Week of January 15, 2018

Brrrrr what a chilly and windy night!  Please be careful driving into school in the morning.  It has been a fantastic week with you and our learners.  ENJOY the three day weekend and STAY WARM!  

Today was Megan's last day, so please welcome Karli Larson to our FamiLEE! 


  • that the School Board is coming to all campuses to do learning walks?  Our visit will be on February 6, so I am not approving any more personal days for this date.  Please be working NOW on your displays of learner work!
  • that there is a follow up for our PLC training on last Monday?  Please reflect on one of these two forums (padlet or flipgrid) before leaving on Friday.  If you choose flipgrid the code is: plcreflect
  • that you have permission to wear sweats, on January 17, if you register and earn 1,000 points for creating an account on the Community Challenge website.  There will be weekly motivators for sweats in the future. Stay tuned!

We should not see Physical Science Kits out in spaces.  Please make sure you are using the latest resource kits for Earth Science.  These kits can be found in the gym storage closet and an administrator can help you get access to them.  

Melinda sent you all an email about reminding learners about this.  Please mark your calendars and remind your learners and parents about this opportunity. 

Don't forget to order American Heart Association Shirts for a $20 donation by Friday.  Your shirt will be delivered to you at school and you can wear jeans and your shirt every Thursday the month of February.

Please remind your parents that yearbooks are still on sale. The price is $25 until Feb 15 and $30 from February 16 - March 25.  

LEE HEALTH UPDATE (please add to your newsletters)

A very high number of Influenza (Flu) cases have been reported in our area. Dallas County has reported over 20 deaths related to the influenza virus this year.

If your child has any Flu Like Symptoms please keep them home. A child that is sick cannot learn effectively and is unable to participate in a meaningful way. Keeping a sick child home prevents the spread of illness in the school community and allows the child opportunity to rest and recover.

Students with a temperature 100ยบ F or greater should stay home until fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of a fever suppressing medication (e.g. Tylenol, Motrin, Acetaminophen, ibuprofen)

*It’s important to note that not everyone with flu will have a fever, so please keep your child home if they don’t feel well.

Please notify us of any flu like symptoms as well as any diagnosis of anything contagious. We want to keep ALL LEE LEARNERS HEALTHY!

Please start working on your class Kindness banner that will be used for our Kindness Kickoff.


It is time for our walkthroughs to start back up now that most of our formal observations are completed.  For our focused walkthroughs the next four weeks we will be focusing on Domain 2 Dimension 2 Content Knowledge and Expertise.  We will be looking for things like cross curricular connections, strategies to avoid learning pitfalls, learners analyzing, creating and evaluating, and learner-directed learning.

Make sure ELLs have sufficient exposure to the content and academic language to participate in an oral language activity.

Commitment- keeping a promise or a pledge

Be committed to your family, friends, and your values.  Follow through with your responsibilities at school and at home.

"Go put your creed into deed." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jan 15- MLK Day (NO SCHOOL)
Jan 16- Design Day
     Education Foundation tshirt and jeans
     LEEdership Council Mtg. (2:00)
     Mentor/Mentee Mtg. (3:35 Room 402)
Jan 17- Design Day
     School Shirt with Jeans
     Leadership Mtg. (3:30 Lounge)
Jan 18- Design Day
     Spurs Savings (7:20-7:40 Cafe)
Jan 19- 4/5 Class Geo Bee Competition

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Week of January 8, 2018

WOW, did this short week go by FAST!!! We are so excited to have everyone back.  This has been the best first week of the year at Lee, yet!  I hope you can see and feel how PUMPED I am to be your leader.  What an honor it is to be a part of the journey you are on.  THANK YOU for the experiences you designed for our children this week.  It has been awesome seeing learners set goals, review resolutions, and vision for the new year.  THANK YOU for being inspiration to them!  We also THANK YOU for the flexibility you have demonstrated with our new learners enrolling.  YOU ARE APPRECIATED!  

