Thursday, September 17, 2015

Week of September 21

I try to remind each of you that we are here for a PURPOSE.  While in Austin at the Texas Principal's Visioning Institute, I was reminded how instrumental we are in transforming education.  It is not easy work, but it is IMPORTANT work.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the hours, commitment, and passion you give to our school and learners EVERYday.  You are blazing trails and you have to "go slow to go fast!"

  • morning broadcast will be LIVE starting Monday?  See details below!
  • that you can use Schoology for your grade level or house "brain dumping?"  Think about it...create a grade level or house course and drop your ideas/links there.
  • that we have a picture schedule for Friday?  Go to the last tab titled: Picture Schedule
  • propping the doors open with rocks causes a MAJOR safety issue.  DO NOT prop open doors, EVER!  Please remind learners that all guests go to the front office and not to let ANYONE in the back doors.
  • iStation can be accessed at HOME, too?  Why not challenge your learners to go on outside of school?  The district monitors usage, so let's show them what LEE is made of.
  • that Education Foundation Grant submissions are open?  Here is a link to directions and timelines.  These are for innovative tools like...throwing some ideas out...a 3D Printer, Coding Robots, Paper 52 digital pencils, drones....see me if you need help, ideas, or a thought partner.

Please view these two videos that go along with our CISD Employee Handbook.  They ensure that we are compliant with district expectations to cover highlights of the 92 pages.  After watching these, please sign off in Todd's office.  This needs to be completed by Tuesday

Please make adjustments, immediately, to where you are parking in the morning.  Due to the increase in learners, we have more parents coming to lunch.  We also have more staff members, so our front parking lot is full at lunch time.  Visitors don't have room to park, so they try to come in the back doors.  This creates a safety concern.  Starting Friday, unless you bought a spot (Samira), please park in the back parking lot.  Thanks!

Please join us, LIVE, from our studio on Monday morning promptly at 7:57.  (NOT 7:55, as we did last year.)  This gives everyone seven minutes to get into their house groups.  Although we archive the show, each house should watch the show LIVE.  Please revisit Alli's email with how to connect on Livestream.

LEEdership Council meetings have been added to the staff calendar.  Between now and October 8, please determine your class LEEder for the year.  This learner will spend sixteen hours with me as we develop their leadership skills and voice on campus.  The dates are already on the Faculty Calendar.  This person must be a strong communicator, respected by their peers, and be voted on.  Please let me know who your LEEder is, by October 8, on this form.  Please ensure that the democratic process is practiced; it aligns beautifully with your curriculum.  As your candidates "run" for this position the guidelines are:
  1. They can spend no more than $5 on their campaign
  2. They must present a brief presentation in front of the class and be dressed professionally (age approp)
  3. They may pass out marketing, but it cannot be food (ex: self created buttons on construction paper, little notes: Vote for Diana, etc.)

Thank you for signing up for your BOY Goal Setting Meeting with Todd and I.  Your document, in Eduphoria, should be completed before our meeting.  We will be in meetings all day Friday, Monday, and Tuesday.

We have an incredibly talented staff.  Nominate someone from LEE for district recognition by filling out this Google form.


Please take time on Monday to welcome our new PPCD aide, Rikki, to our famiLEE.  She is going to be a wonderful addition to our special education program and campus.  Just like each of you, she was hand picked to be here.  Viana will be sliding back into Wendy's Active Learning classroom.


Please join us to CELEBRATE Taylor's upcoming wedding after school on Tuesday.  


While I know ALL of YOU are doing your best to keep your spaces orderly, please keep in mind that our tour day is Thursday.  We have a minimum of two tours each Thursday.  One at 9:00 and another at 1:00.  On the last Thursday of the month (like this Thursday) we have Learning Walks with parents, too.  Here is what our visitors are looking to learn about and observe at Lee:

  • digital learning environment
  • Challenge Based Learning
  • flexible learning environments
  • School as a Learning Tool
  • Sustainability


Friday is Fall picture day.  These photos go in our school yearbook.  Designers, please be here, early, for your photographs.  They will start at 7:00.  Please make sure to inform parents that they can order online at  Our Picture Day ID is: DO205088Q0

Join our DLC's, next Saturday, for learning about iPads and Schoology.  Sign up through Euphoria.


Encourage- to inspire with courage and hope.


"When someone does something good, applaud. You make two people happy."


If someone in the class wins a game or does something well, congratulate that person.


Sept 21: Goal Setting Meetings
Sept 22: Goal Setting Meetings
              Taylor's Bridal Shower (3:30)
Sept 23:  Layne's Birthday
               Walk AT School Wednesday
               House shirt with Jeans 
               New Learner Luncheon with Counselor (lunch times)
               Staff Mtg. (3:30-5:00)
Sept 24:  Learning Walks @ Lee (following morning broadcast)
               Tour Thursday (9:00 and 1:00)
               Buffalo Wild Wings Night
Sept 25:  Book Fair Preview for Teachers
               Fall Picture Day (Staff- 7:00)
               Social Spurs (3:30- On the Border)
Sept 26: DLC Training @ RJL

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