Thursday, May 31, 2018

First Week of Summer Break 2018

We hope you are ready to enjoy your first week of summer vacation.  YOU MADE IT AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO MISS US!!! Thank you for an incredible year and all of the fantastic memories as we spread Kindness Like Confetti!

The last few weeks of the school year we have been interviewing candidates for our open positions.  Thank you to our Admin Team and Jacque for their time and help.  We have extended offers to three candidates (some may look very familiar) and are still looking for the perfect fit for Special Education.  Please join us in welcoming:

Designer:  Shelby Holbrook (682)444-6122
Designer:  Diana Saylak (281)380-9091
Aide:  Christina Giddings (512)924-5538

Please take time to reach out and welcome each of them to our famiLEE.  As of today, we will also be looking for a new nurse as Shanelle will be working close to her new home in Prosper.  Best wishes, Shanelle.  Thank you to our long term subs: Karli, Megan, Colleen, and Lydia.  We are so grateful for the outstanding job they have done closing out the school year for us.  Each of them are forever welcome at Lee!!

You have been anxiously awaiting your assignments for #rjlyear5.  THANK YOU for your patience! We will have 7 sections in each house. We can plan to have up to 22 learners in K and up to 24 learners 2nd-4th, and no limit in fifth grade.   A HUGE thanks to our office who have enrolled all of these learners and EXTRA thanks to the district for keeping our aide positions in tack for the next school year.  

Here are assignments for the 2018-2019 school year.  Remember that they are always subject to change.  An "*" designates our Leadership Team members in house/grade.  A "__" indicates a new person in grade, house, or position.  "-" means the position is unfilled.  Much effort was made to create balance houses and grades.  We appreciate having such a flexible staff.  Please do not be upset with colleagues who have changed grades/houses for not telling you the "inside scoop."  I asked them to respect the process and keep it to themselves until this blog came out.  It is going to be a fabulous 5th year at Lee!

Would you like to have an accountability partner for getting fit during the summer?  We would love to have you join in.

Last year we had our second summer selfie challenge and we are back for a third round.  Thanks to Ashley for making this year's board!  It is a FUN way to see what you are doing this summer and to stay connected.  We hope everyone will be interested in joining the FUN.  Below is this year's board. Tweet it out to your followers and encourage your learners and their famiLEEs to join in, too. Please use the hashtags #rjlyear5  and #rjlsummerselfie 

We will coordinate an outing this summer that can help you fill in a square or two.  Stay tuned and join in the FUN!

We thank you for the outstanding job you all did with ALL of your end of year tasks.  THANK YOU for being thorough with your furniture and supply inventories.  We will work to get your spaces painted and repaired so you come in to a sparkling space in August.  Please enjoy your summer break.  Relax.  Make memories.  Learn something new.  We will miss you.  Please know I am feeling blessed to have served as your Principal this year and can't wait to see what #rjlyear5 brings us.

 Our wonderful Admin Team!
 These sweet girls donated their hair!
 Ready for summer with some Kona Ice!
 Hey...can't this count as a snocone selfie?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Week of May 28, 2018

THANK YOU for another incredible year at our school.  #rjlyear4 was filled with KINDNESS because of each and every one of you.  Your hard work, dedication, perseverance, and genuine love of children goes unmatched and you are applauded for all that you have contributed to making our school the fine place that it is!  I hope you will always remember that you are were hand picked to be at Lee because of the gifts and talents that you possess. Sometimes you already knew them, other times we brought them out of you.  The special and unique blessing is that we are each on our own journey, yet we can all reflect back over the last year and see that we are better because of each other. It is exciting looking forward and dreaming about #rjlyear5!

It will be sad to see some of our famiLEE move on to different paths, however, I feel confident that the bonds, connections, and lessons made at Lee will have a positive impact at your new homes. Britt, Amanda and Jamie will forever be a Lee Spur famiLEE member, and we wish them nothing less than the best. Please keep in touch! 

