Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week of March 6

THANK YOU for another AMAZING week at Lee.  You all outdid yourselves with your Dr. Seuss gear and class swapping.  It sounds like some of you returned to your space feeling quite grateful for your grade assignments.  (Well....there may be some of you that liked your substitute job better...)

  • that next week is Spring Break?  Besides jeans permitted all week, here is a little humor to keep you going this last week.  YOU GOT THIS!

Please plan on wearing your Fun Run t-shirt and walking/running with your learners during your half of the Fun Run.  You can have conference time the other half.  Before Thursday, as a house, please pair up your K-2 learners (or half your house) with a 3-5 learner (the other half).  When K-2 run, their 3-5 partner will stand around the outside perimeter of the track and mark each lap on their backpack.  When 3-5 runs, their K-2 partner will stand on the outside of the track and do the same.  I do not know which group will run first, so you will have to ask Electric Everrett which set they plan to run first.  THANK YOU for all you have been doing to hype up the event!  It is noticed!  

THANK YOU for the work that is already being put up for next week.  I can't wait to walk the building before Open House to take it all in!  Please wear your RJL year 3 shirt with jeans that night. Encourage parents to stop by the cafeteria to buy their child's artwork and to stop by the library, gym and music rooms, too.  Lastly, have a system in place for how you will manage the check in of technology before heading home at the conclusion of Open House.

Friday morning we will recognize this 9 week's accomplishments.  There WILL be a Designer event at the end.  :)

We are a famiLEE of Apple Teachers!  Congratulations to everyone who has already completed badges for this program.  Once you become an Apple Teacher, join our famiLEE Wall of Fame by posting your signature to the media albums in this folder! Still need help getting started? Contact Alli!

GREAT NEWS!  Karen's class is going to head up our campus paper recycling effort.  She and her learners will be visiting each room or house to let you know how they will manage this huge task.  We are excited for them to have their own CBL Solution and the way they will get to interact with every house.  Stay tuned.

If you are interested in serving on our campus interview team (ALL are welcome), you must be trained by CISD.  Trainings are scheduled on March 7 (4:30-6:30), April 6 (4:00-6:00) and April 11 (4:00-6:00) in Euphoria under CISD Interview Training.  If you were trained last year, you do NOT have to be trained again!

2017-2018 SCHOOL HOURS
As you can see from the email sent by HR today, the elementary school hours have been adjusted.  I assure you I first learned about this at Tuesday's Principal's Meeting.  It was requested we wait for HR to send an email.  Please do NOT fret about the impact that has on your morning arrival time.  I have an idea that I will share in Team Times that will NOT change the arrival time that you have grown accustomed to this year.  BREATHE!!!

We will be observing in a new Domain and Dimension the next several weeks.  3.3 Evaluates your classroom culture.  This goes BEAUTIFULLY with the Classroom Management Belief Statements we reflected on in Team Time this round.

(no update)

Courage- strength to act even when afraid or uncertain

Make eye contact.  When someone is speaking, keep your eyes on him or her at all times.  If someone makes a comment, turn and face that person.

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen."  - Winston Churchill

March 6-10 National School Breakfast Week
              TX Public Schools Week
March 6- Tour (9:00-10:00)
March 7- #TXEdTuesday
      Dad's Club Meeting (7:00 BWW)
March 8- TELPAS Testing
      Staff Meeting (All MUST Attend)
March 9- Hillary's Birthday
       Spurs Savings (7:30-7:50)
       Fun Run (during Specials) DAY ZERO
       Open House (6:00-7:30)
March 10- Last Day of 3rd 9 Weeks
       Spirit Rally (8:15 Gym)
       TELPAS Testing
       Spirit Stick Sales (Recess time)
March 13-17- SPRING BREAK!


  1. Happy to make you all happy and JEANS make you happy!