Thursday, September 22, 2016

Week of Sept 26

Happy Fall Y'all!  What another incredible week here at Lee.  Ashely and I have concluded BOY Goal Setting meetings and hope to have a walkthrough for each of you by the end of Friday- WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT.  Goal setting is truly THE BEST- getting face time with each and every one of you and hearing your dreams and ideas for the year.  It is exciting to think about where we will be, as a campus, with our questioning by the end of the year!  You continue to amaze us with the innovative, creative, and child-centered experiences you design for our learners.  Of course, our first tour GUSHED about you.  They were inspired by the learning inside and outside the building, the inquiry science based activities, the use of technology at high SAMR levels, the integration of special education learners, multi-age level interactions, and the engagement of your learners.  Two different people commented about how focused our kids were on their learning- that is ALL DUE TO YOU!  Please know we appreciate the amazing work you do. 

  • there is a website that can help you with classroom volume?  Check out this site, but be aware it only works in Chrome.  Thanks for the share Hillary!
  • here is the link to sign up for the Coppell Gifted Association Scholarship.  It is a great resource!
  • that tour dates and times are on our faculty calendar? You will notice that they are not every week this year.
  • that our district uses #75019math, #75019science, #CISDinspire, #CISDproud, and #TellMeSomethingGood to capture stories on Twitter? Maybe the district will like or retweet you!
  • you can easily see iPad barcodes WITHOUT removing the case? Go to Settings -> General -> About -> Name? This will help when adding tickets for devices that need help. THANKS LAYNE!
  • that PTO put navy FamiLEE shirts in all of our new hire boxes?  Please take time to write them a thank you note for their generosity!
  • Ms. Satish will join us in B4 until Taylor returns.  Her email is  Please welcome her to our famiLEE!

We will cycle classes through pictures (in the flex area of the media center) on Monday according to our Specials Rotation.  We will send a "runner" to your space so we have minimal disruption to the learning day.

Since we have such a large number of participants in all grades and houses, please plan on sharing your learning in your house and team meetings when you return.

I hope to have our letter from PTO on Friday.  I will forward the letter for you to send to your float rider as soon as I can approve it.  It is important your learner wear a school spirit shirt and meet at Cottonwood Creek Elementary at 5:00 on Wednesday.

We have our FIRST BWW night on Thursday.  This business gives 10% of purchases back to our school and the manager is a Lee parent.  Since this is our first night, we invite EVERYONE to drop by.  Please talk this event up to your leaners and let them know what time you will be there so we can fill the place up!  Parents need to present this card when they pay their bill and can use the card ANYtime, not just on our BWW Nights.

Do you keep a parent communication log?  This is a good idea for both positive and not so positive conversations.  In education: if it is not documented, it didn't happen.  Also, think about picking up the phone (instead of emailing) when you have an issue that could potentially escalate.  We have a caring staff, and typically if there are issues, it is due to miscommunication.  When a parent has your listening ear and hears your voice on the other end showing concern, most problems will be solved.

Thank you for getting parents AND LEARNERS signed up to attend conferences on October 7.

The next 4 weeks we will focus our walkthroughs on 3.2 Managing Student Behavior.  We look forward to seeing the systems you have in place.

Bullying Prevention compliance training has been added to Schoology.  It is located in the folder called Campus Compliance Course.  Please view the ppt and sign off on the quiz by October 14. We are assured it should only take a few minutes to complete.

  1. Please sign up for a time slot on September 26th or October 3rd to discuss your learners in RtI.  
  2. You may begin the Behavior RtI Gating process as a House.  Information about the Behavior RtI can be found in the Intervention Services google folder.  This document is a quick-guide to the Gating Process for Tier 1/Tier 2.  Please meet as a House to nominate your top three externalizers and top three internalizers.  This information will be shared with Angela and Ashley, and we will discuss these learners more in-depth at future RtI meetings.  Please have the Gating Process complete by September 30th.     

Patience- the ability to wait calmly

When a designer is assisting another learner, wait calmly until her or she can help you.

"Consider the chicken; you get them by hatching the eggs not smashing them." -Arnold H. Glasow

Sept 26-Sept 30:  Book Fair Week
                             Homecoming Week
Sept 25:  BOY Screener info in AWARE
Sept 26:  Fall Picture Day
               Chantel at District Training
Sept 27:  K-2 Math Educator Academy
Sept 28:  3-5 Math Educator Academy
               School Shirt w/ Jeans
               Leadership Mtg. (3:45 Buffalo Wild Wings)
               Homecoming Parade (5:00-?)
Sept 29:  Buffalo Wild Wings Night
                Learning Walks with Parents (8:00-9:00)
                4th Grade Science Training (3:45-5:00- DCE)
Sept 30:  Social Spurs Dues Due

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