Enjoy your THREE DAY weekend as you get ready for the last (sort of) week of school.  We know this is the BEST school, with the AWESOMEST staff and learners.  We only get our kiddos 187 days, so make the most of these last 3 1/2 with them!  THEY ADORE YOU-  AS DO I!

  • if your learners do not pick up their medication by the last day of school that it will be discarded?  Please inform your parents!
  • that lost and found filled with clothing?  Please ask parents to check lost and found before the last day.  Anything not claimed will be discarded or donated.
  • that we host a FINAL WALK for 5th graders on the last day of school?  Early release is 12:15, so at 12:00 we will ask that you line a path with learners (starting in the cafeteria) around the first floor so that our fifth graders can be recognized by their school.  Bring your Kleenex! They walk the building two times and all of us will assist with dismissal duty on the last day.
  • Jacque would like some feedback?  Please complete this short survey to help her grow and reflect. 
  • Compliance Training for 2018-2019 will open up for completion during the summer?  Look for information in my next blog.
  • that you have until JUNE 4 to register for CISD Summer Professional Learning, until 5pm? You have to register through Eduphoria so that presenters are prepared and unenroll a day in advance if you are unable to attend.

Don't forget to bring down your class cards for Memorial Day by the end of the day on Friday.  We will deliver them to the DFW National Cemetery on Saturday, May 26 at 9:00 a.m.  This is a rewarding experience, so feel free to join in.  Please put each card in a gallon sized ziploc bag.  Don't worry, we will add the rocks for you, at the cemetery.  Designers, PLEASE resend this invitation and map home, to your class, so that their parents have information about the event.

Our Garden Gurus have done an outstanding job this year!  They will be hosting a Farmer's Market on Tuesday afternoon from 3:00-3:30 to sell the items they have grown.  There are potatoes, carrots, herbs, onions, shallots, peppers, AND MORE!  Learners are creating the flyer, and I will tweet it out for you to share in your newsletters as soon as they are done. Learners can shop before leaving or stay with a parent and shop.  All proceeds go back to our school garden.  Please help us spread the word!

Please share in your weekly communication that we must know by Tuesday, May 29, if a learner is participating in the Ponytail Club.  Learners can sign up here.

Please read the Lee End of Year Technology Checklist that explains how and when we will check in/out devices and presentation station carts. See Melinda if you have any questions. Dates and info are also on the staff calendar.  In addition, 4th and 5th grade, please make sure to read and follow Alli's email and Team Time notes with 1 to 1 devices.

Want to see our fifth grade graduation on Wednesday afternoon?  Tune in to watch via our YouTube Live channel from morning broadcast.  Thank you, Alli, for setting this up for us and Himani, in B4, for helping to video it. 

Thank you for organizing and getting done with your inventory of your storage spaces.  I have cancelled Wednesday's staff meeting so you have designated time to get this done as a group.

Please let the cafeteria know on this form what your learners will need a sack lunch on the last day. All learners should eat before we release on Thursday.

Please notify your parents if their child is getting an award at Thursday's Spirit Rally.  They may want to come and watch them be honored.  Learners will get awards from Leedership Council, Citizens of the Year, Spelling Bee,  Sunshine Spurs, Broadcast, Yearbook Cover, Math Olympiad, Red and Black, Art, PE, Music, Library, STEM, Enrichment, Red and Black, and more. 

We will host yearbook signing after Thursday's Spirit Rally.  Please let your kiddos know that there are no more yearbooks for sale in the front office.

Please help Kathy Creek by cleaning out your reports in Teacher Access Center as outlined in her email on Monday.

Here is the 2018-2019 EOY Check Out Procedure page.  I am giving it to you in digital form so you have live links. A paper copy will be in your box by the end of the day, Friday.  Please have it completed by your house check out time.  We will check out houses in the following order on Thursday (just used master schedule).  Specialists, you will be checked out when we check out your color house. (For example: Purple House is at 2:00.  When we conclude Purple, we will also go to the STEAM Lab and check out Nikki and Colleen before we go to Yellow House where we will check out Jacque and Jessica).   We will do our very best to try and stay on schedule.
  • 2:00- Purple House
  • 2:30-Yellow House
  • 3:00- Red House
  • 3:30- Green House
  • 4:00- Blue House

No pressure, Shanna!

