Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week of September 28

Thank you for another FANTASTIC week at Lee.  When reflecting about our staff meeting, I am grateful we have a mutual understanding of our guiding purpose at our school.  This quote does a great job of reinforcing the power of each of you and that we are stronger working together.

OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote positive relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment. 

  • that as you teach about math and sustainability you can use our NEW data dashboard that is web based and can be accessed at home?  The password is: spurs  Kids can log in, take the quizzes, and the content will circulate.
  • you can purchase a CHS Volleyball t-shirt?  Learn more by clicking here
  • that Education Foundation Grant submissions are open?  Here is a link to directions and timelines.  These are for innovative tools like...throwing some ideas out...a 3D Printer, Coding Robots, Paper 52 digital pencils, drones....see me if you need help, ideas, or a thought partner.
  • the CAST conference for Science teachers is Nov 12-14.  If you are interested in attending, please let Chantel know.

It is fine with us if you wear your school spirit shirt for pictures.  Friday is a jeans day and we all like our jeans!! Yellow house, please be ready immediately following announcements.  We will send runners to other houses when we are ready for your class.  Please come to the media center, IMMEDIATELY, when we send for you.

Please print off a copy of your goals from Eduphoria, sign it, and put them in Todd's mailbox.  We got an email on Thursday that the district would like to have a signed copy this year.  If we had known before hand, we would have had you sign at the conclusion of your goal setting.  Thank you for getting this task completed and for your flexibility.

Design Days start on Monday!  YAY!  Please make sure your sub plans are somewhere the sub can find them.  I request that your planning last from 7:30 to 3:30 and that you stay on campus for your 30 minute lunch. Feel free to order in, we have menus in the front office.  Please do not schedule a parent conference or other meeting on your design day.  This honors everyone's collaboration time.
We would like for you to to focus on the first two nine weeks in Sam's document.  If your group decides to transfer to another document, that is your call.

Please plan to take a 15 minute break in the AM and a 15 minute break in the PM to observe in other houses.  This will count as Teacher Observing Teacher time and more info will be emailed to you about this.

Leadership team, please email Todd and Chantel what your house has decided to do for this day.  We appreciate you pushing out this link to your parents to get visitors to RSVP beforehand.  Here is the link to see who has already signed up.   PLEASE ensure that all of our guests feel welcome on this day!

Thank you for joining us live at 7:57 for our broadcast.  You are doing an exceptional job of morning meetings in your houses!  Megan has rocked out running it with and without Alli's help!

LEEdership Council meetings have been added to the staff calendar.  Between now and October 8, please determine your class LEEder for the year.  This learner will spend sixteen hours with me as we develop their leadership skills and voice on campus.  The dates are already on the Faculty Calendar.  This person must be a strong communicator, respected by their peers, and be voted on.  Please let me know who your LEEder is, by October 8, on this form.  Please ensure that the democratic process is practiced; it aligns beautifully with your curriculum.  As your candidates "run" for this position the guidelines are:
  1. They can spend no more than $5 on their campaign
  2. They must present a brief presentation in front of the class and be dressed professionally (age approp)
  3. They may pass out marketing, but it cannot be food (ex: self created buttons on construction paper, little notes: Vote for Diana, etc.)

We have an incredibly talented staff.  Nominate someone from LEE for district recognition by filling out this Google form.


While I know ALL of YOU are doing your best to keep your spaces orderly, please keep in mind that our tour day is Thursday.  We have a minimum of two tours each Thursday.  One at 9:00 and another at 1:00.  Here is what our visitors are looking to learn about and observe at Lee:

  • digital learning environment
  • Challenge Based Learning
  • flexible learning environments
  • School as a Learning Tool
  • Sustainability


Patience- the ability to wait calmly.


"Consider the chicken; you get them by hatching the eggs not smashing them” -Arnold H. Glasow


When a designer is assisting another learner, wait calmly until he or she can help you.


Sept 28 - Oct 2:  Book Fair Week
Sept 28: 1st Grade Design Day
              Spurs Savings Training (5th grade)
Sept 29: 2nd Grade Design Day
              Spurs Savings Training (5th grade)
              Dr. Waldrip Campus Visit
Sept 30:  Sara's Birthday
               Walk AT School Wednesday
               3rd Grade Design Day
               Special Friends Day (10:00-1:30)
               Leadership Mtg. (3:30-5:00)
Oct 1:  4th Grade Design Day
            Grand Opening of Spurs Savings
            Tour Thursday (9:00 and 1:00)
Oct 2:  5th Grade Design Day
            BOY Data Due in AWARE
            National Custodian's Appreciation Day

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