  • that we will be participating in the Great Kindness Challenge?  We will talk more about this at our Staff Meeting on Wednesday.  You can download the toolkit here.  Be thinking about how you can incorporate this into your lesson plans the last week of January.
  • the purpose of flex hours is for employees to meet the expectation for professional learning by attending workshops, conferences, seminars, and courses?  Compliance trainings are not considered professional learning and therefore, are not eligible for flex credit.  Designers, make sure you are on your way to earning your 18 hours of flex time and submitting requests for approval of hours for outside learning opportunities.  You can check your flex time in Eduphoria.
  • PTO is offering Grants?  If there is something you would like to apply for, please fill out this form.  I must approve the form, first, before it is shared with PTO.  After their grant committee reviews, you will find out if you are a recipient.  
  • Design Days are coming up in two weeks (Jan 16-18)?  The days will be as follows:
    • Jan 16: Green (am) & Red (pm)
    • Jan 17: Blue (am) & Purple (pm)
    • Jan 18: Yellow (pm) 

As you begin your MOY assessments, please remember that this information is a data point to use for RtI.  As you finish scoring, please schedule a time to touch base with us at an RtI meeting about your learners.  We want to see the progress of all learners, but particularly the learners we put on the "watch" list at the beginning of the year, as well as discuss any learners who may be struggling now and need extra support.  Our upcoming RtI meetings are on the faculty calendar.  As always, let Ashley or Leigh Ann know if you have any questions or need to meet sooner.   

It has become a tradition at Lee that we come to our first Staff Meeting of the new year with our "one word" for the year.  Please reflect before that meeting and come with your #oneword18.  We will have some time to create a reminder of it. If you have liquid chalk pens, please bring them to our meeting.  You may want to use them instead of traditional chalk.  You can see my one word on Twitter

If you are a paraprofessional, instructional aide, or office support staff,  I will be setting middle of the year goal setting appointments with you.  This is a time for us to check in with you to see how we can support you and your professional goals.  For all others that are evaluated under TTESS, Ashley, Leigh Ann, and I hosted your formal TTESS Observation Post Conferences.  This conference serves as your middle of the year check-in.  If you would like an additional meeting, please email your evaluator.  

It is time for our walkthroughs to start back up now that most of our formal observations are completed.  For our focused walkthroughs the next four weeks we will be focusing on Domain 2 Dimension 2 Content Knowledge and Expertise.  We will be looking for things like cross curricular connections, strategies to avoid learning pitfalls, learners analyzing, creating and evaluating, and learner-directed learning.

When developing an oral language activity, make sure it allows students authentic opportunities to speak, provide them time to strengthen and deepen their responses, and include engaging discussion prompts. 

Honesty- truthfulness in words and actions.

No matter what the circumstances, always be honest.  Even if you have done something wrong, it is best to be honest.

"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." -Thomas Jefferson

Jan 7- May's Birthday
Week of Jan 8- Educational Diagnostician's Week
Jan 8- RTI Meetings
Jan 9- Karli's Birthday
     Priscilla's Birthday
     Rikki's Birthday
     K-2 Stop, Explore, and Listen @ Austin Elem
     PTO Mtg. (7:00 Cafe)
     Dad's Club Mtg. (7:00 BWW)
Jan 10- Convocation Shirt with Warm Ups
     K-2 Math Educator Academy
     District Spelling Bee (CMSW)
     Staff Meeting (3:30-5:00 Cindy/Stephanie's Spaces)
Jan 11- 3-5 Math Educator Academy
     Spurs Savings (7:20-7:40)
     3-5 Stop, Explore, and Listen @ Austin Elem
January 12- Spirit Stick Sales

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Week of January 2, 2018

We hope you have enjoyed our December to Remember.  How can it already be done??!!!  This year has been going by SO FAST!!   Have a GLORIOUS TWO WEEKS OFF, sweet staff.  We wish you nothing short of the most safe, memorable, and restful break and can't wait to hear about the FUN you have.

Fond farewell goes out to Becky.  She has done an EXCEPTIONAL JOB of taking care of our Music classes.  Becky, we are grateful, beyond words, for the way you have stepped in, had fun, and fit right in.  We hope you will be back!!!  Welcome to Linda who will start on January 2.  You may have seen her moving in over the last two weeks?  We can't wait to see what she has in store for our learners.

