Friday, September 22, 2017

Reflections From a Year Four Principal

Weeks like this one are ones that remind me as an educator how the workload demands ebb and flow during the school year.  From August, through the first week of October, it is one deadline, meeting, training, event, and conference after another.  It's TOUGH!  Though all of these are important in setting the school year up for success, they also tip the scale when you try to find a work/life balance.  

Tonight, we had our third school event after hours.  Even though it was communicated on a short timeline, you made the effort to be there.  Showing up for the kids is what you do…even if it means changing plans, postponing personal and family committments, and you put on smiles for another couple of hours for our school famiLEE.  Some of you were at school at 6:30 this morning- I saw you!  That means a 12+ hour day.  How is that for balance?  

Look at YOU!  (More of you were there- I just snagged these from Twitter.) THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your dedication to our children, our PTO, and most importantly to ME!!  I know each of you understand my passion and love of our school.  It truly is "my baby" and like every parent I want my child to be THE BEST, one I am super proud of.  Never in my wildest dreams would this self-proclaimed "school momma" realize how deeply I also want each of you to be THE BEST, ones I am super proud of.  Tonight is a fine example of why I KNOW we have an amazing staff. Finding out that the movie was starting an hour later than communicated was not news any of us were excited about.  Yet I see the story you tell on Twitter, our Lee and CISD story, and I am thankful (beyond measure) for each and every one of you.  You smiled.  You laughed and had fun with each other. You spent time with our kids who LOVE YOU TO PIECES!

So, I thought to do I cultivate kindness and show my gratitude to the best staff on the planet?  Well... TIME.  This time of year EVERYONE needs MORE TIME!!!  Our school took a great deal of your time this week, and we need to balance that out.  Please adjust your calendars for next Wednesday.  We will postphone our learning and group work until a later Staff Meeting.  That means this week's Staff Meeting is cancelled.  LEAVE after the kids are dismissed.  Give back some time to yourself, your family, or wherever it was robbed from this week.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  See you on Monday!  xx-Chantel

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Week of Sept 25, 2017

Happy Friday ya'll!  It has been a BUSY week, but also an INCREDIBLE week.  It has been a joy to visit lots of classrooms and give you feedback, praise, and encouragement.  I look forward to some more of that tomorrow.  Don't forget to fill out your wish list and shop at the Book Fair.  Use your teacher discount and save some cash.  We all know how much this campus loves to read books!!!

  • there is a way you can learn more about Dyslexia?   Intervention Services has created a Schoology course for classroom educators. The access code is JBSVB-5D89J.  If your house or grade level team would like to go through the course together, please let Melissa know! She would be happy to join your discussions. If this is completed after school hours, you can receive 1 hour of flex credit. 
  • each month our coaches will have updated information/resources/ ideas you are able to embed into your lesson design and / or team times?  Here is September' Coaching Corner.  PLEASE check it out and schedule them to support you in any way. 
  • not only is Stephanie's Smore a SUPER Science resource for inquiry-based physical science experiences, but that Linda Cook sent over a set of FOSS Curriculum Guides?  They are being bar-coded by Melinda and will be in our professional school library.
  • our PTO is looking for people to chair some board positions? By taking on this task you do have a voting privileges during decision making.  They need someone for Teacher Appreciation Week, Hospitality, and Volunteer Coordinator.  If you (or one of your parents- please email this out this week) are interested, or want to learn more, have them email

We REALLY need your help with hyping up this fundraiser.  LEEdership council will be making some commercials and share more after our meeting tomorrow.  Feel free to use this campus document for easy totaling of donations by classroom.  Even better, make it an authentic math lesson for your learners!  THANK YOU for your help and ENCOURAGEMENT for learners to participate and experience compassion and empathy for others. Please put a reminder in your newsletters this week.


Thank you for making it a priority to stop by tomorrow night's event, if even for just a bit, so that the children and famiLEEs can see you. This is our first PTO event, and it communicates a positive partnership with them when we have staff members present. Not to mention... the event will be FUN! THANK YOU!


