Thursday, October 22, 2015

Week of October 26

Thank you SO MUCH for the celebration of Todd and I for Bosses Day.  We truly work with the BEST STAFF ON EARTH!!  We appreciate you following through with expectations for our visitors this week.  Your digital signage looks fantastic, your displays of learning are informative, and your spaces look incredible!!! EXCELLENT JOB OF DISPLAYING CHALLENGE LANGUAGE, TOO!!  Today's guests were in AWE of what you are doing.

OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.

  • this blog post has great thoughts about work that can be done in a professional learning community?  Collaboration, team designed rubrics, and common assessments are ideas throughout the entry.  Don't forget to finish Chapter 2 in our book study and post in Schoology.
  • this is the link to our Lee Gizmo account?  This website shows how accounts are created.  If you would like future training on Gizmos (which we get because we are a Title I school) please let Chantel know.
  • that Shanna attached this year's individual photos in your permanent files for you?  Please take time to thank her!
  • All, except 5, of our learners were given permission to attend a school-sponsored field trips when they were enrolled using Infosnap?  This means that a “permission” slip is not required but you will still need to communicate specific details about the trip.  A parent could decide that their child should not attend a specific trip.  This permission does not include trips such as Austin or Allaso Ranch, but includes everything else in the DFW area.
  • this video about Halloween will make you laugh? Especially 2 minutes in!! (I expect comments on my blog about this one!)

Thank you ALL for your excitement with our Write a Check fundraising.  We know it is because of YOU that learners are bringing in their acknowledgement sheets and donations.  Thank you for your continued HYPE!

We will start our Spirit Rally at 8:05.  3-5 will sit in the bleachers with K in front of 3rd (closest to water fountains), 1st in front of 5th (center of the bleachers), and 2nd in front of 3rd (closest to the gardens).  If you have learners in Instrumental Ensemble, please have them sit in the front row of the fifth grade bleachers so that they can easily get out to perform.  Please follow this grade level schedule and inform your parents of adjusted lunch times for this day.

Please use the following link to nominate a colleague for RJL's 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year.  We have special permission to nominate anyone with TWO years or more in CISD.  Nominations are due by Friday, October 30.  Remember to include as much detail as possible because we will score each form submitted with a district rubric and can only score what is written in the responses. PLEASE PUT THE PERSON'S NAME ONLY in the nomination box.  For the other responses DO NOT put their name.  This helps us judge based on what is written and not the person.

Please give your LEEder a few minutes to come back and talk with your class.  They will inform your learners about our norms and treasurer, secretary, VP and President.  We will share their "big ideas" in our next meeting on November 5.  Please remind them to wear their shirt.  THANK YOU! 

THANK YOU for planning to attend the dance.  Please remind your learners to sign their name (once) on the butcher paper on the wall that matches your house color.  We need your help reminding them to write their REAL name (sadly, issues last year).  The house with the greatest attendance will win a surprise.  Designers, sign up, too!  Dancing with designers will happen at 7:15. are going to need to "shake it" to win!!!  The winning house for Write a Check donations will be announced at the end.

Next week is Red Ribbon Week.  Please encourage your learners to participate in each Spirit Day.
  • Monday:  “Love Yourself”- Wear as much RED as you can. 
  • Tuesday: “Follow your Dreams” – It’s PJ Day! 
  • Wednesday: “Be Strong and Confident!”- Wear your work-out clothes to support a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Thursday: “The Heart of the Matter”- Learners will digitally share or bring in a photo of their family.
  • Friday: “Show Your Character”- Learners will bring their favorite book and come dressed to school as their book character.

We have the opportunity to bring Write From the Beginning and Beyond to our school for support and training.  It could potentially be during the school day, or after the school day.  If it is after the school day, we will pay you for your time.  Please comment here if you are interested/not interested in WFTBB support as you grow as a designer.

Friday, after broadcast, we will have our Book Character Parade.  If the weather cooperates, we will make two passes around the track.  Those who did not participate can sit along the inside loop of the track and cheer on our participants.  If the weather does not cooperate, we will walk through the building and learners can sit along the walls as we pass through the PreK hall, in front of the office, through yellow house, then red house, through the cafe, and past Art.

Thursday will be our school dress rehearsal for our Red House Music program.  Please bring your classes down to the cafe at 8:30.  We will practice audience etiquette and celebrate the hard work of our Red House learners and Mrs. Benson.

Please make sure your learners wear these all day, everyday.  THANK YOU!