Read Your Writing Backward
When you read your writing, your brain will often autocorrect any spelling errors you may have made so that you don't notice them. To catch them, you can try to read your writing from the last work, back to the first. Point crisply under each word as you read it out loud. As you go, think, "Does this look right?"  (Taken from The Writing Strategies Book by Serravallo)

Success the gain of something desired or attempted.

Never stop improving.  Great people are always learning and keep their minds open to new possibilities.

"If you want to be successful, it's just this simple...know what your doing, love what you're doing, believe in what you're doing." - Will Rogers

May 29- Report Card Grades Due (8:00)
     Talent Show (8:00-10:00)
     5th Grade Graduation Practice (2:30-3:00 Cafe)
     Farmer's Market (3:00-3:30 Media Center)
May 30- Campus Technology Check In Day
     LEEdership Meeting (8:15-9:15)
     Set Chairs Up for Graduation (9:30)
     Lunch in Houses
     Graduation (1:00-3:00 Cafe and Gym)
     NO STAFF MEETING (Get House Inventory Completed)
May 31- Last Day of School
     Report Cards Go Home
     Spirit Assembly (8:00-9:30)
     Turn in Projector Carts
     Yearbook Signing (10:00-11:00)
     Lunches/Recess (11:00-12:00)
     Fifth Grade Parade (12:00-12:15)
     Dismissal (12:15-12:30)
     House and Specials Check Outs (2:00-4:30)
June 1- Cindy's Birthday

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Week of May 21, 2018

Happy Field Day!  It is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow for fun in the sun and water.  Thank you, ahead of time, for your flexibility and positivity during this day.  Please take care of yourselves by staying hydrated and ENJOY playing around with the children.  We are excited to be done with state testing.  You all did a fantastic job of keeping the building quiet.  KUDOS to you all!  Please make sure you have taken down all test coverings and removed all staples by the end of the day, Friday.  Ashley, Leigh Ann, Jacque, and I have started screening applicants for our 3 vacancies (Britt, Amanda, Megan O.)  We will continue interviewing this next week and hope to have recommendations ready by next Friday.  My goal is to have the master campus staff list prepared by the last day of school so that everyone knows what grade and house they are in for 2018-2019.  I thank you for your patience as we want the right people to be invited to join our FamiLEE.

  • Jacque would like some feedback?  Please complete this short survey to help her grow and reflect. 
  • there is a free Learning A-Z Symposium, on June 18, if you are interested in attending?  It is FREE and shows ways to utilize Raz-Plus (which we ordered) and Science A-Z.  RSVP is required, and I will give flex credit to those that attend.
  • CISD will recognize Samira, Angela, and Britt for being GEMS, on Monday night, at the Board Room?  We would love to show them some Lee love, so come support your friends!
  • Stephanie put together an album of pictures from our CMSW tour on Wednesday?  Take a look at what our kids will get to move into next year!
  • we donated $450 to CowbysRun4Allison?  THANK YOU for your contributions!!!

Don't forget to have your class submit their idea for our 5th grade graduation gift before the end of the day, FridayThe Google Form is here.  Remember our price point is about $500.  THANK YOU to those that already submitted your idea.