We are super excited to finally have an event where our Grandparents and Special Friends can come to school. In order to disrupt the least amount of learning, we are inviting guests to attend the Book Fair (during the learner's recess) and have lunch (from school or home) during your lunch time. We will also have a photo opportunity for your guests. Please put this invitation in your newsletters inviting guests to Lee on Thursday. We kindly request that they sign up that they are attending, in advance, so that we can prepare accordingly. This form will ensure our cafeteria has enough food and seating, and so that the office can be ready for all of our guests.


I have requested that your Leadership Team member send me the days that your house and grade will be meeting to plan face-to-face each week. Remember that your house should be meeting twice a week. One day for staffing kiddos and taking care of house business. Another day to plan vertically and work on your CBLs. I also request that grade levels meet a minimum of one time a week face- to-face (outside of Team Time) in order to talk about lesson design. It is important that you have solid relationships with both groups and that cannot happen without time together. I will communicate your days with our coaches so they can support you.  I realize I may have communicated ineffectively in our leadership meeting yesterday. What I should have said was...It is highly possible to agree to meet as a grade on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday after school. Although Tuesday and Thursday are "district days" for things like content specialists and other district trainings, these do not occur every week. If your planning day occurs during a SCL or SIL, couldn't your grade decide that attending that professional learning together could serve as your "face time planning" that week? You are surely going to talk about what you learned. Thank you to those of you that turned in your days, already. If they change, please, just let me know.


We have our first Spur Savings bank day open this week. Thank you to our fifth grade designers and learners for their partnership with Las Colinas Federal Credit Union!

Since we have such a large number of participants in all grades and houses attend training this week, please plan on sharing your learning in your house and team meetings.

Please complete this form to reserve a copy of your book that will be purchased by us. You have until 4:00 on Friday, Sept 22, to select your book, otherwise, we will order one for you.   THANKS!  We want to get planning underway.

With great excitement, Kamille and Kristen will be bringing back our Sunshine Spurs program.  Here is the link for sign up for 3rd and 4th graders to share with parents.  PLEASE PUT THIS IN  YOUR NEWSLETTERS! 

You received  an email from Michelle, our Chief Officer of Fun, about Social Spurs and dues. Social Spurs are collecting dues through the end of the month.  There is an envelope in the front office.  We already have two gals to take care of through Social Spurs (Charlene and Angela).

Do you keep a parent communication log?  This is a good idea for both positive and not so positive conversations.  In education: if it is not documented, it didn't happen.  Also, think about picking up the phone (instead of emailing) when you have an issue that could potentially escalate.  We have a caring staff, and typically if there are issues, it is due to miscommunication.  When a parent has your listening ear and hears your voice on the other end showing concern, most problems will be solved.

Use body language, gestures, mime, and acting to build meaning.

Don't forget that you got information regarding Culture Grams from Claudia.  I bet you can think of some clever ways to use this resource!

Patience- the ability to wait calmly

When a designer is assisting another learner, wait calmly until he or she can help you.

"Consider the chicken; you get them by hatching the eggs not smashing them" -- Arnold H. Glasow

Book Fair All Week
Sept 25:  Progress Reports Due Back
     RtI Meetings
     KOI Training for K and 1 (3:15)
     DI Meeting at Lee (6:30 Cafe)
Sept 26- Mentor Meeting (3:35)
Sept 27- House shirt with Jeans
     Lisa Hart's First Day (KRed)
     New Learner Lunches (Lunch time)
     Staff Mtg. (3:35 Yellow House)
Sept 28- Spur Savings (7:20-7:35)
     Lee Learning Walk (8:00-9:00)
     Grandparents/Special Friend's Day (Recess and Lunch times)
Sept 29- CISD Employee Sign off Due in Talent Ed Records
     LEEdership Meeting (8:30 Cafe)
     CISD Community Tailgate

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Week of September 18, 2017

What a delightful week participating in beginning of the year goal setting with our staff being evaluated with the T-TESS system.  Ashley, Jacque, and I were impressed with the thoughtful reflection and goal setting ideas you each have, and we look forward to supporting you on your journey.  THANK YOU for having the growth mindsets that you do and for continuing to stretch yourselves as professionals and designers.  This week was a reminder that our school famiLEE is ONE OF A KIND and that you are so supportive of one another.  We also felt the love you have for our children as you shared with us during your time.  Please give yourself 60 seconds on Friday to STOP what you are doing, look around your space, and celebrate what you are doing.  We could not be more pleased with the first three weeks of school and what you are a part of creating at Lee!!!

