Friday, March 24, 2017

Week of March 27

THANK YOU for "springing" back into the work week after our time off for Spring Break.  Our Green House music performance was precious and classroom visits this week were exceptional.  It is NEAT seeing new faces in the open spaces of the building.  Way to push some comfort zones (I guess that is ONE positive thing about state testing!)  The climate and culture you have established with our kiddos exudes such joy and happiness.  Please know how much it is noticed!  

THANK YOU, Special Education Support Staff.  We appreciate you beyond words and you are such valuable parts of our FamiLEE!

I apologize that I will be out, AGAIN, as strep has returned.  After a visit to Urgent Care, a steroid shot and more antibiotics, I  should be back to myself and ready to go for next week.  I appreciate your patience, understanding, and prayers.  I know you recognize how badly I hate to miss school.

  • that Chantel and Ashley will visit your learners BEFORE you begin testing on STAAR Days?  We will visit EVERY testing space, spread a little positivity, and cheer them on to success.  Please do not start going over directions or pass out tests until we have visited your class or small group.  We will start those visits immediately after morning broadcast.  If your class needs a visit on Monday too, please schedule with Chantel.  We want them to be confident going into their tests and remind them how well you have prepared them.
  • that breakfast will be provided for all staff on Tuesday, March 28, to get all of us fueled up for our first day of testing and noise control?  Please stop by the lounge.  THANK YOU for the school wide effort to support our learners, test administrators, and Angela.
  • we are investigating having Spur Savings at Lee EVERY Thursday next year?  Stay tuned!
  • Summer Professional Learning Opportunities in CISD are coming your way.  This image will give you some of the latest information.  Enrollment opens April 3. Here is a Listing of summer sessions and description of sessions.  I am trying to get information about K-2 and 3-5 Balanced Literacy dates.  I would love to send some more of you this year.  We have 2 more spots for anyone interested in going to Common Formative Assessment on June 13.  Email me if you are interested.

Please remind parents to purchase yearbooks before the price increases.  Yearbooks are still available to order! You can order online here (ID code: 13015817). Don't miss out!

Please remind parents to send in their pledge envelopes for the Apex Fun Run by sending this message:   Please help us by making sure that all sponsors have paid online or by check/cash.  You can check to see who has paid by logging in with your student’s access code at  and scrolling to the bottom to the list of pledges for your student. 

Enjoy your one hour on Wednesday where you learn about a topic of YOUR choice related to YOUR goals, and earn Flex credit for it.  This is a time for learning.  Please post to Today's Meet after 4:30, but before 5:00, on Wednesday and share what you learned during your time in order to get credit for your hour. 

Want to work on questioning during Fed Ex time?  Come join Ashley and Jacque to dig deeper in the importance of quality questioning in instruction.  We will be learning about how to form essential questions for our learners and create quality questions for our upcoming lessons! We will be meeting in Karli & Priscilla's space. 

Alli will be hosting Digital Learning Practice during FedEx on Wednesday.  Keep an eye out for more details coming early next week!

You can begin your Spring Conferences at any time, now.  Please give due diligence to make contact with all parents to review their learners data and goal setting.  During your time together, I would encourage you to listen if parents would like to make a change in house for the 2017-2018 school year.  Maybe their learner is not working well with classmates?  Perhaps they need a change of classmates after three years?  Please write these requests down and EMAIL them to Chantel.  This makes sure that I have a second layer of documentation to double check when class lists are created.  In addition, remind parents to indicate the same information on the 2017-2018 Campus Enrollment letter that will be going home in April.  We do NOT take requests for house colors and we do our best to have siblings in the same house.  If you are a Blue Kinder, Green 2nd, or Red 4th grade Designer (ESPECIALLY FOURTH) parents need to know that we will do our BEST to keep as many learners in their house to loop up, but due to enrollment, there may need to be some learners moved into other houses.  Parents WILL be notified by campus administration before Meet the Designer Night, if their learner is being moved.  Please ask me if you have any questions!!!


(not updated)

Compassion- the ability to share another's feelings or ideas.

When a designer is having a serious conversation with a learners, don't look at that learner.  You wouldn't want your classmates looking at your in a similar situation.

"It is the weak who are cruel.  Gentleness can only be expected from the strong."  - Leo Roskin

March 27-31 Kindergarten Registration
March 27- RJL Cares Shirt with Jeans
March 28- 4th STAAR Writing
         5th STAAR Math
March 29- Positive Post It Day
         5th STAAR Reading
         Fed Ex Day
March 30- Lee Learning Walk (8:15)
         4th Grade Chaperone Meeting (6:00)
         Buffalo Wild Wings Night
         Youth Art Month Reception (CHS)
March 31- Megan Sonnamaker's Birthday
         Spirit Stick Sales (Recess time)

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