Saturday, September 26, 2015

CIP stands Campus Improvement Plan

As defined by TEA: Each school year the principal of each school campus, with the assistance of the campus level committee, must develop, review and revise the campus improvement plan. The purpose of this plan is to improve student performance on the state’s student achievement indicators for all student populations, as well as improve performance on any other performance measures for special needs populations. The campus improvement plan must be supportive of the objectives of the district improvement plan and must, at a minimum, support the state goals and objectives for education.  

District and campus CIP's are mutually supportive, therefore, our CIP springboards off the the district's plan.

Our Campus Improvement Plan is posted on our campus website and was approved by the board during the first month of school.  Please read this plan and become familiar with it, because we ALL have responsibilities to work towards actualization this school year.

My expectation is that each house read and visit the document before Wednesday's Leadership Meeting.  Please bring any clarifying questions about action steps and responsibilities to our meeting. We want to make sure that everyone understands what is written.  Our CIP is a living/breathing document so we can make adjustment to language if needed.  We also need to document what we are doing, already, at Wednesday's meeting.

Thank you for coming prepared to Leadership Meeting.  Remember that ANYONE can attend and participate.

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