Saturday, June 27, 2015

Week of June 22

Happy last Friday in June.  It is hard to believe we are already this far into summer "break."  For some of haven't had a break yet with trainings and professional learning.  Today is the first day I am OFF from coming into school, yet here I blog.  I believe it is safe to say...we all have a LOVE of this RJL place.  I head out of town on Sunday to Cabo and if you have tried to email will be proud of me- my auto replies are set.  I will be doing my best to disconnect until I see some of you on July 7.

Until then... let me update you on what has happened since school has been out.

Chantel and Todd were trained on new RTI district procedures that we will go over during back to school training.  We hosted Tapping Out with Tiles phonics training with K-2 designers.  We also hosted a full day of Apple Training that reviewed Challenge Based Learning and oriented us to iBooks.  Many of you have attended Balanced Literacy training in the district.  Our very own, Lauren, was a showstopper presenter.   Thank you to those that attended.  Jillian and Kylie attended training with Lucy Calkins.  They will share their learning during district and campus training this year.  Sam has attended Formative Assessment and Global Classrooms training, and Jessica is at an Art Workshop today.  Samira, Todd, Priscilla, and Courtney M. attending Lead4ward Training that we will share about at our first Leadership Meeting.  Not to forget...we have many of you (Samira, Layne, and Taylor) curating math curriculum and doing other work for our district.  THANK YOU!!  I'm sure there are more of you!!  Please let me know if you are left off.   We have an amazing building full of learners and we cannot wait to learn from each of you as you grow this summer.

With the help of Courtney, we got all of our new hires that have Coppell ISD email their MacBooks and most of them their iPads.  (Shelley- I have your MacBook ready when you get in town).  We all remember what it was like being thrown into the Mac world- they are blessed- they have the summer to get oriented.   Here are some resources for ANY of us to use as we grow in our Apple knowledge.   Scroll down to page 11 to find Apple Learning Series Offerings and that live link will take you to the iTunes store.  There are self-paced courses to help you gain skills you are interested in.  If you participate in any of these, or any other summer training.  Please submit your hours in Euphoria for flex credit.

We received word that we have been nominated as an Apple Distinguished Campus.  What does this mean?  Well check this out to learn more.  This is an amazing honor considering they are making an exception for our nomination year one of operation.  Typically schools must be open 2-3 years before they can be recognized.  This nomination is the result of a hugely successful visit from Apple on May 13.  Apple reps were HIGHLY IMPRESSED with the practices they witness with CBL, technology integration and leadership.  Thank you, designers, for BEING YOURSELVES, but also showcasing your greatness!  The result of this visit is our design meeting on July 7.  EVERYONE is invited to attend and learn more, as well as contribute to the creation of our story through iBooks.  Jodi Dienhamer will join us and share her expertise, as well.  Our book is due August 31.

We also found out that the board has approved a pilot that RJL, CMSN, and NewTech@Coppell High will be participating in.  Apple and IBM are partnering in an educational innovation that will easily bring resources for learners to our designers.  As I learn more, I will keep you informed.  

As I will frequently remind you...each of you has been hand picked for our school.  Much work has gone into finding just the right people and in placing you in just the right spot.  We have spent the last few weeks finding additional famiLEE members as we added another first and fourth grade section.  We also found and ESL facilitator that will, most likely, be at Lee full time.  This is great news as our ESL population grows.  Please welcome the following through email or text so that they can begin making connections and feel at home.  

ESL Facilitator:  Claudia Rios (214) 476-5990
Third Grade: Jess Smith (817) 874-2398
First Grade: Jacque Johnson (469) 438-4697

Our houses will look like this:

So you can see... it has been a busy couple of weeks.  Before we know it July will be here.  Todd and I are back to work on July 21. We will spend July 21 and 22 at the North Texas Regional Consortium Conference.  We are looking forward to attending Roxann's Digital Books Workshop while there.  