Problem solving- creating solutions; finding answers

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” -Charles Swindoll

You should never complain if the line is too long, the food isn’t good, or there is a wait.  You don’t want to be negative to the point where you spoil the enjoyment of the event for others.

Red Ribbon Week
Oct 26:  RJL receives recognition @ Board Mtg. (7:30)
Oct 27:  Report Card Grades Due (8:30)
Oct 28:  House Shirt w/Jeans
              Walk at School Wednesday
              New Learner Luncheons w/Angela (10:30-1:30)
Oct 29:  Buffalo Wild Wings Night  
              Learning Walks @ Lee (8:15)
              Music Performance Dress Rehearsal (Cafe 8:30)
              Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)
              Leadership Mtg.(3:30)
              Red House Music Performance (Cafe 6:30)
Oct 30:  Report Cards Go Home
              Jessica F's Birthday
              TOY Nominations Due
              Book Character Parade (8:05)
Nov 1:  Daylight Savings Time


  1. Love that video & how many "stop it"s Andy used...great reminder that no matter how many times you say it, sometimes things just don't stop..haha!

    Thankful that a haunted house maze is NOT part of our spirit rally or showing up on dates to remember ;)

    1. No haunted house at spirit rally....maybe some bobbing for apples???


  2. That video was epic! Sort of embarrassed to admit that "is SO me" at any haunted house even at the age of 27 :/ Everyear I say I'm going to go to one but never follow through with it-----if someone goes with me and films it maybe it will be less scary?!?! Haha! JK -Sanela Pjetrovic

    1. I think our staff should go to a haunted house together!

    2. That would be loads of fun! I haven't been to one since college. Freddy Kruger scared me!

  3. Can't wait for Red House performance! When I was having lunch with Dani today the kids at his table started singing hahaha too cute!

    1. I'm excited for the house performance, too! Dani was awesome in LEEdership Council-he was close to being our President!

  4. Excited about the dance tomorrow! Ashlyn had a blast last year! Sad that there won't be food trucks though. :(

  5. What a great week at RJL! Hope you all have fun at the spirit rally tomorrow! Thanks to all who participated in #cisdchat on Tues! If you didn't make it, check the archive out here:

  6. I appreciate the WFTBB opportunity to give feedback as it helps us grow professionally!

  7. Love reading your comments!! Thanks for taking the time!

  8. Stop it! Stop it! I loved it and I couldn't stop laughing!! He was hiding behind her and screaming like a little girl!!! A good haunted house is what Halloween is all about! However, I shall not go to one! Those who attended Allaso Ranch will certainly understand why. I am looking forward to next week! Every thing is so exciting at Lee and I am so glad to be a part of it!!!!

  9. What is Lee getting recognized for at the school board meeting?

  10. I saw this last year and love the video, love Ellen too! It still gives me the serious favorite part is when Andy says "I may not have been lying when I said that I peed a little"!! Haha...
    Your blog is much appreciated-I enjoy reading it especially for the short term dates!! Keeps me on track!

  11. Saw this video last year and LOVED it!! Love me some Ellen too...fav part was when Andy says "I may not have been lying when I said that I may have peed a little"!! Still gives me the giggles.
    This blog is much appreciated...I especially find the upcoming short term dates very helpful.

  12. Hahahaha! That video... I can't even! "Stop it that's loud!" That would be me at a haunted house for sure!!

    I'm so pumped for our spirit rally and dance today then all the dress up days next week! Love all the FUN happening at Lee!!!!

  13. Hahaha! That video... I can't even! "Stop it that's loud"!! That would so be me at a haunted house!

    I'm looking forward to the sprit rally and dance today!! As well as all the dress up days next week for Red Ribbon Week! Love all the FUN happening at Lee!!!!

  14. That video would be me! I hate scary things! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  15. I'm excited to learn about the WFTBB training opportunity!

  16. I am crying that video was so funny! I would go to Universal's Haunted houses every year in high school/college and now there is no way in you know where I would ever do that again. That is how I reacted every time! I'm bringing my boys with me tonight! :)

  17. Woohoo, Red House Performance! Our kiddos have worked hard, thank you Ashley for doing such a GREAT JOB putting on these shows, the kids LOVE them!

  18. I only do happy houses :)

  19. I really liked the video, but I am SO glad I wasn't there. I was nervous enough just watching. I liked how he used her as a human shield for most of the haunted house!

  20. I can't wait to see what the kids dress up as on Friday! :-)

  21. Excited for the book character parade and see all the learners dressed up! Are parents able to watch the parade?