Feel free to wear shorts (no workout shorts), tshirts (avoid tank tops), and hats tomorrow.  Shorts should be fingertip length or longer- don't ruin it for others!  Please use the following schedule:
  • 7:40- Label belongings with sharpie and watch Morning Broadcast
  • 7:55- Come down to the gym (bring items with you)
  • 8:00- Rowdy kicks off Field Day in the Gym (Spirit Rally seating)
  • 8:30- Start in zone that corresponds with house color on map below.  We will be notified when to rotate (approx every 40 minutes)
  • 11:50-1:00-  Lunchtime in houses.  (Staff and volunteer lunch in cafe.  You have permission to watch movies today- YAY!)
  • 1:00-2:30- Popsicles, 5th Grade Tug of War, House Competitions/Teacher Games (please encourage learners to cheer on their housemates)
Involve the CISD student athletes and parents as much as possible.  We have football, tennis, RST, and other athletes here to make the day tons of fun for ALL.  

Here are some creative ways to have your learners wear their tubular bandannas that PTO delivered in your house colors:
(Did you know you can also put them in water & put them back on to cool off?)

We changed Monday to a Day 6 and Tuesday to a Day 5 to accommodate our Kindergarten Biome Zoo.  Thank you to everyone for their flexibility.  It is going to be a GREAT event! Here is the schedule and zoo bingo card.

Monday is time for some more FUN this last month of school.  Please join in!

Don't forget to have your class work on creating cards for Memorial Day by Friday, May 25.  We will take them to the DFW National Cemetery on Saturday, May 26 at 9:00 a.m.  This is a rewarding experience, so feel free to join in.  Please put each card in a gallon sized ziploc bag.  Don't worry, we will add the rocks for you, at the cemetery.  Designers, PLEASE send this invitation and map home, to your LEEder in class, so that their parents have information about the event.  If any of you want to join us, you are more than welcome to attend.  It is a HEART-WARMING experience!

Please share in your weekly communication that we are looking for participants for this year's Ponytail Club.  More information can be found here. We want some participants on the last day of school and also need to plan accordingly.

Please read the Lee End of Year Technology Checklist that explains how and when we will check in/out devices and presentation station carts. See Melinda if you have any questions. Dates and info are also on the staff calendar.  In addition, 4th and 5th grade, please make sure to read and follow Alli's email and Team Time notes with 1 to 1 devices. 

Please help Kathy Creek by cleaning out your reports in Teacher Access Center as outlined in her email on Monday.

Thank you for getting started on your inventory of your storage spaces.  End of Year Checklists will come out in next week's blog.  Remember my feelings on this task- it should be done before/after school or during conference time.  Learning should be happening until the last day at Lee.  I appreciate your help with this.

We will give feedback on Domain 3 Dimension 3: Classroom Culture...or just drive by and give verbal feedback.  

Organize in Sequence
Think about your topic. If your piece moves chronologically, it helps to first make a list of the steps or events in the order you plan to describe or explain them. Once you have the order right, then you can draft.  (Taken from The Writing Strategies Book by Serravallo)

Humor- comical or amusing quality; ability to see or show the funny or amusing side of things.

Your ability to make people laugh can help others feel comfortable and relieve tense situations.

"Laughter is the shortest distance between two people." - Victor Borge

May 19- Stephanie Richter gets married!
May 21- Day 6
     RtI Meetings
     Kinder Zoo (Cafe)
     GEM Awards (5:30 Admin)
     Spring Choir Concert (7:00 pm Cafe)
May 22- Day 5
     CJM Foster Animal Pickup (8:00am)
May 23- New Learner Lunches
     Staff Meeting/Courtney's Shower (3:30-5:00 Purple House)
May 24- 3rd Grade Field Trip (Zoo)
May 25- Dyslexia Screener Due to Brock
     Grades Due (8:00am)
     Talent Show (8:00-10:00 Cafe)
     Last Day to turn in Fun Run Receipts
     CISD Night at the Ballpark
May 26- Deliver Memorial Letters to DFW National Cemetery (9:00am)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Week of May 14, 2018

Have an incredible weekend, sweet ladies.  I hope you have felt kindness and appreciation from our PTO and FamiLEEs.  You are such a talented and dedicated bunch and are loved very much!  Please leave as soon as ALL learners are safely dismissed!

