Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week of February 27

What a wonderful week!  It has brought us great joy to be in your spaces and to see the experiences you have designed for our leaners.  Thank you for your risk-taking and remembering why you are at Lee!

You're here for a reason. If you think you're not, I would just say that perhaps you forgot...a piece of the world that is precious and dear would surely be missing if you weren't here. If not for your smile and your laugh and your heart, this place we call home would be minus a part. Thank goodness you're here! Thank goodness times two! I just can't imagine a world without you!

  • if you attended Stop, Collaborate, and Listen or Destination Imagination that you can wear jeans on Monday?  Thank you!
  • that the custodians do not take out recycling?  It is up to our campus to have a "plan" for how we handle recycling.  Does this sound like a solution you or a learner want to tackle?  
  • Nelson Taylor from Apple will be back?  I have about 4 more spots for folks interested in working with him.  It involves him watching/helping you teach and a 30 minute debrief afterwards.  He will help with your CBL Journey and collaborative experiences. 
  • that our building was intentionally designed with no teacher desks in spaces?  Please push yourself if you have resorted back to having a "desk" in your room (this looks like a counter, table, podium, or cart in some spaces).  It is easy to go back to what you "used to do," but you should be moving around your space as much as your learners are.  

Get ready for orange, blue, and excitement to start working its way through the building.  This group does a great job of teaching citizenship and being present on campus.  Please join us at 3:15 on Monday in the Media Center flex space.  If you read the teacher playbook page I attach, it will help answer questions and keep our meeting BRIEF.  The main take-away is the more you pump up Fun Run participation, the more $ you get to spend in your classrooms.  10% of what your class raises goes back to YOUR CLASS.  Tuesday's pep rally in the gym will get the kids excited and they will go home with their pledge packs.  Please have learners packed up in your spaces before heading down in case the rally lasts until dismissal.  We will have Team Time and 2nd graders will be watched by the Specials Team.  New FamiLEE members, please ask your house if you have any questions.

Please have your writing samples ready for Claudia before Monday morning.  Please follow the directions, precisely, and put sticky notes on any samples that Ashley may need clarification on.

Please plan on coming down to the large conference room during Tuesday's conference time.  We have a representative from Discovery Ed on campus to support you with how to integrate the electronic tools with the adoption.  Please bring your MacBooks.

We have campus tours twice this week.  During our Apple Tour on Wednesday, they will be looking to see technology integration.  Please make sure that learners are using technology at high levels of SAMR during this visit.  Our Thursday tour is looking at teacher practice and pedagogy.

Please stay tuned for the FUN of this day.  First, feel free to dress up in any Dr. Seuss attire you like.  We will beep the announcement bell three times after broadcast and you will rotate to another classroom from 8:00ish to 8:30.  You may even be the Principal!!!  Kylie will be sending out your guest location for Thursday.  Thanks for having FUN with this and rolling with it!  It is a surprise so don't tell your learners what is going on.  PS- 5th grade, your substitutes will not participate in this experience!

Please turn in at least one nomination for a learner or staff member by Friday.  We will announce these at our next Spirit Rally.

Thank you for completing the Behavior Universal Screener as a House!  If you rated a learner as "high" risk, please make sure you sign up for an RtI meeting to discuss this learner with Angela and Ashley.  Our next RtI day is March 6th.  If the learner is already on Tier 2 for Behavior, just make sure we have been updated with their progress.  Thank you! 

We are a famiLEE of Apple Teachers!  Congratulations to everyone who has already completed badges for this program.  Once you become an Apple Teacher, join our famiLEE Wall of Fame by posting your signature to the media albums in this folder! Still need help getting started? Contact Alli for help!

Check out the new Digital Promise Guide.  It includes great tips, hints, reflective pieces and best practices.  Our next Fed Ex Day is March 29, if you are looking for earning flex for reading.  Thanks, Jacque for sharing in Team Time, too!

Please be aware that we are looking at how you make adjustments when we visit.  Think about the Team Time question: How do you know they know it?  What do you do when they do?