Congratulations to our first year teachers and new-to-Lee Designers that made it to Christmas.  We are so proud of you and the journey you are on  with us!  Thank you,  returning staff, for helping along the way!

Have the BEST last day of 2017 with our children.  They deserve it!

  • all ELLevation documentation is due on Friday.  THANKS for helping do your part!
  • you will have some time to plan as a grade level on Tuesday, January 2?  Please join us for the baby shower and we will give you the details of the day, then.  It will involve a webinar on questioning and some time to plan with your grade level.  The afternoon you will be with the district.  An email was sent out with details last week.

We will call you down by house.  Please move with purpose and do your best to get seated quickly.  We are going to try putting our parent chairs along the cinderblock walls and push purple and yellow in front of the bleachers.  We will put down cones to create aisles (in front of the bleachers) so please help keep these aisles when getting kids seated on the floor.     

We hope you enjoy wearing your PJs to school.  We will have the December to Remember Popcorn Bar ready after Spirit Rally.  On Friday, you DO have permission to watch holiday movies.  Please supervise the learners so that we do not experience discipline issues during this time.  

We will have Duc get every classroom an extra trash bag to help with lunch waste.  As Charlene emailed, lunches will be ready for pick up from 10:30-10:45 with both lines open.  

Report card grades are due on Wednesday, January 3 at 8:00 a.m.  Please make sure all grades are in and are accurate so Ashley can run them on Wednesday.  There is a FAST turnaround for her to print these when we get back.

Please get any items form the fridge by 9:30.  The office will be tossing anything "suspect."  Please, also visit your mailbox by 11:00.  Empty it of all contents.  There are many thank you notes in there. Please make sure these get in take home folders.  Custodial does a deep cleaning of the campus these next two weeks.  May I suggest a FRESH START and take everything down off your idea paint so that your room gets cleaned as much as possible.  Erase what you can on your glass- you may return to some shiny glass if you do!  PLEASE take down and store any holiday displays and decorations before leaving.  

Please assist us with any learners that are not picked up on time.  We will make an announcement when all learners are gone so that you may leave and start your holiday break.  Please wait for the announcement before leaving.

As you reflect for the new year, please come to our staff meeting with your one word.  We will practice using your creativity as we focus ourselves for the second semester.

Know your ELs.  Before you begin scaffolding lessons for ELs, you have to have an understanding of their backgrounds, needs, and strengths.  It may be helpful to keep an index card or use an online tool through our school to keep track of information on each student that will help you to appropriately scaffold instruction. 

Trustworthiness- keeping your word; doing what is right for yourself and others

People trust you when your attitudes, words, and motives align with what you actually choose to do.  This includes being honest about mistakes, refusing to gossip and shift blame, and doing things the ethical way (even if it's quicker to do otherwise).

"Stand with anybody that stand right.  Stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." -Abraham Lincoln

Dec 18- Jan 1- NO SCHOOL
Dec 19- Ayesha's Birthday
Dec 29- Ashley's Birthday
Jan 1- Red House takes over maintaining the Lounge
     School Board Appreciation Month
Jan 2- 30 Hours of GT Due for New Hires
     Education Foundation Shirt and Jeans
     Oatis Baby Shower (7:30 Lounge)
     Professional Learning
Jan 3- Grades Due
     College Shirt and Jeans
     Extra Duty Pay for December Due to CK
     MOY Assessment Window Opens
     Fed Ex (3:30-4:30)
Jan 4- Spur Savings (7:20-7:40)
Jan 5- Report Cards Go Home
     LEEdership Council Mtg (8:15)
     Spirit Stick Sales (Recess time)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Week of December 11, 2017

We hope you are looking forward to one more week of treats from Ashley, Leigh Ann, and I.  It is SO MUCH FUN planning out ways to show you how much we care for you!  You are the BEST staff on the planet and deserve to be celebrated!

Thank you for the incredible coding opportunities for our kiddos this week.  Your tweets were fantastic!  It was awesome being able to see the opportunities our kids had all the way from Allaso Ranch.

