Friday, November 20, 2015

Week of November 30

The definition of thanksgiving is the expression of gratitude.  There is SO MUCH that I am grateful for!  Most importantly, I am grateful for each of YOU!!  The experiences that you give our learners EVERY day is mind-blowing, but the experiences that you give ME are ones that I treasure and feel deep to my core.  I am reminded daily of the blessing of being at THE BEST SCHOOL ON THE PLANET and will miss seeing you next week while we are off.   Please enjoy time with your friends and family!

OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.

  • that Austin's Butterfly is a great example of modeling, critiquing, and honest feedback?  Take a chance to watch this incredible video!
  • even though you might have missed Math Educator Academy that you can see their presentations and resources here?
  • when you are doing something you are proud of in math you should use the hashtag #75019math?  In science you can use #cisdscience and in SS you can use #cisdss.
  • that we cannot accept any more personal day request for December 4 and 11?  I'm sorry for this news, but we have met our daily quota of subs on these days. 

      Don't forget that we have training starting at 3:30 on Monday.  We will conclude by 6:30, and before you leave, please sign your extra duty pay forms.  Also, we will provide you with dinner and drinks. You each need to bring with you your Setting the Stage Binder from your storage room and a few diverse student writing samples (high, middle, low) to use when we discuss characteristics and mini-lessons.  Please wear jeans on Monday with a school shirt.

      It is impressive how many of you have embraced Schoology, and I am so proud of you for using this learning management system.  Please remember to share (and reshare) your course codes with parents and principals.  Since we don't use worksheets that often, Schoology is an AWESOME way for all of us to see and interact with what the learners are studying at school.

      Digital Learning Coaches invite you to participate in a new professional learning experience called "Find your Voice Through Blogging."  The course is listed in Eduphoria and it begins this week and runs through April.  Please share your blog with me, if you participate, so that I can comment on it!

      MP2 Energy (the creators of the new dashboard) will be here on Monday from 11:30-1:30.  You are welcome to come into the conference room to ask questions, give suggestions/feedback during this time.  If you forget how to get there this is the website and the password is:  spurs

      Please check your design studios and at home for forks, spoons, knives, and the can opener that belong in our lounge.  We added over 40 forks (thanks Elisa Genco) this summer.  Thanks for your help!

      I want to extend a gracious thank you to each and every one of you for showering me with love, notes, presents, banners, cards, top secret missions and MORE this week.  My heart is filled with gratefulness and appreciation, so THANK YOU for the "Week of Chantel."  I am truly touched!

      Please remind your leader to wear their t-shirt on the Monday that we return from Thanksgiving.

      Fairness- playing by the rules.

      "Fairness doesn't mean that everyone getst the same.  Fairness means that everyone gets what they need."  - Rick Riordan

      Whenever you are offered food, whether it be a birthday treat or a snack, never take more than your fair share.

      Nov 15-21:  NO SCHOOL!  
      Nov 22:  Jacque's Birthday
      Nov 30:  LEEdership Council Meeting (8:00-Flex Space)
                  MP2 Energy Kiosk Training (11:30-1:30 Large Conference Room)
                  WFTBB Training (3:30-6:30 Media Center)
      Dec 1:  Red and Black Attack Shirt and Jeans
                   Dad's Club Mtg. (7:00pm)
      Dec 2:  Walk at School Wednesday
                   College Shirt w/Jeans
                   4-5 Progress Report Grades due in System (8:00)
      Dec 3:  Science is Messy Training (VRE 4:00-5:00)
                   Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)
                   5th Grade in-class Spelling Bee
      Dec 4:  Progress Reports sent home

      Friday, November 13, 2015

      Week of November 16

      What a wonderful week of school with Veterans Day, bond visitors, and more design days.  You have continued to shine and prove why we are the BEST school on the planet.  Yesterday's afternoon tour made two ladies CRY.  When I asked them why they were crying, they said that this school is what they have dreamed for children and they were touched to their core that it is happening.  THANK YOU for demonstrating on a daily basis how special our school is!!  Our school IS beautiful, but it is WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN OUR SCHOOL that is the showstopper!

      High Schoool learners (as well as Samira, Layne, and Cassie) presented to the bond committee members Wednesday night.  What the high schoolers are dreaming of in a new school IS OUR SCHOOL.  How incredible it was to tell them, after their presentation, that what they want is HERE!!

