Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

Welcome back!  Thank you for greeting our learners with a warm and genuine smile this morning.  It has been a fantastic day of walking through the building and seeing everyone back "home" at school. I truly feel we are "Lucky at Lee!"

Last year we came back from Winter Break and at our first staff meeting we created blocks with our "one word" on them.  If you haven't seen mine in my office before, mine was:

I feel good about my journey last year and will keep this word in my office to encourage myself to continue to inspire.  

I encourage each of you to choose a new one word to keep you focused and motivated this year.  We will ask you about this word in your middle of the year goal setting.  After thinking about it all break, this year my word is:

In an effort to start the year off spreading happiness, please take a look at the 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge.   I positiveLEE plan to use this as a guide to help me on my journey to be even happier the next 30 days and thought you might, too!


  1. LOVE the happy teacher challenge! How fun!

  2. I'm TOTALLY doing the 30 day challenge! Not to confuse with the WHOLE 30 everyone is doing ;)

    1. I chuckle b/c I almost put a comment in there that this is a DIFFERENT 30!!! :)

  3. Love this word ... we can hold each other accountable! And, both 30's make me feel HAPPY!

  4. I'm excited about One Word this year! It is my first year to actually pick one and stick to it! More info here on my (new) blog!

  5. Oh my gosh I love the happy teacher challenge! It seems like we get so bogged down by the negative that we forget to notice or even work on positive! Getting started today!!!!