Monday, September 1, 2014

Week of September 1- September 5

We are truly amazed at how smooth and WONDERFUL our first week with learners has been! Of course, we KNOW that YOU are the reason! Your hard work, creative ideas, positive attitudes, and HUGE smiles have been the reason! District personnel have taken notice, too.  We were the talk of Tuesday's Admin Meeting.  Sooooo many parents have stopped us to compliment us on a fabulous beginning of school! They are sharing how happy their children are with their teachers (YOU!), with their classes, and with all of the fun, engaging things the learners did this week! Thank you for making this the BEST WEEK EVER!

  • Both playgrounds are ready for playing on?
  • That the brown paper towels in the labs work wonders on cleaning the dry erase off of glass?
  • We can put flash drives into the digital displays in your houses and slideshow pictures while we wait for the digital signage players to be installed?
  • Dr. Waldrip visited our campus THREE TIMES last week?
  • FOSS Kits are in the PreK classroom ready for you to pick up?
  • You can print to the copier from your MacAir?  The printer is F-WKRM-COPIER

THANK YOU for all of your preparations for this week's Curriculum Nights.  Due to the limited number or Apple TV's, it is understandable if you need to meet with parents as a grade level.  I have a "dongle" if you want to use a projector that does not have Apple TV.  Please see me if you are interested in borrowing it.

In addition to the ppt I sent out last week, please make sure to address the following during your presentations.  I expect that there will be many questions on these topics, so it helps to be proactive.  

  • School Safety- we will post Standard Response Protocol Posters once the front office laminates them.  Let parents know that we had in depth training from Officer Williams in relation to our specific building and needs.  Please inform them that our school is built for use as a disaster evacuation site for this part of town.  Also inform them of the bullet resistant glass in the cafeteria.  Safety drills will begin this week.
  • Use of flexible spaces in our building- parents are going to want to know how you teach in the open spaces in your house.  Please help teach them about the benefits of movement in connection to learning.  It helps the learning "stick."  We also should not be in the same "space" all day, therefore, there are opportunities to move to quiet places when learners and activities require it.  If our learning design is engaging, it will not matter where we teach!
  • Specialist Services- please inform parents that our special program services will begin this week.  They will want to know that their learners will be getting the same level of service that they had at previous schools. 
  • Checking Emails During the Day- please let parents know that you will not always be able to check emails throughout the day due to meetings and planning.  If you are checking emails, then you are not teaching their children.  Their learners should know how they are getting home when they arrive to school each day.  If a change happens during the day, THEN they are to contact the front office and we will communicate to you and the learner.  Our rule is that we will respond to email within 24 hours.
  • Background Checks- we want to take advantage of the volunteer base in our community.  Please remind them to get their criminal background checks in.  A parent may not volunteer until they have been cleared by the district.
  • Stress the importance of teaching their children foundational skills.  These are the basis for EVERYTHING we do.  Our parents are VERY sensitive to this.  Also stress that when we do use technology that it is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, and designers will closely monitor learners and teach digital literacy and citizenship.
  • Share the link explaining what CBL is
Please post your presentation in a PDF on your campus website for parents who were unable to attend.  It is also a good idea to email out your presentation to those who were unable to attend.

*If you are a "Glitter" you do not need to attend Curriculum Night.  

September 1: NO SCHOOL,
                      Ashley's Birthday
                      Patriotism is the citizenship word of the month
September 2: Handbook Signature pages due to Dr. Herauf
                      Owner Training from 3:30-5:00 (Wendy, Alicia, Ashley, Jessica)
                      K, 2, 4 Curriculum Night from 6:30-7:30
September 3: Deadline to submit GT Nominations (please tell parents)
                      Staff Meeting from 3:30-5:00
September 4: 1, 3, 5 Curriculum Night from 6:30-7:30
September 8-12: Celebrate Freedom Week (Katie sent info out)
                           4th and 5th Club 21 Meeting at Lee (3:30 Media Center)
September 9: First day for Salad Bar
                      CK at Admin Meeting
September 9: Lee Tours at 4:00 (City Council, Mayor, Bond Committee)
                       PTO Meeting at 6:30
September 10: MAP Testing Window Opens
                        Superintendent Reception @ Admin Bldg. at 3:30 
                        Campus Curriculum Meetings Cancelled 
September 11: Patriot Day- Wear Jeans and Red, White, and Blue
                        Dr. Denison and team will be at Lee (8:30-11:30)
                        Lee Tours at 4:00 (Facilities and Realtors)

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