  • if you want some tips to spice up engagement in your weekly newsletter that you might enjoy this article from Edutopia?
  • that PTO will be giving classroom designers $50 at the start of 2018-2019 school year? They also approved $5000 towards STEAM Lab materials, the renewal of Reflex Math, a Nacho Machine (my personal fave!), and money for a leadership retreat.  YAY PTO!
  • the district added a Composting Class, on June 7, to the CISD Summer Professional Learning courses?  You can register through Eduphoria.
  • our iPad minis will be replaced with a new(er) iPad during the summer?  
  • we will participate in a Ponytail Club at our last spirit rally?  Please talk to your learners and parents to see if anyone want to donate at least 10 inches of their hair to charity.
  • that we have THREE Designers who will be recognized as GEMS at the Board Meeting, at 5:30, on May 21?  CONGRATULATIONS Stephanie, Samira, and Britt!  We are so proud of you!

Please view the master schedule for scheduling on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Let parents know about adjusted times for our grade level schedules on these days. 

Please put this information in your weekly newsletter.  
All 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students across the state of Texas will be participating in the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.   Please see the testing schedule below:

We hope you enjoyed the game of Human Scrabble last week.  This week we will feed you some delicious lunch.  I wonder what is in store next week?

I have a request for our team for Wednesday's meeting.  Please wear closed toe shoes.  We will be going on a field trip as we take our meeting to our neighbor, Coppell Middle School West.  If you have a hard hat from year one, please bring it.

Please invite your dads to come to the Media Center Flex Space to have donuts with their learners before Field Day on Friday.  Donuts will be served from 7:20-7:40 and learners must have an adult with them to attend.

Field Day will be Day 0 on the calendar.  As soon as we get information from PTO regarding start time etc. we will pass it along.  Please find out if your learners need a sack lunch from the cafeteria and have parents enter information on this google form.  THANK YOU!

Designers, as the end of the year approaches, we want to make sure that all of your data for any RtI learners is up-to-date and in AWARE.  If you have any learners currently on RtI, please schedule an RtI meeting on Monday, May 21st to visit with Ashley and Angela about learner progress, end-of-year assessment data, and the required documentation.  They are happy to walk you through what is expected to be in AWARE. 

We will give feedback on Domain 3 Dimension 3: Classroom Culture.  

Zoom In on a Moment of Importance
Think about a memory and all the events that are part of that memory. Think about what's important about that memory, or the big idea the memory leaves with you. Identify the one part of the memory that feels the most important. Write some ideas about what's important about it, and hwy it's important. Try to write just that one smaller part of the larger moment. Tell it bit by bit. (Taken from the Writing Strategies Book by Serravallo)

Responsibility- making the right choice to be reliable and dependable.

After we eat, we will clean up after ourselves.  This includes cleaning off the tables and making sure we haven't left any trash on the floor or around the eating area.

"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you.  Never excuse yourself." -Henry Ward Beecher

May 13- Mother's Day
May 14- Kindergarten Field Trip (Dallas Zoo)
     3, 4, 5 STAAR Math test
May 15- Education Foundation Shirt with Jeans
     2nd Grade Field Trip (Biodiversity Center)
     Kindergarten Field Trip (Andy Brown Park)
     3, 4, 5 STAAR Reading Test
May 16- 5 STAAR Science Test
     Leadership Meeting (3:30-5:00)
May 17- Spurs Savings (7:20-7:40)
     Officer Freeman Visits 5th Grade (8:00) Cafe
     All Library Books Due to Media Center
May 18- K-1 Dyslexia Screener Due
     Donuts with Dads (7:15-7:40 Media Flex Space)
     Field Day
May 19- Stephanie gets married!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Week of May 7, 2018