(not updated this week)

Initiative- taking action; originating new ideas

Strong leaders take responsibility for events and believe that they can have an effect on outcomes and conditions.

"If an opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." - Milton Berle

February 25- Destination Imagination Tournament
February 26- Cowtown (Good luck, girls!)
February 27- Ashely returns (welcome back from maternity leave!)
         Claudia collects TELPAS Writing Samples
         Teacher Fun Run Huddle (3:15 Media Center Flex Space)
         Board Mtg. (7:30)
February 28- Discovery Ed (Conference Times)
         Fun Run Pep Rally (2:00 Gym)
         1st Grade Stop, Collaborate, Listen (3:30 Austin)
         Dad's Club Meeting (7:00 BWW)
March 1- Jeans and College Shirt
          Apple Tour (9:00-10:00)
          Leadership Meeting (3:30- A120)
March 2- Read Across America Day
          5th Grade ADI Training
          TELPAS Reading Tutorials with Angela
          Campus Tour (1:00-2:00)
          Youth Art Month Awards (6:00 CHS)
March 3- Red and Black Superstar Nominations Due
          TELPAS Writing Samples Returned
          CMSW Visit with 5th Grade (8:00 Cafe)
          Dad's Club Camp In (7:00 pm -8:00 am)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week of Feb 20

Thank you for a hard working week, girls!  We have had a great deal of meetings and deadlines and you all have done an incredible job of tackling them.  We are going to focus on staying positive and assuming best intentions in all we do- be a marigold and have a super weekend!

  • that a new bulb for projectors costs $165?  Please make sure you are turning off your projectors when they are not in use.
  • that the district is working through a Classroom Management Framework?  You will be hearing more about this in the near future.  Thank you Shari and Megan Sonnamaker for serving on a committee for some of this work.  
  • 21% of our learners are ESL learners?  Did you know that 14% of our learners are immigrant learners?  An immigrant learner is aged 3-21, not born in the US, and has not attended a US school for more than 3 years, total. 

Monday is a Professional Learning day.  Last week, I sent the email from Laurie O'Neill with locations.  Please attend the same subject area you attended in January.  Please feel free to wear jeans and a school shirt or shirt of your choice.  Remember you represent our campus!

Ashley, Kylie, Priscilla, Megan Schlossstein, Jacque, and I will be meeting with a gentleman from Apple.  He will also be on our campus on Tuesday.  He is going to support our CBL implementation and global collaboration efforts.  As we learn more about our work with him, we will keep you informed.  In the meantime- JUST ASK!!  If you are interested in working with him in the future, please feel free to email me.  He will be back at Lee for two more three-day sessions.  (already on the staff calendar)

Please make sure you have someone from each house attending on Tuesday and learners are well prepared to present to our parents.  THANKS!

Dr. Waldrip will give us a brief Legislative update and will be followed by some questioning training from Linda Cook on Wednesday.  We will revisit Depth of Knowledge levels.  Thanks again for contributions to this folder.

We are having serious issues with behavior of our learners on the school busses.  Please make sure you are taking learner concerns seriously and addressing them.  If learners are bullying, getting physical, or hurting others then the office needs to be involved.

We are nearing the end of our book study!  Thank you for all of your great contributions to our Schoology course and to discussions during team time.  Please have chapters 13 an 14 read by March 22nd.  You will not have an assignment in Schoology before that date, but we will discuss those chapters and celebrate our learning at the staff meeting that afternoon! 

If you attend any of these trainings, please feel free to wear jeans that day.  Thank you, May, for helping to deliver training!

Please be aware that we are looking at how you make adjustments when we visit.  Think about the Team Time question: How do you know they know it?  What do you do when they do?

Risk-taking- exposure to possible loss or injury.

Live so that you will never have regrets.  If there is something you want to do, DO IT!