Those of you we did not meet with...don't fret!  We will be inviting you to visit, briefly, to see what we can do to support you, as well.  Stay tuned!

  • that we have hired TWO new staff members?  You met Mandy Cottrill at Staff Meeting.  She will be teaching Science Enrichment and will be a fabulous addition to our Specials team and Green House.  She has fantastic ideas for our garden and supporting you in Science.  We also hired Lisa Hart to help be a special education aide.  She will be joining us when her current job releases her and will be helping in Red K.  Lisa comes with great experience and a servant heart that will fit right in at Lee and in Red House
  • your class/grade/house can be spotlighted in the weekly CISD newsletter or in other ways? You all are providing INCREDIBLE experiences for our learners.  If you have something exciting going on, let me know so we can get the communications department out to Lee.
  • Charlene, our cafeteria manager, will be out the next week as she recovers from some surgery.  Please wish her well as we pray for a speedy return!
  • Chantel hosts a "Shoe Tying Club" at Lee?  If you have young learners that need an incentive to learn to tie their shoelaces, all they have to do is watch this video, come down and demonstrate they can tie their laces, and they get a SURPRISE from me!

Please complete this form to reserve a copy of your book that will be purchased by Lee Elementary. We will share more at our next staff meeting.

With great excitement, Kamille and Kristen will be bringing back our Sunshine Spurs program.  Here is the link for sign up for 3rd and 4th graders to share with parents.  THANKS, ladies!

Thank you for taking learning outside this week.  We could hear the learners enjoying the pavillion and saw them in the atrium during library and other times during the day.  Others went out to the EcoPond.  We notice your efforts and appreciate the tweets showing others how you are using these spaces.  KEEP IT UP!

(Borrowed from last year because it is SO GOOD!)

Don't forget to bring a learner to Tuesday night's meeting at 7:00.  These learners need to be confident and ready to share a brief overview about your house CBL work.  Please remind parents in your weekly communication that we have a meeting and ALL are invited to attend.

You will be getting an email from Michelle, our Chief Officer of Fun, about Social Spurs and dues. Social Spurs will begin collecting dues on Monday, through the end of the month.  There will be an envelope in the front office.

Please join Green House at BWW this Wednesday night!  Show them THIS CARD and tell them you are from Lee Elementary and 10% goes back to our school.  THANK YOU, Green House designers, for promoting this on Twitter and with your learners and FamiLEEs.

We will have a high number of subs in the building on Wednesday and Thursday due to Math Educator Academy.  Please make sure you have sub folders ready (see Lee Staff Handbook) and switch duties, if necessary, so that subs are on afternoon dismissal, not morning arrival.  They need time to get set oriented and prepared for their responsibilities.  Also a reminder that, when possible, avoid having subs on recess duty.

Did you know that many people believe in a misconception that dyslexia is a visual disorder causing the learner to see words and letters backwards?  This short 4 minute video explains more about what dyslexia is and things that you might notice in the classroom.  Melissa's website is also a great resource for you!  

PTO is planning a famiLEE movie night on the field on Friday Night.  The event will begin at 6:30. I'm sorry that this is all the information I have at this time, as I just found out.  Please feel free to bring your family or loved ones to the event.

Modify speech appropriately.  For example, use slower speech and control your use of slang and idioms.

Encourage- to inspire with courage and hope

If someone in the class wins a game or does something well, congratulate that person.

"When someone does something good, applaud.  You make two people happy.