Have the BEST final week of school for 2017.  We know there are so many exciting things happening all over the building.  Have an incredible two weeks off and take time to celebrate the kindness of the giving season as you make memories with those you love.  We will miss you during the break, and be happy to catch up in the new year!  

  • that we have two staff members being recognized as GEMS (Great Educators that Matter) before the Board Meeting on Monday.  We would love to have staff members in attendance to cheer ASHLEY and STEPHANIE on as they are celebrated.  Their celebration takes place at 5:30.  CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!
  • that there is a new Coach's Corner?  Check it out here!

Don't forget you can wear jeans the entire month of December!  Please tweet out what you enjoy with #decembertoremember and #rjlyear4 
  • 12/11- We will host a Flannels and Flapjack breakfast for you.  
    • 3rd grade, don't forget to leave at your Team Time (get your duty covered, if needed)

  • 12/12- Bring your cookies to the cookie exchange
(bring a copy of your recipe and we will put together for participants)
    • 4th grade, don't forget to leave at your Team Time (get your duty covered, if needed)
  • 12/13-  Hot Cocoa Bar  
    • Join us at the Staff Holiday Party.  We will draw for the Gnome on the Roam winner.
  • 12/14- Luncheon provided by our PTO
    • Wear your UGLY SWEATER TODAY.  There will be prizes.  
  • 12/15- Wear your favorite holiday pajamas and stop by the lounge for our popcorn bar. You may watch holiday movies in  your houses after Spirit Rally until dismissal

Our Gnome is hidden and ready to be found.  
It could be up high...or down on the ground. 
Don't touch him or move him, he must stay in place. 
Capture a picture with him and your face.
Don't tell others you found him, or where he has been.
You want the most entries, so you can win!

He will be in a new location each day.

Take a picture of yourself with the Gnome and email the picture to: Each picture submitted will enter you into the drawing for a full day sub in January.  Our drawing will take place at the staff party next week. 

Help celebrate the holidays by joining us on Monday for the CMSW Choir & Band and on Tuesday for the 4/5 grade Choir.

Please encourage your learners to join in supporting our 3rd graders with their Economic's Fair on Thursday.  There will be a modified schedule for this day.

Please have learners packed up and down to the gym by 1:15 on Thursday.  While we are in the program, your Room Parents will be setting up for your parties.  We will make an announcement when we are ready for you to come down.

We will have lunches in your spaces on December 15.  

Please invite parents to attend our event on Friday.  We will start at 8:00.  Red and Black Superstars and Yearbook winners will be announced.  We also have some festive games for you to join in- BE READY!

Friday is a half day of school.  The elementary school early release time is 12:15.  Please communicate this to your parents.  You may leave once the office is clear of ALL learners.  We will need all hands on deck to make sure learners get home the proper way so EVERYONE can leave early.  

Modify testing and homework for ELLs. Content area homework and assessments needs to be differentiated for ELLs. Teachers should allow alternative types of assessment: oral, drawings, physical response (e.g., act-it-out), and manipulatives as well as modification to the test. Homework and assessment should be directly linked to classroom instruction and students should be provided with study guides so that they know what to study. Remember that the ELLs in your class may not be able to take notes.

Generosity- freely giving of time or resources

Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness.  Go out of your way to do something surprisingly kind and generous for someone at least once a month.

"We make a living by what we get and a life by what we give!" -Winston Churchill

Dec 10- April's Birthday
Dec 11- Julie B's Birthday
     RTI Meetings
     CMSW Choir Performs (1:30 Gym)
Dec 12- Lee 4/5 Choir Performs (8:00 Cafe)
Dec 13- New Learner Luncheons (lunchtimes)
     Frisco Principals at Lee ALL DAY
     Staff Holiday Party
Dec 14- Spurs Savings (7:20-7:40 Cafe)
     Economics Fair
     Anti-Bullying Program (1:15-2:00 Gym)
     Winter Parties (2:00-3:00)
Dec 15- Spirit Assembly (8:00 Gym)
     Early Release (12:15)
Dec 18- Jan 1- NO SCHOOL
Dec 19- Ayesha's Birthday
Dec 29- Ashley's Birthday

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Week of December 4, 2017

Welcome December!  It is a busy but exciting month to be an educator at Lee.  Such FUN and MAGICAL experiences take place this time of year.  Though there is much on all of our "to do" lists, please ENJOY this time with our kiddos.  You only get them so many days, and their wonder this time of year is priceless!  My hope is that our Mad Plaid December to Remember helps keep you happy these last two weeks of the year.  You can't even imagine how loved each and every one of you are!!