What another terrific week at Lee.  We had a super Green House music performance and shower for Kristina.  We also got a chance to celebrate our wonderful cafeteria super heroes!  Last, but not least, we got to meet our incoming Kindergarteners.  WHAT A WEEK and it is only Wednesday!!  You are getting this blog early because Chantel and Ashley are heading out to Chicago Wednesday afternoon.  Leigh Ann and Angela will hold down the fort while we are away.  We will be telling Lee's story at the Apple Distinguished Schools Global Summit, in Chicago.  We are proud to share the work YOU are doing in our building with our learners and technology.  We will post to Twitter so you can follow along.
  • we are working on the adjusted schedules for upcoming STAAR Testing days?  Stay tuned.
  • we have iPad tripods for each house?  Leigh Ann will help deliver these and share some ideas for integration.
  • we have something "fun" planned for each "Marvelous Monday" in May?  We want to have fun this last month of school so be ready each Monday.  
  • Angie Applegate, our new Asst. Supt. for Curriculum and Instruction, will be walking the building with me on Wednesday afternoon.  This will be her first time being on campus in her new role.  I can't wait for her to see what you are doing with our children.

Thank you to those of you that have been spending your Fun Run dollars.  You need to spend this money this year, so save your receipts and turn them in to PTO for reimbursement before May 25.

PTO will be pampering our staff this week.  Their theme is KINDNESS.

  • Monday- Bring a Kind not or card 
  • Tuesday- Bring a flower
  • Wednesday-Be kind and sweet.  Bring a treat.
  • Thursday- Be kind and cool.  Enjoy a slush after school in the front car loop
  • Friday-Throw Kindness like Confetti.  Lunch will be provided by PTO

I know you are in full swing of end of year conferences, but it is the perfect time to end the year on a good note.  Take some time and make a happy call to each of your learners.  It will pay off for you as much as it will them, trust me!

Laurie O'Neill sent an email last week about summer Professional Learning in CISD.  Please sign up, now, so that you can start earning hours for the next school year.  

We will give feedback on Domain 3 Dimension 3: Classroom Culture.  

Write About a Pebble
Don't write about a general topic or idea, write about a specific, observable experience, person, place, time and so on. Use the language frame, "Don't write about [a mountain], write about [a pebble]" to help you explore ways to narrow the focus of your piece.  (Taken from The Writing Strategies Book by Serravallo)

Humility- being humble, not proud or haughty, not arrogant or assertive

If you win or excel at something, do not brag.

"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

May 6- Guru Vandana (3:00-4:30) Flex credit will be given for attending and learning more about the culture of our learners.
May 7-11- Teacher and Nurse Appreciation Week
May 7- Red and Green Talent Show Try Outs (3:15pm -5:15pm)
May 8- Purple and blue Talent Show Try Outs (3:15pm -5:15pm)
     PTO Meeting (7:00pm Cafeteria)
May 9- Convocation T-shirt and Jeans
     Tour (10:00-12:00) 3 Principals from Garland ISD
     Angie Applegate visits Lee (1:45-3:15)
     Staff Meeting (3:30-5:00)
May 10- Spurs Savings (7:20-7:40 Cafeteria)
May 11- LEEdership Council Meeting (8:15-9:30 Cafeteria)
     Last Spirit Stick Sale
     First Grade Muffins with Mom (2:15-3:00)
May 13- Mother's Day

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Week of April 30, 2018

WOW!  It is hard to believe we are in our last month of the school year.  We have enjoyed our Summative meetings this week and having the chance to have dedicated time with each and every staff member.  We  enjoy the opportunity to brag on you and celebrate the growth we have seen in ALL.  Tours went very well this week!  We noticed the intentional lesson design that showcases the learning that happens inside and outside our building.  THANK YOU for that and please know WE SEE IT and so do our guests!  We hope to see everyone at Movie on the Lawn, for a little while, Friday night.  It is a way to show our parents, learners, and PTO that we are all in this together.  Please communicate to parents know that concessions open at 7:30 and the movie starts at 8:00.
  • PTO will be doing some kind of headband/tubular bandana for Field Day?  We will not have shirts this year.
  • the IBM/Watson app partnership is over for now.  CISD may revisit it in the future when the kinks are worked out.
  • we will have support from Dallas Sherrif's Department starting next school year?  Two SROs will be housed at CMSW and will support us when needed.  
  • that Region 10 is changing their workshop credit system?  Please make sure that you complete the evaluation after the course, or you will be kicked out and credit will not be granted. 
  • if you haven't updated your MacBook by Friday, it will automatically update on Monday?  Back up your documents!
  • on Tuesday, CISD Summer Professional Learning courses open up at 8:00am?  Registration will close on June 4 at 5:00pm.  Don't miss the window!
  • teacher contracts are ready to sign in Talent Ed? 