Sept. 18-  5th Grade Spurs Savings Training (2:00 Cafe)
Sept. 19- CISD Education Foundation Shirt and Jeans
     4/5 Progress Report Grades Due (8:00am)
     PTO Meeting (7:00 Cafe)
Sept. 20-  K-2 Math Educator Academy
     School Shirt with Jeans
     BWW Night (Green House Representing but ALL invited)
     Leadership Meeting (3:30-5:00)
Sept. 21-  3-5 Math Educator Academy
     Progress Reports sent home
     Fall Book Fair Set Up
Sept. 22-  Carla's Birthday
     Shari's Birthday
     LEEdership Council Meeting (9:00-10:00 Cafeteria)
     FamiLEE Movie Night (6:30pm- Field)
Sept. 23-  Layne's Birthday

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Week of Sept 11, 2017

Thank you for a great four day week.  We have enjoyed being in your spaces and observing the learning that is taking place.  Evidence of learning is starting to show on our walls and in your spaces.  WHAT A BEAUTY to witness!  We had wonderful turnout for Curriculum Night and parents left smiling and fulfilled!  THANK YOU for your preparations, for communicating so effectively to our famiLEEs, and for helping them feel at home in our school.  Have an incredible weekend- you deserve it!
  • on most days I have noticed an empty atrium or empty outdoor learning pavilion?  The weather is cooling off.  Remember to USE our entire building.  PUSH YOURSELF beyond your comfort and out into those spaces.   
  • there are two emails in your inbox (just sent- sorry) to include in your newsletters (DI and Room Mom)?
  • that we have your learner badges ready for you?  They will be in your mailboxes by the end of the day.  Thank you to the office for getting clips and covers organized.  We even have lanyards for some of the classes (if you want them).  Please make sure learners wear their badge at all times at school.  They must take it off before leaving, so please make this part of your pack-up routine.
  • that we will have choice book clubs for our book study this year?  If you have a book you would like to lead a book study in, please email CK the title, for approval, by next Wednesday.  I will send a Google form out next week so that you can select the title you want to complete your book study with.
  •  you have access to Lynda?  Check your inbox to learn more!

Please complete this Google Form to communicate who your members are before you leave on Friday.  Your LEEder will be invited to ride the Homecoming float in the CHS Homecoming Parade. I have special news for our 4th and 5th graders this year.  We will go on a special Leadership Field Trip together this year. 


Please review this Google spreadsheet .  Ashley, Leigh Ann, and Chantel are excited to review your goals for the year. We are also including Jacque so she can support you as our IC.  She is NOT EVALUATING YOU, only getting familiar with your goals.  Please bring your laptop to our meeting in Leigh Ann's office.

Please feel free to wear dots on Friday (or school shirt), in celebration of Dot Day. Here is a  Dot Day Resource website for educators for The Dot.  Ali and Melinda also have a Global Project for Dot Day.  I would love to come and see the Dot Breakout Edu in someone's space.  Let me know if you are doing this.

In two weeks, we have our first PTO Meeting.  Don't forget to bring a house learner to share out what they are doing in CBL, and in your house, with our PTO.

We are excited that we now have our budget dollars to order what you need to work with your learners.  Part of my role is to make sure you have the supplies you need to do your job.  Please try to plan ahead so that you do not have to spend personal funds on supplies.  Also, be thinking about items we need to add to house storage closets (like manipulatives, science tools, etc.) and write up a PO and put it in my box.  Remember that it will take a couple of weeks to process, get quotes, and ship.  You also must use approved vendors ONLY.  We are still waiting for IKEA to submit their paperwork with CISD.  I am asking them WEEKLY if it is in yet.

If, at any time, a learner or parent claim that there is a bullying situation, you MUST alert Campus Administration (Chantel, Ashley, Leigh Ann, and Angela).  We will follow the CISD Bullying Protocol and investigate for you.

As stated in our Lee Staff Handbook: Only after all efforts by the designer have been exhausted should a learner be sent to the office with a referral.  Repeated or serious misbehavior should be communicated to the learner’s parents as soon as possible. There is a new district discipline referral form.  Please use this instead of the three page carbon one.  Learners MUST be accompanied by a completed referral if you send them down.  Please watch this short video created by Courtney to review our discipline practices at Lee.

Friday is the LAST DAY to order your tshirt.  There are forms in the office or you can order online.  I will be forwarding you an email from the Education Foundation this week.  Grant submissions open on September 13 are due by October 18 by 4:30 pm.  Let's get some grants, friends!

