Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week of February 23

What an incredible week of growth we have had!  Thank you for accepting the Critical Friends feedback from your peers.  It is not always easy to hear what needs clarified, improved, etc., however, each of you contributed to improving each and every Big Idea.  With more than 90% of you having Learning Design as a professional goal, each of you should be PROUD of how far you are coming in this area.  You also helped our RTI team tweak what they are doing to better serve you and your learners.  THANK YOU!!  

  • that there are district weather policies that relate to recess for your learners?  Please see me if you have any questions.  If it is above 32 degrees (not feels like), learners should be going out to recess.  Leadership Team will come up with a plan for where your learners go when their parents request they "not go outside" for recess.   Stay tuned!
  • that RJL used NetTrekker 12,926 times during them onto of December and January?  You are the top school in the DISTRICT.  THANK YOU for using this safe search avenue and for showing our district just how "on board" you are.  
  • Elementary campuses will not host Academic Olympics this year?  You may have parents ask about why?  Please share with them that all elementary schools offer enrichment activities for learners both during and outside of the school day.  Lee's info page helps communicate what we offer to all learners and that we host paid-for enrichment activities such as: Drama, Science Club, and Chess Club.  We have to be VERY CAREFUL just telling parents that Academic Olympics is cancelled this year by the district.  This was a carefully made decision which is why we have the new pages added to each elementary website.
  • that new ink for our color printer will cost us almost $1,000 from our budget?  Please help us by only printing color copies through the color printer.  All other printing should go through our copy machines.  Toner for the machines is included in our contract and is much more cost effective. 
  • that there was a new blog post written about RJL?
  • Alli has a tech tip for you from TCEA.  ENJOY!
  • that you had multiple compliments come your way this week:  
    • Thank you both for the great tours and the hospitality shown to our guest this afternoon.  They absolutely saw what they wanted and needed to see, and were really amazed by some of the things they observed during their visit.  The level of learning and engagement at both your campuses being two of the many things they mentioned.  (About RJL and New Tech)
    • What a school!  I wish all of our college students could come to a school like this!  (from a UNT College of Education Chair)
    • Your school is beautiful, but what your teachers are doing in the school is even more beautiful  (from a Plano visitor)

“Limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. ” – Jamie Paolinetti

“If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not taking risks, and that means you’re not going anywhere. The key is to make mistakes faster than the competition, so you have more chances to learn and win.”  – John W. Holt, Jr.

    Bring your appetites to school this week.  The office will host a ChickFilA breakfast, on Monday morning, in honor or Teacher Appreciation Week.  Breakfast will be served on Tuesday, from Dad's Club, and lunch will be served from our PTO on Thursday.  Thank you for being such FANTASTIC designers!!  Enjoy the pampering from your learners and famiLEEs this week!  

      All 3rd-5th grade learners at Lee will need to take the survey during class no later than February 25.  This survey may be taken as a class or during stations.  It should only last 10-15 minutes per user.  Linked below are some slides with links to the survey and QR codes that can be printed or projected and used when giving the learners’ access to the survey.  Learners only need to take the survey once, and may take it on an iPad or computer.

    Please remind your learners to drop off cafeteria money before school, not during lunch time.  Do you learners know their 5 digit number attached to their log in?  If they do, they could give this to the cafeteria cashier to speed up checking out.  Please remember that you must notify the cafeteria two weeks before field trips so that they can order accordingly.

    Please talk up Thursday's Art show, after school, from 5:00-7:00.  Framed student work will be for sale and all profits will go back towards our RJL Art program.  

    Want to learn more about the Lego sets that PTO purchased for our school?  Join Samira for an overview and time to explore the endless possibilities of Lego learning after school on Wednesday. 


    Just a friendly reminder...please submit your absence through Eduphoria before securing a sub through Sub Finder.  This process is to ensure that administration knows who is out and how we are paying for the substitute.  THANK YOU!


    Dr. Fay asked that we share the Love and Logic online training opportunity that was previously only available to campuses involved in the Love and Logic research study.  Dr. Fay mentioned these trainings in his presentation Monday, and as a result, you may get requests from parents who attended his presentation for the links to these online modules.
    This link also allows parents to download a course workbook. Please feel free to share this link with all of your families. No password required.
    There is also a link for educator online training with Love and Logic. Please feel free to share this with any educator you feel might be interested.
    Here is the link for Educators: (workbook included)
    We will only be allowed access to these modules for a limited time (approx. 8-12 weeks).


    We will be celebrating our FamiLee's Heart Health the week of February 23rd- 27th with some Lee campus activities.

    • Monday, Feb 23:  Put your sneakers on for all staff VOLLEYBALL. See you in the gym at 3:20pm
    • Tuesday, Feb 24:  Bring your water bottles to fill up with some FLAVORED water.
    • Wednesday, Feb 25: WALK to school Wednesday at 730am in the gym.
    • Thursday, Feb 26:  Bring your water bottles to fill up with some FLAVORED water. (different flavor)
    • Friday, Feb 27:  GO RED, wear red  
    In addition to the campus activities this week, you can donate $5.00 to American Heart Association and receive a JEANS PASS to use during this week.  We will take cash only starting Monday, February 16th.

    "LEE" QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” - Walt Disney

    "LEE"DERSHIP TIP OF THE WEEK:  If a designer is speaking to or disciplining a student, do not look at that student.

    Week of February 23-27- Teacher Appreciation Week
                                              Heart Healthy Week
    February 23- TELPAS Tutorials
                         Balanced Literacy Training (Service Center)
                         Breakfast from the Office (Lounge)
                         Staff Volleyball Game (3:20- Gym)
                         5th Grade Middle School Parent Meeting (6:30-CMSW)
    February 24- 2nd Grade TELPAS
    February 25- 3rd Grade TELPAS
                          Walk At School Wednesday
                          Jeans with Red and Black Attack Shirt
                          Fed Ex Day (3:30)
    February 26- 4/5 Grade TELPAS
                         PTO Luncheon for Teacher Appreciation
                         Art Show (5:00- Cafe)
    February 27- SIOP Training Must be Completed
                         Wear Red Day
    Week of March 2-6 Child Nutrition Appreciation Week
                                    Texas Public Schools Week
    March 2- Read Across America Day
    March 4- Walk At School Wednesday
                    Jeans with Red and iCreate Shirt
                    Staff Meeting (3:30)
    March 5- Open House (6:00-7:30)
    March 9-13- SPRING BREAK!

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