Friday, September 26, 2014

Week of September 29

You continue to help promote our school and blaze a trail in the field of education.  Happy Birthday to our August and September folks!  I'm looking forward to our Social Spur event today.  We appreciate all of you that contributed.  

Thank you for an INCREDIBLE week and School Dedication!  Please leave as soon as your learners are safely dismissed and enjoy your weekend!

  • RJL was in the news again!  We were in the Coppell Student Media Newspaper The Sidekick and in the Coppell Gazette.  
  • We have a page on our campus website that tells about about our school as a tool.
  • We are going to be creating a system for school tours.  They will be on Thursdays, twice a month, and we will host AM and PM sessions with a maximum of 20 participants
  • There is a worm bin in the supply closet in the broadcast room.  Does anyone want to start this with your earthworms from your Science studies?
  • You can have fall decorations up as long as it is not ghosts, witches, zombies.  Happy pumpkins are fine.
  • That upstairs classrooms, the library, and gym were designed not to use the LED lights during the day?  See what works best for your learners and see if you can conserve.

On Saturday, our architects will be giving tours to the community. This flier tells you all about the event.  You are welcome to attend to learn more about our building, but it is NOT REQUIRED.  I request that you LOCK UP all technology in your storage rooms and leave your spaces tidy.

THANK YOU for all you did to make this a memorable day for everyone.  Thank you for sharing your leaders for run-throughs.  Thank you for the two practices last week.  Most of all, THANK YOU for holding high expectations for our learners and coming together as a staff to make this a day that will forever be in my heart.  We received countless compliments from our visitors and Superintendent.

We hope to roll out iPads to fifth grade on Thursday and fourth grade on Friday.  Please remember to personally call the families that do not have their Apple IDs created.  We also need to collect the Apple ID and password for your learners.  We still have a large number that have not done this.  Your roll out times are on the faculty calendar.

Please make every effort to be accurate and timely with your attendance. We must be diligent about this!  Also, please have your learners turn in all hand written excuses to the office. Kindergarten, please advise your parents that learners can walk their excuses down to the office.  Some parents are parking and bringing excuses in.

Please make sure to communicate with the office when you have special events.  Diana, Veronica, and Julie are the ones who must field questions from parents and the community, so the more details and heads up you can give them, the better.  We will also put your event on the Faculty Calendar.

Please inform the office if you have a parent coming in for a meeting. The office does their best to protect your instructional time.  The last thing you need is an impromptu conference or parent wandering the building.

Please sign up for a free membership to Coppell Gifted Association. CGA provides scholarships to professional learning opportunities that address the unique needs of the gifted learner. This year TAGT is in Ft. Worth. If you are interested in attending, please fill out the following scholarship application.  Your application should include $100 for the cost of a substitute for the day.

Renee needs to meet with you and your house to quickly give you your accommodation folders for your ELL’s.  This folder will help you with ideas on how to best support your English Language Learners.  Also, the purpose of this folder is to document all the wonderful things you are doing to help support them as well.  Last, it is a great resource to use if you are concerned about an ELL and their progress.  Renee will definitely go over all of this in more detail when I meet with you.

The Coppell Education Foundation is now accepting Grant Applications for the 2014 school year. Please see the attached application detailing the Guidelines, Grant Process, Instructions, and Timeline for this year. The deadline for all Grant Applications is October 15, 2014. Please submit all applications electronically to AFTER I SIGN OFF ON IT.  We already have people expressing an interest in 3 opportunities.  WAY TO GO LEE!!!

As you are all getting in the "groove" of your planning times, Todd and I are so pleased.  Thank you for continuing to update your Google documents.  Please remember to share those with Amanda, Roxann, Ayesha, Alli, Courtney, and Renee.

Thank you for all of your help to make this a huge success for our school.  We are extending WAC for one more week.  We have just started gaining momentum and we need to reach that goal.  Please continue your communication about this with your fami"lee"s.  Imagine what we can do with $25,000!!!

Please add this link for your parents to sign up for PTO Connect.  This is a weekly newsletter that goes out to our school and families.  This newsletter will also inform YOU of important details for your newsletters.  Our PTO Board is worried that not everyone is connected to this important layer of information.  Designers, if you are not getting the Latest at Lee emailed to you on Sunday, you need to contact PTO to find out why you are not.

Todd and I have enjoyed the beginning of our goal setting meetings.  If you are not sure what to do, please watch this video that quickly explains the process.  We will assist you with completing the document, and you do not need to submit until after our meeting.  If you have not, already, please sign up on the Google Spreadsheet shared with you. Select a time that works for you to meet with us.  We have to have these completed by October 3.  Thanks for your cooperation.

We will host learner led conferences DURING SCHOOL HOURS.  October 10 will be used as a Staff Development. You will learn more at our Staff Meeting on Wednesday.

If you have already participated in learner-led conferences, please contact Chantel.  We are designing our staff meeting and want to build on the capacity of those of you that have already done these before.

"LEE" QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  "Wisdom begins with wonder." -Socrates

"LEE"DERSHIP TIP OF THE WEEK:  When you sit down for a meal, place your napkin in your lap. When you finish, clean up and push in your chair.

September 27: Green Apple Day at Lee (12pm-3pm)
Week of September 29- Book Fair Week (Room A122)
September 29- Signed Progress Reports Returned
                        SBDM Mtg. (3:30)
September 30: Sara Mason's Birthday
                        Child Abuse Training must be complete
                        Third Grade FOSS Training
October 1: Jeans with House Shirt Day
                  Diana Sircar's Birthday
                  Staff Meeting (Dr. Waldrip attends)
October 2: Fourth Grade FOSS Training
                  Stop, Collaborate, and Listen (3, 4, 5)
October 3: Dr. Denison on campus with NTRC
                  Information Literacy Course must be completed
October 6-8: Fifth Grade to Sky Ranch
October 8: Jeans and iCreate T-shirt Day
                  Curriculum Mtg. (3:30-4:30)
October 9: SBRC Training during conference time
October 9-14: Learner Led Conferences at Lee
October 10: Staff Development (Sally Ride)
October 15: CISD Education Foundation Grants Due

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