The Coppell Gifted Association is committed to supporting Coppell ISD and its educators in their efforts to meet the needs of gifted students. Please register for your FREE CGA educator membership, here

Use visuals, manipulatives, graphic organizers, models, technology, and other resources to help explain concepts.

Patriotism- love for or devotion to one's country

"Stand up for what you believe in.  You shouldn't take no for an answer if your heart and mind  are leading you in a direction that you feel strongly about."

"I only regret that I have one life to lose for my country" - Nathan Hale

Sept 11- Celebrate Freedom Week
     National Suicide Prevention Week
     BOY Goal Setting Meetings (all day)
Sept 12- BOY Goal Setting Meetings (all day)
               Mentor Mtg. (3:35)
Sept 13- BOY Goal Setting Meetings (all day)
     Convocation T-shirt with Jeans
     Donuts with Dads (cafe)
     Staff Meeting (3:30-5:00 Red House-May's Space)
Sept 14- BOY Goal Setting Meetings (all day)
     Nelson Visits Lee all day
Sept 15- International Dot Day
     Lee Handbook must be signed off (office)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Week of Sept 4, 2017

HI FOLKS!  SO MUCH TO SHARE, so I apologize for the length of this week's blog.  Please have a WONDERFUL three day weekend and leave as soon as our learners are safely dismissed.

I will be sending you communication regarding morning arrival carpools (today or over the weekend).  PLEASE send this information home when you receive it.  THANK YOU!

  • it is important that we have each of your cell numbers?  Please review/fill out this document with your most current cell number for our emergency binder.  
  • Chantel gets email reports (multiple daily) when you do not submit your attendance?  PLEASE do your best to take attendance on time to avoid these unnecessary reports in my inbox.
  • we have a partner school for Harvey relief?  If you are interested in sharing thoughts/ideas on how we can support this school, please meet after school at 3:35 in A118.
  • that we still need a Service Learning representative and a Business Community Partnership representative for our campus?  Please sign up here before being "voluntold". 

*I have added this to the staff handbook*
Please, when sending out whole class emails (like your newsletters), email yourself and blind copy your parents.  Parents should NOT have access to other parent emails through any campus communication.  This is a directive from Mr. Hunt.

Please request parents arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time on Thursday.  Please host your session in a closed classroom.  Also, please post a PDF of your presentation on your websites/blog.  THANK YOU!

Please fill out this form, by Monday, if you are/want to host an after school club at Lee.  New club ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Buffalo Wild Wing Nights will be on Wednesdays this year, and the dates are posted on the Lee calendar.  You are welcome to attend any of the nights, but we really want you to pump up the night your House will be represented.  Let the learners know your house will be there, put it in your newsletters, tweet about it, etc.  This is a fundraiser for our school, and the more you "advertise" it, the better turnout we will have!  Most of the dates fall on FedEx days, so you can head over after.  There are a couple of exceptions with scheduling conflicts.  Thank you, Ashley, for coordinating!
September 20th:  Green House 
October 4th:  Purple House 
November 1st:  Yellow House
December 6th:  Office
January 31st:  Red House 
February 28th:  Blue House
March 21st:  Green/Purple Houses
April 4th:  Yellow/Red Houses 
May 2nd:  Blue/Office

It is time that we determine who your LEEdership Council member will be.  Learners should be nominated and elected into this position.  Candidates will prepare a short speech and may not spend more than $5 on their campaign.  This is an excellent way to practice the democratic process, public speaking, and risk-taking.  Please remember that those who have already served on LEEdership Council before are tasked with seeing the leadership capacity in others and should not run for a position.  (They may need reminding.)  Please complete this Google Form to communicate who your members are by Friday.  Your LEEder will be invited to ride the Homecoming float in the CHS Homecoming Parade.

We will be getting specific training on the CISD Bullying Protocol at our first faculty meeting.  In the meantime, you have access to this folder with documentation and information regarding bullying.

You are required, by the district, to wear your ID Badge at school.  Please wear yours!  If you see visitors or adults in our building without a badge, you must escort them to the office.

Please promote this to your learners and their famiLEEs.  We want to represent as many different colleges as possible on Wednesday.