Returning and new staff,  tell us all about yourself.  We will use this information to help with surprises throughout the new school year. 

 Complete this brief survey so that Chantel, Todd, and Angela can better serve you this next school year.  We are already addressing concerns brought to our attention.

Click here for the Googleform, to share insight for new Lee staff members.  


June 27- Viana's Birthday
July 13- Cassie's Birthday
July 26- Nicole's Birthday
July 31- Wendy's Birthday
August 3-4- Balanced Literacy Training  (Sanela and )
August 3-7- New Teacher Orientation
August 18-21- RJL Back to School Training
August 20- Meet the Designer Night (5:30-7:00)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Week of June 8

Happy Summer Break!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone during our Tapping with Tiles and Apple Training this week.  We will also plan some fun school outings so that our new staff can start feeling like part of our famiLEE!

Tapping Out With Tiles Training will be on Tuesday, June 9.  First and Second grade designers will attend from 8:00-12:00 and Kindergarten designers will attend from 1:00-4:00.  Our session will take place in the yellow house flex space closest to the library.  You will receive flex hours for your time.  To learn more about Tapping Out with Tiles, click here.  

Apple training is on Wednesday and Thursday, June 10 and 11.  Please be here at 8:00 so that we can get everyone set up with technology.  We will start promptly at 8:30.  Light snacks will be provided and lunch is on your own.  See you in the yellow house flex space for this training, too.

As an employee of Coppell ISD you are entitled to attend professional development during the summer.  Our district is providing Balanced Literacy Training from June 15-June 17.  While I cannot require you to attend, I would highly recommend it if you are in town.  Some of our designers from Lee will be presenting during this time.  Since sign up was online, I had our director enroll all new hires, in case you wanted to attend.  Here is information about where and when the training will be held. 

Monday, June 15 -
Wed., June 17

CISD Summer Literacy Conference
K-2; 3-5; K-5 2.0; 6-8
New Tech @ Coppell
CISD Professional Staff
Staff earn 6 flex hours for each day attended
Parking @ St. Ann’s Church

Employees new to Coppell ISD will attend New Hire Orientation.  Below is the information for you for your August calendars.  We will have campus training the week of August 17-21. 

New hires, we are going to do our best to get you technology when you are at training this week.  We have MacBooks and iPads that will be issued to you, and you may want to start becoming familiar with over the summer.  If you are interested in doing so, our technology checkout form is here.  Please bring a paper copy to training, this week, in order for us to sign out your technology.  Also, Alli has shared this great Mac Learning Track if anyone wants to play over the summer.


Want to substitute at summer school?  Click here to sign up.


If you are interested in working on a grant during the summer, here is the application to use for planning purposes.  Actual applications are due from September 14 through October 14 through a Google Form that will be open when we return from summer break.

Please take time to tell us all about yourself (even if you are returning).  We will use this information to help with surprises throughout the new school year. 

Please take time to complete this brief survey so that Chantel, Todd, and Angela can better serve you this next school year.  

June 7- Elisa's Birthday
June 9- Tapping Out with Tiles Training 
            1st-2nd Grade Designers (8:00-12:00) 
            Pre K-Kinder Designers (1:00-4:00)
June 10- Apple Training (1/2 of All Staff)
June 11- Apple Training (1/2 of All Staff)
June 12- Courtney G's Birthday
June 13- Caroline's Wedding
June 15-17- CISD Literacy Academy 
June 15- Taylor's Birthday
June 17- Alli's Birthday
June 17-18- Dr. Knezek Professional Learning (Priscilla, Samira, Courtney, CK, TH)
June 20- Sara's Wedding
June 27- Viana's Birthday
July 13- Cassie's Birthday
July 26- Nicole's Birthday
July 31- Wendy's Birthday
August 3-4- Balanced Literacy Training  (Sanela and )
August 10-14- New Teacher Orientation
August 17-21- RJL Back to School Training
August 20- Meet the Designer Night (5:30-7:00)