"If you shoot for the moon and miss at least you'll be one of the starts." -Les Brown

February 19- Kamille's Birthday
February 20-  Professional Learning Day- NO SCHOOL
February 21-  #TxEdTuesday
       Stop, Collaborate, Listen (3:30-5:00 Lee)
       PTO Meeting (6:30 Cafe)
February 22-  School Shirt and Jeans
        Lee Learner Luncheons (Lunchtime)
        Staff Mtg. (3:30)
February 23-  Balanced Literacy Training
         Spurs Savings (7:30-7:50 Cafe)
         Lee Learning Walk (8:15)
         Stop, Collaborate, Listen (3:30-5:00 Lee)
February 24-  Spirit Stick Sales
         LEEdership Council Mtg. (8:30-9:30)
February 25-  Destination Imagination Tournament

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week of Feb 13

Happy Friday, all!  Thank you so much for your attention at Wednesday's staff meeting.  If you are interested in joining me at CPR class, there is one on Wednesday.  Thank you for your Innovator's Mindset tweets last week- they were AMAZING!  You continue to knock it out of the park in your spaces and being out in the building is still one the BEST parts of my job.  I'm looking forward to the sharing that happens from our Math Academy attendees.  Your tweets and note sharing have already piqued interest and questions. 

  • that the Fun Run is quickly approaching?  I will be forwarding an email from APEX so that you are informed of how you can help support this fundraising effort.  Remember you get 10% of what your class earns for use on items of your choice!
  • that we have had three pieces of technology damaged this nine weeks alone?  At about $200 a repair, we MUST be vigilant in making it a HABIT that our learners carry ALL technology correctly and handle it properly (ex: no food or drink while using).  Please help with this endeavor!
  • there is a GREAT article on school gardening?  Check this out! Thanks for retweeting it Stacey.  Please help get our onions planted and beds ready for Spring.

This week is RAOK Week.  Please join our Community Action Club show unity by participating.  Also, please remind learners about Kindness Candy that will be on sale on Valentine's Day.

Our Dads want to say thanks for ALL that you do for our learners.  Please join them on Wednesday morning in the school cafeteria starting 7:00 am.  They will be preparing pancakes, sausage, and bacon (YES, BACON) for us.


Enjoy your one hour on Wednesday where you learn about a topic of YOUR choice related to YOUR goals, and earn Flex credit for it.  This is a time for learning.  Please post to Today's Meet after 4:30, but before 5:00, on Wednesday and share what you learned during your time in order to get credit for your hour. 

We will have a DLC hosting our session on Apple Teacher.  We will NEED everyone to get a badge in AT LEAST ONE PLATFORM before August 31 in order to secure our Apple Distinguished School designation.

By the end of the week, most teams have reviewed their middle of the year data (THANKS JACQUE!)  Please keep in mind that the Learning Framework states that we will provide tutoring for learners who are not meeting standard.  Please turn in extra duty pay forms for the time outside of your day that you spend tutoring your learners.  Thank you!

Did you know that on average there are 100+ copies left in the workroom?  THIS REALLY ADDS UP!  Please send learners down to get your copies if you are unable to leave your space.  The excessive copying happening is not good for our "Net Zero" school!  Before "running copies" please consider whether or not your children can create or make the product using construction paper, butcher paper, or technology.  THANK YOU!

The Elementary Facilities Committee had its final meeting Tuesday night and will make the following recommendations to the board for their consideration:
  • Short Term Solution
    • #1  Rezoning
    • #2  Adding classroom sections where available & utilizing overflow process for campus sections with waivers
  • Long Term Solution
    • New School
Again, these are recommendations.  The board might elect to do any and all of these, none of them or come up with their own plan.

As your house completes the MOY Behavior Screener, please put a copy in Ashley or Angela's boxes.  We will look over those and use them to guide RtI discussions.  Thank you! 


Please be aware that we are looking for choice in learner experiences and scaffolding to meet varied needs in your classroom.  Think about the Team Time question: How do you know they know it?  What do you do when they do?

Generosity- freely giving of time or resources.

Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness.  Go out of your way to do something surprisingly kind and generous for someone at least once a month.