  • Sign off on Employee handbook in Talent Ed Records
  • Add the Faculty Calendar to your devices
  • Sign off on our Campus Handbook in the front office
  • Complete compliance videos/trainings

Enjoy your one hour on Wednesday where you learn about a topic of YOUR choice related to YOUR goals, and earn Flex credit for it.  This is a time for learning.  Please post to Today's Meet after 4:30, but before 5:00, on Wednesday and share what you learned during your time in order to get credit for your hour.  We will send out a separate email about goals and these CAN be worked on during Fed Ex since they are due by Friday.

Please sign up on this Google spreadsheet to meet with Ashley and Chantel to review your goals for the year.  These meetings are not necessary for hourly employees.

Build background knowledge for learners who may lack prior knowledge about the content being taught.

Tolerance- respecting the differences of others

During discussions, respect other students' comments, opinions, and ideas

Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins." - Native American Proverb

Sept 3:  Leslie's Birthday
Sept 4:  NO SCHOOL
     Digital Literacy Overview Due
     Megan O's Birthday
Sept 5: Harvey Relief Meeting (3:35-4:00)
Sept 6:  College Shirt with jeans
     Fed Ex Day (3:30-4:30)
Sept 7:  Julie L's Birthday
     Curriculum Nights (5:30 and 6:45)
Sept 8:  TTESS Goals Due
     LEEdership Council Members Due to CK

Friday, August 25, 2017

Week of August 28, 2017

What an INCREDIBLE first week with children.  THANK YOU for making it memorable, FUN, engaging, and LEARNER- CENTERED.  Having everyone on campus help with arrival and dismissal was a blessing, so thank you for giving your time.  We appreciate you making "happy calls" to each of your learners.  I am still working through calling each of you, but look forward to bragging on you before the weekend ends.  Since you have worked SO VERY HARD this week, please leave as soon as all learners are safely dismissed on Friday.  You deserve it!

  • if your voicemail is set up that your messages will go directly to your email inbox?  Please set up your phones with a greeting and message.  Also make sure your correct extension is on the CISD website under Staff Directory.
  • you need to sign the Lee Staff Handbook by August 31 and the CISD Employee Handbook by Sept 29?
  • we will be having Spur Savings every Thursday this year starting Sept 28.  Please share this document with your parents.  It is also located on PeachJar.  Paper copies will be sent home, as well.
  • Jacque has an IC blog?  Check it out and book her to collaborate.
  • we will start Team Time on Monday as a Day 6.  Please make sure your learners are at their locations by 2:15 and that your spreadsheets for specials are accurate for how learners get home.  Team Time will take place in the large conference room.
  • parents checked you out before they even met you for Meet the Designer?  THANK YOU for your updated websites.  They look GREAT!
  • Christina Giddings will be joining our famiLEE next week as our Enrichment Designer?  Please welcome her on Monday.  We are super excited and so is she!

Please send a copy or list of interested Dad's from Meet the designer night to: 

If you would like to buy an Ed Foundation t-shirt and get an extra jeans day the first and third Tuesday of each month, click here to order your shirt.  Orders will be taken from Aug 25- Sept 8 and delivered the first week of October.

Please be on time and ready to start by 2:20.  This gives you transition time and time for a biology break.  Jacque is going to help facilitate your first meeting.  Please have your agendas in one school folder so that Admin can connect virtually.  THANK YOU!

We will practice emergency drills next week.  Be READY.  If you do not know where to go ASK a housemate, or Admin, so we can give you directions.  All spaces should have a map posted at your door and a red/green card clipped inside.  If you do not have a red/green card,  please see the office.

I believe this is already done, but if not, please work to get updated images up on your digital signage by Thursday, August 31, for our learning walk.

Please remind your parents to sign up for the PTO Weekly Newsletter.  They can also view it here.  It goes out on Sundays and shares news for the week.

Activate and use students’ prior knowledge to connect new learning with their prior experiences.

Respect- showing consideration for others

We will often have visitors in our school.  When a visitor arrives, look them in the eyes, shake hands, tell them who you are, and welcome the person to our school.