  • that CISD came up with a name for the new 9th grade center?  It will be called Coppell High School Ninth Grade Campus.  The Board will revisit the name of the new middle school at their next board meeting.
  • strategic design summits are happening in order to plan the next five years in CISD?  If you are interested in giving input there will be a questionnaire that goes live in early December.
  • that early dismissal time for December 15 is 12:15?  Start telling your parents NOW!
  • that plans are being put in motion for our Jan 2 Staff Development Day?  I will keep you posted with an email on this.
  • it is time to nominate some more Red and Black Superstars?  Please take time to recognize a colleague or learner that go above and beyond, here.
  • if you did not order a Red and Black t-shirt that they will be reopening orders the beginning of January (for two weeks).  Get yours so you can wear jeans two Tuesdays a month.  Last year's shirt and other spirit shirts cannot be worn on these days, sorry!
  • we have tours on Wednesday and Thursday next week?  They are looking to see personalized learning and learning environments.  Please do your best to showcase this during their visit.

Don't forget you can wear jeans the entire month of December!  Please tweet out what you enjoy with #decembertoremember and #rjlyear4 
  • 12/1- We will come by and deliver a scratch off to you.  EVERYONE is a winner!
  • 12/4- Wear your favorite plaids!  We have a Mad about Plaid sign if you want to take a group picture.  You can get the sign from the front office.   
    • 5th grade, don't forget to leave at your Team Time (get your duty covered, if needed)
  • 12/5-  Breakfast will be in the lounge (announced on intercom when ready) and we have festive craft supplies for you.  Have fun being creative!  
    • Kindergarten, don't forget to leave at your Team Time (get your duty covered, if needed)
  • 12/6- Chex Trail Mix will either be delivered to you or in your mailbox.
    • Specials, don't forget to leave at your Team Time (get your duty covered, if needed)
  • 12/7- It's a cheese and cracker snack for you.  We will have this out at your lunch time.  Please take your fair share so there is plenty for the late lunches.
    • 1st grade, don't forget to leave at your Team Time (get your duty covered, if needed)
  • 12/8- Enjoy a special gift from us.  It will be delivered to your mailbox by the end of the day.
    • 2nd grade, don't forget to leave at your Team Time (get your duty covered, if needed)

Our Gnome is hidden and ready to be found.  
It could be up high...or down on the ground. 
Don't touch him or move him, he must stay in place. 
Capture a picture with him and your face.
Don't tell others you found him, or where he has been.
You want the most entries, so you can win!

He will be in a new location each day.

Take a picture of yourself with the Gnome and email the picture to: Each picture submitted will enter you into the drawing for a full day sub in January.  Our drawing will take place at the staff party next week. 

If you have your learners make thank you cards for these hard workers, please send them to the office by Thursday morning.  We will be putting together a basket of treats, from Lee, for them and sending it over to the Service Center.  Feel free to contribute to our treat basket however your house likes.

We will have a performance on Wednesday from 10:15-10:45.  Please join us in the gym bleachers so we can enjoy their festive performance.

Don't forget to head over for the festive FUN on Friday.  There are AWESOME door prizes and DELICIOUS snacks for all!  You are welcome to dress in "Grinchy" and festive attire.

We will have lunches in your spaces on December 15.  Please take time to find out what your learners plan to eat so that our cafeteria can place an order that meets our needs.  Please complete this by December 5.  THANKS for your help on this!

(please share with your FamiLEEs)

Are you coming to our Staff Holiday Party?  Don't forget to RSVP here.  THANKS, Michelle, for organizing the event!