Please note a change of schedule on Tuesday by 15 minutes.  It is also reflected in the master schedule file in Google. 

Please remember that one of the cafeteria booths is to remain open for learners with allergies.  Learners who eat peanut butter or have nut products should NEVER sit at these tables. Thanks for helping to monitor this when  you are on lunch duty.

We are looking forward to having our new learners and famiLEEs on campus on Wednesday from 9:00-10:30.  Please help us with a smooth and quiet transition into music and PE during our presentation with parents.  Thank you to our office staff for managing our crowd.  Thank you to our Kindergarten team for taking on 125 extra bodies.   Thank you to our support staff for helping in the kinder rooms.

Our last Fed Ex session for the year will be this Wednesday, May 2nd.  Jacque will be offering a session to spend time exploring topics of your choice on her blog, and Alli will host a session about Student Organized Learning Environments.  Flex hours for the year are supposed to be due Monday, April 30, but we are extending for those of you that need this hour.  We have to submit your hours to the district, so please remember to post to Today's Meet by 5:00 to get credit. 

Please wear (and encourage your learners to wear) a super hero shirt on Friday.  We will be celebrating School Lunch Hero Day in the cafeteria.  I think we can all agree, Charlene and her team are super heroes!  Social Spurs will get each cafeteria worker a $25 gift card, but please creatively show them how much we care!

Want to wear jeans for the rest of the school year?  You are welcome to donate $10, or more, for CMSW Choir Teacher, Mrs. Hartzell, We have an envelope in the front office to collect your donations or you can donate on her Go Fund Me page and send a screenshot.  On May 2, we will submit a donation from our FamiLEE.  

We will be reviewing your SLOs together in the team times between May 9 (Day 1) and May 17 (Day 7).  At that time, we will discuss the growth of your learners, self-asses your own growth and participation in the process this  year, and upload your final Student Growth Tracker.  It will be stress-free, and we will walk through it together!  Let Ashley know if you have any questions.  

All Designers with learners in the RtI process need to schedule a meeting for either May 7 or May 21.  We will review your latest data and make sure all necessary documentation is in AWARE before the end of the year. 

Thank you to those of you that have been spending your Fun Run dollars.  You need to spend this money this year, so save your receipts and turn them in to PTO for reimbursement before May 25

Now that we have concluded summatives, we will give feedback on Domain 3 Dimension 3: Classroom Culture.  

Write a Title
Brainstorm a list of title for your piece. Aim for dozens. Look back over the list of titles and ask yourself, "Which of these feels truest to what I want to say in my piece?"  (Taken from The Writing Strategies Book by Serravallo)

Resiliency- recovering from or adjusting easily to misfortune or change

Accept that you are going to make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit." -Napoleon

April 29- Amanda's Birthday
April 30-May 4- Child Nutrition Appreciation Week
April 30- RtI Meetings
     Parent Meeting for Talent Show (3:15-3:45)
May 1- Designer MacBooks Reimaged
     Education Foundation Shirt and Jeans
     Hannah's Birthday
     Green House Music Performance (8:15 and 6:30)
     Kristina's Bridal Shower (3:15)
     Dad's Club Meeting (7:00 pm)
May 2- Buffalo Wild Wings Night (Blue and Office)
     College Shirt and Jeans
     Kindergarten Round Up (9:00-10:30)
     Fed Ex (3:30-4:30)
May 3- Spurs Savings (7:20-7:40)
May 4- Red and Black Superstar Nominations Due
     Yellow House Field Trip
     Spirit Stick Sales
May 5- Leigh Ann's Birthday
     Drama Club Performance