Consideration for others is the basis of a good life, a good society" -Confucius

Aug 27- Sam's Birthday
Aug 28- Stephanie S's Birthday
     PE Student Teacher starts observing
Aug 29-  Mentor Meeting (3:35)
Aug 30- School Shirt with Jeans
     4/5 iPad Rollout (pm)
     No after school meeting
Aug 31- Staff Handbook Signature page due
     Lee Learning Walk (8:00-9:00)
Sept 2- Nikki's Birthday

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Week of August 21, 2017

WOW!  This week has FLOWN by.  THANK YOU for your hard work, design work, laughter, positivity, and MOST IMPORTANTLY your KINDNESS.  We are truly the BEST school on the planet with the BEST people!

  • our School Board liaisons for Lee this year are Mrs. Fisher and Them Hulme?
  • that Sam helped develop a "Year at a Glance" with important events by month?  THANKS, Sam!
  • that some people have already started turning in their Lee Staff Handbook signature page?  Join in.
  • you have access to our faculty favorites?  
  • you can access the Lee Staff Calendar on your Mac and phone?   

HTML Link:
ICS Link:

After much reflection and internal debate, here is the master schedule for the year.  My hope is that you will seek out some grade level time with other houses.  You want it and, most importantly, our learners want it.  The second tab is our adjusted first day schedule.  Due to the eclipse all elementary learners must have recess before 11:30.  

We have to design a cheer/callback for Friday.  If you have an idea- PLEASE share it so we don't hear crickets when they call out our school at the event.  Please carpool over and wear the black Convocation shirt that was delivered to your mailbox. Doors to Irving Bible Church open at 8:10 and Convocation starts at 8:30.  I'm hoping there is no confusion which side is the front side of the shirt this year. ;) We will take a group picture on the stage at the conclusion of Convocation and are expected back on campus at 1:30.  We will cover some "Nuts and Bolts" and then give you the remainder of the afternoon to work in your spaces.

To help speed up Friday afternoon, it will help if you sign up for your committees for the year.  Some (like DEIC) need to be "elected" so we will have to vote if you put your name there.  All staff needs to serve on committees.

Don't forget that all staff is on before and after school duty the second through fifth days of school.  It is about learner safety and showing our parents that this is a priority at Lee.  THANK YOU!  On the first day, learners and parents can come straight to your spaces upon arrival (doors unlock at 7:15).  We request that specials and all support staff help us in the front car loop on day one. Please sign up for your duty time here.  Support staff will have morning and afternoon duties.

Ashley, Leigh Ann, and I would like to meet each and every learner the first week of school.  Please sign up HERE to bring your class to our spaces.

Since parents have permission to walk their learners to your class on the first day of school, we thank you for being prepared to welcome them and to ready to leave a great first impression of their first day of school with YOU!  Remember that this first week is about building SOLID relationships with the children and their famiLEEs.  Please, by the end of the first week, pick up the phone and call EVERY family.  Tell them/leave a message sharing something special about their child.  It will pay huge dividends to take the time to do this!  My expectations for you, this first week, are to ensure that school is SO FUN and EXCITING, that the learners do not want to leave at the end of each day.  

For now you should have Physical Science boxes in your houses.  Thanks, Sam, for coming up with a plan for where we can locate them.  Red house will house Units 1&2 for K, 2, and 4.  Yellow House will house FOSS Kits for 1, 3, and 5.    Green House will house K/1 Kits, Blue House will house 2/3 kits, and Purple House will house 4/5 kits. 

Establish a positive affective environment by acknowledging and respecting cultural and linguistic diversity. Let's create that positive and safe environment so the learner trusts you!

Here is the T-TESS Appraisal Calendar for the 2017-2018 school year. 


Excellence- to stand out with valuable quality

Quickly learn the names of other designers and learners in the school and greet them by name.

Excellence is never an accident.  It is always the result of High Intention, Sincere Effort, and Skillful Execution" -Aristotle

Aug 19- Brief Mentor Mtg. after Nuts and Bolts
Aug 21- First Day of School
              Parent Yahoo BooHoo Breakfast (Cafe)
Aug 23- Kristen's Birthday
     Convocation Shirt with Jeans
Aug 26- Megan C's Birthday