Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We Made It!

What an incredible day Monday, September 22 was!  

To say that this day was a dream come true is an understatement!!
Last night, as I reflected on the days events, I cannot help but be filled with emotions.  I "imagined" what I thought this day would look like, and through multiple planning sessions with the Communication Department, Dr. Denison, and Dr. Herauf, I "thought" we had a pretty good "plan." What was executed and experienced was far greater than anything I could have imagined or planned. Can you tell by my cheesy grin the entire event?

It was important to me that the learners were the center of the Dedication, and I really feel like they were.  From their speaking parts, to singing, and being right there for the ribbon cutting- it was ALL ABOUT THEM.  This school is about them, so why not make the ceremony be about them, too?

The day could not have been the success it was without everyone pitching in. Look at the paper making process that our learners went through for keepsake bookmarks. The end result was a bookmark with a piece of homemade paper on it.  The homemade paper could be planted and will grow wildflowers.  Our talented Art designer met the challenge with this request!

Orchestrating this Dedication was similar to planning a wedding. Help came from Todd, who helped a learner research and ran around helping wherever necessary.  Designers dealt with unforeseen schedule speed bumps and interruptions to their day. Not a single person said they were too busy (even though they were) ...they never do in this building. Then there is Central Office who made sure that every base was covered, from programs, to flowers and videographers.  Chef Helen served up breakfast and baked cookies for every Lee staff member and learner.  Maintenance hung our new RJL sign and even directed traffic.  We had partnerships with Red Jackets from CHS and our PTO got a chance to shine and show their presence in the building. 

I am more than overjoyed that my school fami"lee" could meet my personal family for this event. Having my husband there for encouragement is a blessing. I could not have persevered these last nine months without the patience and support of this incredible man. It was also an honor to have my mom in from Florida.  I will never forget the look of pride in her face and the comments she had about the amazing staff and building.  She may not ever have the opportunity to experience grandchildren from Mike and I, but she did get the chance to see me "birth a school."  Making her proud is motivation in itself, but hearing what our learners told her they enjoy about our school was inspirational, as well.

Our learners articulated how they enjoy the freedom in our building. Freedom to move around, freedom to express, and freedom to be creative. They enjoy the spaces and their teachers. Hearing them share their feelings with her filled my heart, but I know that it is because EVERY PERSON in the building is pouring their heart and soul into our children. This starts at our front office every day.  We couldn't have a better first impression of our school than this smiling face.  

Each person is part of constructing the foundation of this school and building the leaders of tomorrow. We are transforming both where the curriculum is delivered and HOW the curriculum is delivered. This will impact the future of education and is a already a model for others. It is a team effort and one that I am honored to be a part of. I can't wait to look back in nine more months and see where we are.  This is only the beginning, but WE MADE IT to School Dedication Day!

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