Thursday, September 29, 2016

Week of Oct 3

It is starting to feel like Fall is in the air!  ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND... maybe even try some fun State Fair of Texas foods!  I want to thank you and acknowledge the risk-taking visible during learning walks, walkthroughs, and class visits.  We saw great use of outdoor spaces and house collaboration this week.  The work you are accomplishing in Team Time is astonishing!  You each continue to stretch yourselves and push for greatness for our learners.  

We're also impressed with the learning that comes back to Lee from content specialists and Math and Literacy Academy participants.  You are the MOST INCREDIBLE models of learning I have ever seen!  This graphic reminds me of you and was created by my doodle teacher, Trae.

  • the State Fair of Texas opens tomorrow?  You will get your Designer and Learner State Fair tickets in your box on Friday.  PLEASE send these home with learners, on Friday, in a secure way so that they do not get lost.  Not using your staff ticket, return it to Deepa.  She will add it to the extras.  If you want an extra adult ticket, email her and she can get you one on a first come, first serve basis.
  • you and your learners can still shop the Book Fair VIRTUALLY? Click here until 10/8 and books will ship to Lee the week of 10/15 for FREE.
  •  that "Dyslexia affects up to 1 in 5 people, but the experience of dyslexia isn't always the same? This difficulty in processing language exists along a spectrum -- one that doesn't necessarily fit with labels like "normal" and "defective." In this short video, Kelli Sandman-Hurley urges us to think again about dyslexic brain function and to celebrate the neurodiversity of the human brain."   Thanks for sharing, Mary!

Please encourage your learners to participate in the new (tags on) hat drive on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  If they participate, they may wear a hat to school on Thursday.

From Dr. Waldrip: Our reply to anyone that asks for comments or your opinion on the federal lawsuit in our district, our reply is "This issue is in litigation, I can't comment at this time."

From our Admin. Mtg. this week, Dr. Waldrip has requested that we DO NOT USE THE WORD PLC.  He feels passionate that a meeting is not a PLC.  Please make sure you refer to our learning communities as "Team Time" or  for both yourselves and our learners.  THANK YOU. 

A friendly reminder...if you are going to be out for a planned absence (whether it is school business or not) you must submit your absence through Eduphoria Formspace.  We need to maintain this practice to make sure subs are paid from the proper budget and to make sure they are put in SmartFind for you.  THANK YOU!

We will continue giving you feedback on, 3.2 Managing Student Behavior, this week.

  1. Please remember to submit your attendance by 10:00am every morning.  It is imperative that we follow that time deadline in order to report accurate information for our school.  Please set an alarm on your phone and set up notifications (see Chantel's blog from a few weeks ago) to receive an email notification when you haven't taken attendance.  
  2. Please make sure your attendance is ACCURATE.  It does not build trust with parents when they get a call their learner is absent when they are at school.  
  3. If you did not include the updated attendance information from our website in your newsletter, please do that this week!  You can provide them a direct link here.

The Coppell Education Foundation is continuing the Red & Black Super Star Program.  This year the awards will be given out on 4 occasions.  The first nomination deadline is October 7th.  Subsequent deadlines are December 9th and March 3rd.  Each winner will receive a Super Star shirt, a certificate and a stylus/pen.  The awards will be presented at an assembly or during announcements.  Students can be nominated by any CISD employee.  CISD employees can be nominated by a parent, a middle-school student or a CISD employee.  Nominations can be made at

Social Spurs will take care of gift cards for our custodians, but your learners may want to create cards or poems during your writing time.  

Please document the parents that you conference with.  It is a best practice to add this to your communication log.  

If you are a Paraprofessional or Instructional Aide, please let Chantel and Ashley know what your plans are for Friday.  If you have 8 hours of comp/flex time, already, you do not need to come in on Friday.  If you are trying to earn more for the week of Thanksgiving, we need people to greet in the front office because Shanna and Deepa will be out.  Comp/flex hours should NOT be greater than 20 at this time.

Friendship- caring for and trusting one another.

Do not save seats in the lunchroom.  If someone wants to sit down, let him or her.  Do not try to exclude anyone.  We are a family, and we must treat one another with respect and kindness.

"The reason dogs have so many friends is because they wag their tails and not their tongues." -Anonymous

National Dyslexia Month
Oct 3-  National Custodian Appreciation Day
            Global Read Aloud Begins
            Bring New Hats for Mad Hatter
Oct 4- Allaso Ranch Parent Mtg. (6:00-7:00 Cafe)
           Dad's Club Mtg. (7:00)
Oct 5- College Shirt Day
           Walk at School Wednesday
           Staff Mtg. (CANCELLED) you have Watson two days next week!
Oct 6- Wear Hats for Mad Hatter Day
            4th Grade at Science Training
            1st Grade Science Training (3:45-5:00 DCE)
Oct 7- NO SCHOOL for learners
           Elementary Conference Day
           Red and Black Superstar Nominations DUE
Oct 8- Chess Club Movie Date


  1. According to the document Angela has, I see responsibility...Is friendship or responsibility the trait of the week?

  2. I show FRIENDSHIP. This is the document we are using for this years traits:

  3. Oops, sorry! Hadn't updated my "starred" version in Drive. Updated!