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Week of April 23, 2018

Thank you, ALL, for a lovely volunteer breakfast for our volunteers. The tours this week were wonderful and we really could see that you put a focus on the areas they were looking to investigate while they were here.  THANK YOU for that!  Some additional guests from a STEM school in GA joined in on the Frisco tour, today, and complimented how our learners can talk about their learning and how they use accountable talk!  What great evidence of our campus goal.  We can't wait to see how you use the building when we walk with tomorrow's guests.  We wish Priscilla well as she is recognized at the Teacher of the Year banquet on Tuesday Night.

  • that Front Row Math is now Freckle Math?  To learn more, check out this blog post.
  • that Wendy and one of our learners are in a training video accessible on YouTube?  Wendy will sign autographs at our next staff meeting. :)
  • that you need to electronically sign your TTESS Formal Evaluation and your Summative Evaluation?  Once you have your summative, please go in and sign both.
  • Megan had baby Paxton on Wednesday?  Both mommy and baby are doing well.  We are excited about our newest FamiLEE member!

Please make sure your Citizen of the Year is on this document to turn in to the district. We need to know who is attendingso please update the document by Wednesday, April 25. This will ensure we meet our district deadline and give us the opportunity to draw 24 learner names. 

We are #luckyatlee to be growing partnerships with our community.  Thanks to Angela's outreach we have multiple learners who are being mentored through IBC's Schoolworks Program.  Their group will be bringing a grill to the cafeteria patio and grilling out burgers for the entire staff on Thursday.  3-5 learners may need to adjust how they exit/enter the building to make sure they are safe.  ENJOY!

For those interested in helping the CMSW Choir Teacher, Mrs. Hartzell, you are welcome to contribute $10, or more, to wear jeans the entire month of May.  We will have an envelope in the front office to collect your donations.  On May 1, we will send a donation from our FamiLEE.  Thanks for your consideration!  

Join us on Friday night for Movie on the Lawn Night.  Bring a blanket or chair and cuddle up for CoCo.  PTO will be serving refreshments and snacks at 7:30 and the movie begins at 8:00.  We hope you can be there. 

OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.
What YOU are doing to do to LIVE out this VISION at Lee?

This week we will continue to give feedback on Domain 2 Dimension 5:  Monitor and Adjust.  We will be looking for evidence of input from learners, how you adjust instruction and activities to maintain learner engagement, pacing of your lesson, how you check for understanding along the way, and how you adjust to meet the varying needs of your learners throughout the lesson.

Find the Heart
Reread your story. Think to yourself, "What is the most important, exciting, and/or interesting part? Box out the part of your story that best shows what's most important. Make sure that part is the longest part.  (Taken from The Writing Strategies Book by Serravallo)

Friendship- caring for; trusting one another

Do not save seats in the lunchroom.  If someone wants to sit down, let him or her.  Do not try to exclude anyone.  We are a family , and we must treat one another with respect and kindness.

"The reason dogs have so many friends is because they wag their tails and not their tongues" -Anonymous

April 21- Dads Club Golf Tournament
April 22- Earth Day
April 23- EOY Assessment Window Opens
April 24- Progress Report Grades Due
     Varsity Baseball Players Greet Learners
     Mentor Meeting
April 25- House Shirt and Jeans Day
     Administrative Assistant's Day
     Staff Meeting (3:30-5:00)
April 26- 4th and 5th Leadership Kiddos go to Southwest Airlines
     Spur Savings (7:20-7:40)
     Tour (9:00)
     New Learner Lunches
     Tour (1:00)
     Bluebonnet Party (3:05-4:00)
April 27- Send Progress Reports Home
     LEEdership Council Meeting (8:15 Cafe)
     Spirit Stick Sales (Recess Time)
     PTO Spring Movie Night