      Lastly, this was an email from one of our visiting Veterans:  

      Good Morning:
      My wife and myself attended your Veterans Day event at Richard Lee school where our grandson, Max Victory is a student and we would like to express our appreciation for a "JOB WELL DONE". Not only was the program well organized by you and your staff but we were amazed by how well you brought the students into the room but also how mature the students were in exiting the event. Not what you would expect from children that age.  Again, thank you very much for having a program for veterans and inform your staff that it really was a "JOB WELL DONE".
      Thank You
      Cal & Beverley Gibbs
      Valley Ranch

      OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.

      • that Dr. Waldrip shared this great article?
      • even though you might have missed Math Educator Academy that you can see their presentations and resources here?

          What if we had our learners go here and vote for the BEST school in Coppell ISD?  We are currently in FIFTH place.  The voting ends on Sunday so today would be the day to get them to vote.  Please send this in your Friday communication to parents, too.

          Great Educators Matter and we have three GEMS that will be recognized before Monday's board meeting at the Administration Building.  If you want to cheer on Shelley, Roxann, and Lauren, please be there by 6:00.  Our campus will be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School at 7:30, if you choose to stay.


          Are you interested in scoring our Teacher of the Year Nominations?  We need 5-10 people interested in joining in the front conference room at 3:15 on Monday, November 16.  We have the four applications and rubrics ready.  It should not take more than 30 minutes.  If after school does not work for you and you would score during your conference time, let me know and we can arrange that.  THANK YOU!

          HYPER SIGN
          Your house lead was trained on updating your digital signage.  Please upload additional/new content the first of each month.

          Gratitude- the act of being grateful; thankful

          “The ones you should try to get even with are the ones who have helped you.” -Unknown

          Always say thank you when given something.  When given an assignment, there is no moaning or complaining.

          Nov 16:  GEMS Recognized (7:30 Board Room)
          Nov 17:  Chantel's Birthday
          Nov 18:  Walk at School Wednesday
                         House Shirt w/Jeans
                         Thanksgiving Lunch in Cafe during lunch
                         New Learner Luncheon (10:30-1:00 Cafe)
                         Leadership Mtg. (3:30-4:30)
          Nov 19:  Music Dress Rehearsal (8:30 Cafe)
                         Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)
                         Buffalo Wild Wings Night
                         Yellow House Music Performance (6:30)
          Nov 20:  Turkey and Chicken Drive (Front Loop)
                         Happy Hour (54th Street Grill)
                         Courtney's Birthday
          Nov 22:  Jacque's Birthday
          Nov 23-27:  NO SCHOOL

          Friday, November 6, 2015

          Week of November 9

          Once again, you have WOWED our weekly visitors and your Principal.  Guests were snapping pictures of ALL the learning happening with your children.  Your constant hard work does not go unnoticed!  Once Principal  commented, "Your school should be on 60 Minutes," and that his teachers went on and on about what they saw with great appreciation for what they observed. Another Principal was back for a second visit and wants to bring another team back.  Thank you for continually pushing yourselves and doing what is best for kids!  You are growing EVERYday and while it is not easy, you make it look easy! 

          This quote makes me think of our children AND YOU!

          OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.

          DID YOU KNOW?
          • that we have projectors that have bulbs that are already burning out?  This should not happen for THREE years.  They are to last a minimum of 2000 hours.  Please turn of your projectors when they are not in use.  The bulbs are PRICEY!
          • that we purchased the Lead 4ward Field Guides for you?  Since they are by grade level, we will label them and give them to the grade level lead for use.  YAY!
          • the World Affairs Council D/FW is holding a Free World Religions Forum for Teachers on Saturday, November, 14, 1-3 pm at Islamic Center of Irving? Teachers can receive 2 PD hours for attending. 
          • that we sent 8 Designers to this round of Math Educator Academy?  Please take a look on some of the tweets your peers posted or at the resources Sam shared with me:
          • Creating Mathematical Thinkers (K-2) Presentation:  This is the presentation that was shared with us about using rich tasks, math talk, etc. to build critical thinking skills and teach math in the K-2 classroom.  There are some great examples of how to implement this.
          These are some resources for 3-act tasks, rich tasks (investigations/open ended questions for learners to discover math concepts and strategies)

          •  GREAT problem solving/logic puzzles that integrate skills.  Would be great for small group lessons or stations
          • Elementary 3-Act Tasks:  A spreadsheet that lists 3-act tasks with the CC standards aligned.
          • Illustrative Math: Tasks that are aligned with CC
          • More Three-Act Ideas:  3-act lessons
          • 101 Questions: Good for starting math conversations, having learners come up with questions.  MAKE SURE TO PREVIEW, since it is open for all to add pictures.
          • Which one is not like the others?  ​Great for getting kids to justify their thinking.

