Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week of January 25

What a fast and furious four day week it was!  MOY meetings were a WONDERFUL time to meet with each of you to check in on your goals.  Todd and I are constantly impressed with the growth we see in each and every one of you.  

I'm sorry I missed out on Staff Meeting, but our friend who went via ambulance for an allergic reaction needed me more.  I appreciate your understanding!  I am reminded that we have alert staff, an incredible nurse, and a dedicated front office staff.  Because of each of you our little guy is safe and we have accurate information at school regarding his allergies.

I want to brag on your effort with our book study and PLC journey.  Your honest discussion posts show the passion you have for teaching and learning.  I sometimes have to remind myself that we are only in year two.  Our systems and procedures are not set in stone yet because our work does not look like any other campus on the planet.  It will get there as we work together to live out our vision at Lee.  EACH OF YOU are an important and valuable part of our team.

OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.
What YOU are doing to do to LIVE out this VISION at Lee?  

  • Chantel will be in Austin on Wednesday and Thursday this week?  I will be at my Principal's Institute and attending TASA Midwinter while there.
  • that Megan WANTS copied on your weekly communication to parents?  Please include her AND ME on your distribution list.  I know I still only get weekly communication from 5 of you.
  • when you call 911 that you need to ask for Dallas Medical or Dallas Fire? If you just dial 911 it connects you to IRVING Medical and IRVING Fire.  This will help with a timely response and we will post it on the phones.
  • you have a chance to give input regarding Science training?  Stacey shared this in email, so please take time to share your thoughts: 

Part of our District and Campus Improvement Plans has an action step stating we will provide professional learning options that focus on the different chapters of the Learning Framework.  We had one day of training this summer on the Assessment chapter.  Instead of having more meetings I would like to "chunk" some of this learning through my weekly blog.  We will begin with Chapter 1: Environment.  Please reread chapter one.  While reading, frame your thinking with some of these questions:

  1. What am I doing to create a learner-centered academic environment?

      2.  Is my physical and virtual environment enhancing learning?

     3.  Are the relationships with my learners and with each other mutually respectful?

      4.  What are things I can do to engage families in our space?

Thank you for your hard work preparing for Saturday.  Please arrive by 8:30 and plan to stay until 11:15.  You will need to drop by my office before leaving to sign documentation to get paid.  This will be on your February paycheck.  If you choose flex hours, please submit through Eduphoria and I will approve. 

Please make sure you take the survey in this week's Curriculum Courier.

Enjoy your one hour on Wednesday where you learn about a topic of YOUR choice related to YOUR goals, and earn flex credit for it.  This is a time for learning.  Please post to this Today's Meet after 4:30, but before 5:00, on Wednesday.  Please share what you learned during your time to get credit for your hour.  Those who post will automatically be enrolled through Eduphoria.

Alli will be hosting a session during FedEx and all are welcome!

What’s Cooking, Lee? The iPad Test Kitchen
What's cooking in your classroom kitchen? Spice up your classroom and find your inner digital chef by collaborating with others to explore exciting apps and design learning experiences through the art of app smashing.  Bring your “A” game for a friendly competition in the style of the Food Network’s show, Chopped!

If you are interested in joining us, please sign up here!

Thursday is Buffalo Wild Wings Night.  Please make an effort to head over after school or for dinner to support this business that is giving back to our campus.  Please also remind parents to share

Please share this flyer with your parents. 

Integrity- acting according to a sense of right and wrong.

"The measure of a man's character is what he knew he wouldn't be found out." Thomas Macauley

Do what you know is right even if no one is watching.


Jan 23:  Angela's Birthday
Jan 24:  Jess' Birthday
Jan 25:  Kick off of Jump Rope For Heart
Jan 27:  House T-shirt w/ Jeans
             Walk at School Wednesday
             New Learner Luncheon (Red, Blue, Green)
             Fed Ex (3:30)  
Jan 28:  Honor Choir (all day)
             Learning Walks @ Lee (8:00-9:00)
             Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)
             Buffalo Wild Wings Night 
Jan 29: Super Teacher Nominations Due
            Drama Performance (8:15 and 7:00)
            New Learner Luncheon (Purple, Yellow)
            Social Spurs Happy Hour @ Chilis

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  1. Happy to hear the learner is ok.

    Will we have FedEx each month for the rest of the year? Curious about upcoming available flex hours so I can make a decision about credit/pay for Mathurday.