Thursday, January 7, 2016

Week of January 11

What a fantastic week back from Winter Break.  I enjoyed being in classrooms, again, and seeing the incredible instruction that you deliver and provide our learners.  It was evident that you all took time to RECHARGE over the break.  THANK YOU!!

Great work was done to prepare for our Saturday MATHurday.  I enjoyed checking out your planning resources online.  Todd will be creating a flyer to send home to spread the word.

I want ask you to reflect about our guiding purpose for a moment.  We are deep enough in our PLC book study to understand the importance of shared commitment and values. We came together as a staff and agreed upon this vision.  You have included the guiding purpose in our email signatures, and now you are posting it in your spaces.  Do you think this is enough?  

Think about: What YOU are going to do to LIVE out this purpose at Lee?  We will revisit this at our next staff meeting.

OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.

  • that today we have an Apple Executive and the State Board of Education Chairperson coming to check you out during two afternoon tours?  
  • that next Thursday we have a 25 person tour in the morning AND another 25 person tour in the afternoon?
  • there is such a thing as organizational desktop wallpapers?  You do now!

Thank you for your hard work in grade level PLCs to get next year's school supply lists created!   

Todd and I appreciate your efforts to get caught up on our book study over the break.  I enjoyed reading your discussion responses and commenting on them.  If you have time, you might want to check out what your peers have posted.  I know I have a broader perspective after reading how people responded.  I want to complement you on your honesty and transparency in your replies.  It is nice to know that people feel safe to do so at Lee!  New due dates are posted in our Schoology course and on the staff calendar.  By Friday the new discussion questions and action items will be posted. Leadership team, it is a GREAT idea to get our book study on your meeting agendas.

I request that in Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday's house PLC that ALL staff members review our Campus Improvement Plan.  This plan clearly states our campus shared goals for this year. Have you ever wondered where these goals originate?  They begin by being based on the District Improvement Plan.  We then add in campus specific growth points and goals established from parent surveys, our leadership team, and campus needs assessments.  

Leadership Team, do you remember how we documented during our first Site-Based Meeting by going through each action step and writing evidence in the last column?  As a house and Specials Team, document what your group has as evidence of achieving our shared goals.  Remember, this is a working document that brings common focus for all of us on campus.  When you review it, you will see HOW MUCH you have already accomplished these first two nine weeks and how we are working together as a school to make a difference.  WAY TO GO!  

Remember Brenda from our December training?  She will be here twice next week to lend Writing support. On Monday, she and I will participate in learning walks through your spaces.  We will be looking for integration of Thinking Maps and also be observing writing lessons.  On Thursday, she will participate in your house meetings.  This is an IDEAL time to share with her where you want and need support.  She will be coming back on February 15 for campus-wide professional learning in Expository Writing.

Instead of lunch, Red House will be providing breakfast on Friday.  More information will be coming your way, so mark your calendar.  Thanks Red House!

Please be in the gym and ready to go by 8:15 on Friday.  We are going to try something NEW this time...we will sit as HOUSES during Spirit Rally.  A map will come your way before Friday.  The office will start calling down HOUSES at 8:00.  Designers, please sit mixed in the bleachers and on the floor with your learners during the assembly.  

Please sign up for a middle of the year conference with Todd and I.  During this time, we will review how you are progressing with your goals, review completed walkthroughs and observations, seek input from you, and find out as an administrative team how we can support you. ALL staff needs to sign up for face time with us.

Kudos to those of you that have been posting, daily, on Twitter.  Speaking of KUDOS, don't forget to recognize someone on our Shout Out board for a job well done!

Honesty- truthfulness in words and actions.

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” -Thomas Jefferson

No matter what the circumstances always be honest. Even if you have done something wrong, it is best to be honest.


Jan 11:  Learning Walks with Brenda from Thinking Maps (10-12)
             School Board Meeting (7:30) to recognize Wendy
Jan 12:  PTO Mtg. (6:30)
Jan 13:  Convocation T-shirt w/ Jeans
             Walk at School Wednesday
              Leadership Mtg. (3:30)  
Jan 14:  Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)
             Brenda from Thinking Maps in your House Meetings
Jan 15:  Social Spurs Breakfast
             Spirit Rally (8:15 Gym)
             PTO Chuck E Cheese Night

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  1. I LOVE the desktop organizer. I had tried to group mine, but this is amazing made it so much easier to quickly find things I am working on. Thank you!! :)