Computer Science Education Week and #HourOfCode are next week! This is a great time to use the coding and robotics resources located in your houses while celebrating problem solving and deeper thinking. Please tweet out your participation in #HourOfCode during coding activities this week.  You all use coding in such creative ways, and the world should get to see your talents! Check out some of the resources curated by the DLCs in the Hour of Code Folder inside the Curriculum & Instruction Schoology group. In the folder, you will find how to get started guides, activities, and a list of curated resources. Also available this year are self-directed Hour of Code K-12 Learner Choice Boards. On these choice boards, learners will select one of the four topics. Each topic has a learn, do, and reflect portion to complete. The reflection piece will be done district-wide through FlipGrid! Learners may dive deep into one topic or explore all four. Not sure where to start? Let Alli know if you need help!

Use cooperative learning strategies.  Lecture style teaching excludes ELLs from the learning in a classroom.  We don't want to relegate ELLs to the fringes of the classroom doing a separate lesson with a classroom aide or ESL teacher.  Working in small groups is especially beneficial to ELLs who have an authentic reason to use academic vocabulary and real reasons to discuss key concepts.  ELLs benefit from cooperative learning structures.  Give students a job in a group.  Monitor that they are participating. 

This is a SMORE created by one of the CISD ESL Facilitators. It has great ELPS information to utilize when lesson planning. 

Justice- being fair, right and upholding what is right

Never cut in line.  If someone cuts in front of you, do not say or do anything about it.  Let it happen, but let a teacher know about it.  They will handle the situation.

"In matters of style, swim with the current.  In matters of principle, stand like a rock." -Thomas Jefferson

Week of Dec 4-8: Hour of Code Week
Maintenance and Grounds Appreciation Week
National Handwashing Awareness Week
Dec 4- CK serving lunch to kids in the cafe
Dec 5- Education Foundation Shirt with Jeans
Stop, Collaborate and Listen (3:45-5:35)
Dad's Club Mtg. (7:00 BWW)
Dec 6- Allaso Ranch (5th Grade)
College Shirt with Jeans
Buffalo Wild Wings Night (Office)
  Madrigal Visit (10:15-10:45 Gym)
Campus Tour (12:45-2:00)
Fed Ex Day (3:30-4:30)- we will send an email with course offerings- this blog is LONG ENOUGH!
Dec 7- Allaso Ranch (5th Grade)
NO Spur Savings
Campus Tour (11:20-12:35)
Stop, Collaborate and Listen (3:45-5:35)
Dec 8- Allaso Ranch (5th Grade)
CISD Holiday Open House (Conference times)
Red & Black Superstar Nominations Due
Spirit Stick Sales (Recess Times)
Mariah's Birthday
Dec 9- Drama Club Performance (12:00 pm)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Week of Nov 13, 2017

I'm experiencing "all the feels" as I write tonight's blog.  What a beautiful performance by Red House.  Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make this happen for our kids.  The parents were overwhelmingly impressed with the evening's show.  They should have been!  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am reflecting about they many blessings at our school.  I want to remind you that each and every one of you are a blessing to me.  You are not taken for granted and appreciated beyond measure. Please know that I NOTICE all of the heart you pour into your work!  Take time with the people you love most doing the things you love most- you have earned it!  May you come back ready to tackle the last week of November and prepare for a "December to Remember!" (New hires- ask someone what we mean by that!!)


  • requests for Special Pay need to be submitted before the last day of the month?  Please mark your calendars to get these in.  TRS has implemented new software and the district has to report every hour and every day worked by every person in the district- this includes extra duty.  THANK YOU for your help!
  • we cannot accept any more personal day requests for December 1?  SORRY!
  • you can order American Heart Association Shirts for a $20 donation? If you order before January 12, you will get a shirt delivered to Lee, and you get to wear it with jeans every Thursday the month of February.
  • Hour of Code is coming up?  Please sign up to participate and mark your calendars for the week of December 4-10. Plan on joining in by beefing up the coding opportunities in your lesson design. Alli, Leigh Ann, Carla, Nikki, and May are some of our super resources for this!
  • we have a new Enrichment designer starting on Monday?  Her name is Rucha Rajendra and she will be a wonderful addition to the Specials team.  Welcome, Rucha!

In the spirit of gratitude, 4th and 5th grade, please have your learners write cards or notes of appreciation to PTO for funding the visiting author on Monday afternoon.  I can pass them along to PTO at Tuesday night's meeting.