            Before you leave on Saturday, please see Chantel and make sure that you fill out the extra duty pay form so that we can compensate you for your time.  We already have forms ready for you, THANKS Diana! We have CHS National Honor Society students coming to help "babysit" in the gym during the event.  If you are an aide and want to earn flex time on Saturday, please come see Chantel.  We could use at least one of you.  Please be at school NO LATER THAN 8:30 to set up on Saturday. Parents will hopefully start arriving at 8:45 and we want you to be able to great them.  Learner-facilitators should arrive at 8:30, as well.  We will have breakfast snacks set up in the front of the school.  Please stop by and help yourself!

            FED EX

            Enjoy your one hour on Wednesday where you learn about a topic of YOUR choice related to YOUR goals, and earn flex credit for it.  This is a time for learning.  Please post to this Today's Meet after 4:30, but by 5:00, on Wednesday.  Please share what you learned during your time to get credit for your hour.  Those who post will automatically be enrolled through Eduphoria.

            WANT TO LEARN ABOUT A MATH RESOURCE THAT IS ONLY AVAILABLE BECAUSE WE ARE A TITLE I SCHOOL?  Join us for Reflex Math training in the flex space of the media center.  This is a fabulous online tool that helps students become fluent with their math facts.  Please send at least one member from each house who is interested.

            Are you ready to participate with your class in the Hour of Code December 7-13?  Schools across the world will be participating in this global movement to promote computer science to all levels of learners. Not sure where to begin?  Wondering what resources are out there for coding that don’t require YOU to be a programmer to figure out?  Join Alli during FedEx time November 11 to explore resources, think about design elements, and participate in a Hour of Code simulation as we prepare for this special week in December!  If you are interested in joining, please sign up here.  

            PICKLE SALE
            Your LEEdership Council learners will need to be inside during their recess time to sell pickles. Learners can eat them at lunch or save them for afternoon snack.  Pickles will be on sale on Thursday and Friday for $1.50.

            Are you interested in scoring our Teacher of the Year Nominations?  We need 5-10 people interested in joining in the front conference room at 3:15 on Monday, November 9.  We will have the four applications and rubrics ready.  It should not take more than 45 minutes.  Please email Chantel if you will be joining us.  THANK YOU!

            SAFE SEARCHING
            A friendly reminder that your learners should be searching for images and information through our district databases.  During walkthroughs, I observed learners searching using Google.  We REALLY need you to monitor and teach learners where to safe go for information.  This was part of educator Digital Literacy training.

            DIGITAL GENIUS
            Don't forget!  The Digital Learning Coaches will be offering their 2nd Face to Face opportunity on Tuesday, November 10, at Brock from 3:30-5:30.  They will host Expedition Saturday, November 14. Click here to register in Eduphoria.  Can't make it to Expedition Saturday?  Learn from DLC's, virutualy, from 10am-11am as they host #cisdchat on Twitter.  Need more details?  See the Digital Genius 15/16 Fall Course Catalog.

            Effort- doing your best in an endeavor

            QUOTE OF THE WEEK
            “Don’t be content with being average.  It is as close to the bottom as it is to the top.” -Anonymous

            It is rude to ask if you are getting something for good behavior. You should be good and try your best because you are trying to better yourself, not because you are anticipating a reward.

            DATES TO REMEMBER:
            Nov 7:   Tech KNOW Saturday
            Nov 9:   Yellow Design Day (7:30-3:30)
                          Teacher of the Year Scoring (3:30 Office)
            Nov 10:  PTO Meeting (6:30)
            Nov 11:  Veteran's Day Ceremony (8:15 Cafe)
                           Red, White, and Blue w/Jeans
                           Walk at School Wednesday
                           Fed Ex Day (3:30-4:30)
            Nov 12:  Purple Design Day (7:30-3:30)
                           Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)
                           Pickle Sale (Recess Times)
            Nov 13:  Blue Design Day (7:30-3:30)
                           Social Spurs Luncheon
                           Samira's Birthday
                           Pickle Sale (Recess Time)
            Nov 14:  CISD Parent University
                           Digital Learning (CMSW)