"We make a living by what we get and a life by what we give!" -Winston Churchill

Random Acts of Kindness Week
Spring Book Fair Week
February 13- TELPAS Calibration (Media Center 3:30)
February 14- Community Action Club Candy Sale
       Valentine Parties (2:00-3:00)
February 15- Bethany's Birthday
       Convocation Shirt and Jeans
       Dad's Club Breakfast for Staff (7:00 Cafe)
       Fed Ex Day (3:30)
February 16- World Read Aloud Day (#wrad17)
       Buffalo Wild Wings Night
       Blue House Music Performance (8:15 and 6:30)
February 17- Spirit Stick Sales (Recess time)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Week of Feb 6

What a FABULOUS week!  Thank you for your participation in our Innovator's Mindset activities and for the incredible learning experiences you have provided our children.  Twitter was on fire this week with excellence!  THANK YOU for telling the story of Lee!  

  • Anthony Hill emailed to congratulate each of us on the State School of Character Honor?  YAY! THANK YOU for the parts you have played in this recognition!
  • that we will observe the posted calendar for the 2017-2018 school year?  The timeframe for communication for the proposed "new calendar" would not have been favorable.  Inservice week is August 14-18.
  • if you attend CAST on February 18, we will pay for your registration and grant you Flex Time for attending?  Let me know, by Monday, if you are interested in attending.

Please plan on joining us for staff meeting on Wednesday.  All staff needs to attend as we learn hands only CPR and review TELPAS.  We will provide you with healthy snacks and water for this meeting in celebration of the #communitychallenge.  Please wear your warm ups if you like!  Keep posting to @itstime #communitychallenge #LWnCoppell to earn the city of Coppell points.  Thanks for your participation 

Please share this information with your famiLEEs through your newsletters the next two weeks!

Melinda will be sending you an email to have CHS Red Jackets come and read with your learners for World Read Aloud Day on February 16.  Don't forget to sign up for a time slot!

Please help your class be represented in the yearbook.  You can submit pictures by logging in here.  The User ID is: and Password is: spurs1234  PTO needs pictures related Spirit Rally, Field Trips,  Allaso Ranch, Houses, Specials and more.

I got an email from Dr. Denison that we can expect some visits from Lewisville, IBM, and Apple to see the app in action.  Please know, I recognize there have been some hiccups, but that our pilot of this app will help them move forward in bringing enhancements to the app.  Please continue to use it and let us know what problems are still arising.

In addition to our Element and Enlight work, we have an Apple Trainer who will be coming to Lee to support our CBL work.  He will be meeting with four staff members on February 20 and 21.  (These are our research folks).   We need feedback from you because this trainer will be returning for at least two more 3 day visits.  He can continue to work with our research designers OR if you feel like you would like additional support in CBL, he can work with YOU.  Maybe you have other ideas of ways we could use CBL help.  Please email or visit with me so that we can take advantage of having this expert on campus.  (see staff calendar to see when Nelson Taylor will be here)

We move to a new Domain and Dimension this week.  We will transition to "Monitoring and Adjusting" instruction.  The image below describes how we will look for evidence in our walkthroughs.  We will be looking for learner input,  academic feedback (not procedural), questioning, and how you keep learners engaged.

Love- unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for other; warm attachment

Love your neighbor as yourself.

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love."  - Mother Theresa

Counselor Appreciation Week
School Transportation Appreciation Week
February 6- 100th Day of School
          RtI Meetings
February 7- Ed Foundation T-shirt and Jeans
          Dad's Club Mtg. (7:00 BWW)
          #cisdchat at 7:30
February 8- House shirt and Jeans (or warm ups)
           Jayca's Birthday
           Math Educator Academy (K-2)
           Progress Report Grades Due (8:30)
           Staff Mtg. (ALL STAFF ATTENDS 3:30)
February 9- Kylie's Birthday
            Math Educator Academy (3-5)
            Spurs Savings (7:30-7:50)
February 10- Book Fair Preview Day
             Rachel's Birthday
             Spirit Stick Sales
             Send home Progress Reports
             Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)