We are excited to be able to work in Design 1/2 Days this week.  Please start on time, be ready to observe in some classrooms, and prepared with ideas for your next CBL Big Idea and Guiding Activities.  Support Staff, please plan to join each house design time and share your expertise during these planning sessions, too!

  • AM Planning (7:30-11:30)
  • PM Planning (11:30-3:30)

Don't forget to have your sweet kiddos ready to share house updates in regards to CBL and house business on Tuesday.

All families are invited to join their learner for a traditional Thanksgiving Lunch on Thursday during their child’s lunch time.  Lunch will consist of yogurt meal or roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, garlic green beans, orange smiles, apple cobbler, and milk.  The cost of a school lunch is $3.50 and will be easiest if guests use their learner's lunch account when purchasing.

Please link in any resources so that our parents can access them in our course catalog by Tuesday.   Also, if there is anything you need to office or support staff to copy/cut/laminate for Thursday, we need it no later than Tuesday morning.  Feel free to use this blurb to share with your parents: 

Did you know that Thursday is National Parent Involvement Day?  Please join us on Thursday Night from 6:00-7:30 pm for our first FamiLEE Literacy Night.  Reading is more than just calling words, and we want to share ways that you can support reading, literacy, and comprehension at home. We will host three 15 minute mini-lessons for parents, therefore, please arrive at 5:45 so you can attend all sessions.  The last 15 minutes of the event is time reading with your child.  Learners are encouraged to come with you, and while parents are in sessions, learners can attend student sessions in the cafeteria.   The parent course catalog is here.  We look forward to seeing you! 

Please share with your parents: For 14 years, CISD has collected food for families in need around Thanksgiving. Mark your calendars to donate canned foods or non-perishable foods on Friday, Nov. 17, for the CISD Family Feast Drive! You also may make an online donation HERE. When you make your donation, make sure you choose Richard J Lee Elementary. Last year, CISD collected 12,397 pounds of food and $13,708 for a total of 51,454 nutritious meals for those in need in North Texas.

This week is the last week we will focus on Domain 2 Dimension 4: Differentiation.  We will look at your lessons to see if they include a wide variety of instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs in your space.  Are all learners completing the same tasks with the same expectations? Is there evidence of content, product, and process in your lesson design?  We will observe you, too.  Are you monitoring the quality of learner participation and performance?   Are you recognizing and minimizing confusion or disengagement?  THANK YOU for reviewing each walkthrough form and using them for the praise and growth they are intended to provide.  Please use the comment tool to keep the conversation open when needed!  

Modify vocabulary instruction for ELLs.  English language learners require direct instruction of new vocabulary.  Teachers should also provide practice in pronouncing new words.  ELLs need much more exposure to new terms, words, idioms, and phrases than do English fluent peers.  Teachers need to tie new vocabulary to prior learning and use visuals to reinforce meaning.  Content area teachers should teach new vocabulary words that occur in the text as well as those related to the subject matter.  Word walls should be used at all grade levels

Gratitude- the act of being grateful; thankfulness

Always say thank you when given something.  When given an assignment, there is no moaning or complaining.

"The ones you should try to get even with are the ones who have helped you." -Unknown

Nov 10- GTI Student Interviews Due
Nov 13- Samira's Birthday
     Visiting Author 4/5 (1:00 Cafe)
Nov 14- Design 1/2 Day
     Progress Report Grades Due (8:00)
     PTO Meeting (7:00 Cafe)
Nov 15- Design 1/2 Day
     Educational Support Personnel Day
     School Shirt w/ Jeans
     Leadership Mtg (3:30 Enrichment Room)
Nov 16- Design 1/2 Day
     National Parent Involvement Day
     Send Progress Reports Home
     Thanksgiving Feast for FamiLEEs (lunch times)
     FamiLEE Literacy Night (6:00-7:30)
Nov 17- GTI Needs Assessment Forms Due
     Chantel's Birthday
     CISD Family Feast Drive
     Field Trips (1, 3, 4, 5)
Nov 20- Courtney's Birthday
Nov 22- Jacque's Birthday