Friday, February 13, 2015

Week of February 16

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
We get so much chocolate,
So what should we do?

Bring your boxes to the office, 
They will have a place to go.
We'll take your chocolate to assisted living,
To bring a smile, we know!

  • that we still have budget money for furniture for our outdoor learning spaces?  Please share your ideas for what you and your learners would like out there by next Friday.
  • that your wall displays should not be up more than a month?  Please take down items (other than anchor charts) that have been up longer than a month.  We still have Veteran's Day work up.  THANK YOU!

“One positive thought in the morning can change the entire outcome of your day.”– Unknown

    Thank you for your support of our Spirit Sticks sale.  We will have a Leedership Council meeting on Wednesday from 9:30-10:30.  Please remind your leaders to wear their council shirt on this day.

    Leadership Team, please share notes from Wednesday's leadership meeting with your houses.

    Since your room moms will need to set up for parties at 1:30, please have learners packed up, leave back packs in rooms,  and join us in the gym at 1:30.  We will watch some jump rope performances and CK and TH will get pie in the face for meeting our campus goal for Jump Rope For Heart.

    We will start at CHS at 8:30.  Please wear jeans and your Under Construction Lee shirt.  We request that you be back on campus by 12:10.  At 12:15 we will complete a district survey and then begin our afternoon session.  We plan to conclude the day by 4:00 pm.  Be prepared to share one of your house CBLs on Monday.  We will "critical friends" the units after some campus learning on "concepts."  Please make sure your CBLs are in the CBL template and have a copy of the CBL to Todd and Chantel before the end of the day, today. THANK YOU!

    Don't forget we have ChickFilA lunch in the lounge today.  We want to remind you how much you are LOVED,  so please join us at your regularly scheduled lunch time.  We will pick up a second round of food midway through lunch so later lunches have fresh lunch, too.  WE LOVE YOU!

    We will be celebrating our FamiLee's Heart Health the week of February 23rd- 27th with some Lee campus activities.

    • Monday, Feb 23:  Put your sneakers on for all staff VOLLEYBALL. See you in the gym at 3:20pm
    • Tuesday, Feb 24:  Bring your water bottles to fill up with some FLAVORED water.
    • Wednesday, Feb 25: WALK to school Wednesday at 730am in the gym.
    • Thursday, Feb 26:  Bring your water bottles to fill up with some FLAVORED water. (different flavor)
    • Friday, Feb 27:  GO RED, wear red  
    In addition to the campus activities this week, you can donate $5.00 to American Heart Association and receive a JEANS PASS to use during this weekWe will take cash only starting Monday, February 16th.  

    "LEE" QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “The man who has no imagination has no wings.”
    - Muhammad Ali

    "LEE"DERSHIP TIP OF THE WEEK:  Never reach over someone to get something.  Ask them to pass you what you need.  

    February 16- Professional Learning Day 
    February 18- Walk At School Wednesday
                          Jeans with College Shirt 
                          Social Spurs Luncheon
                          Curriculum Meeting (3:30)- we will host an RTI refresher
    February 19- Blue House CBL Planning Day   
    February 20- Progress Reports sent Home
                          Six Flags Read to Succeed Due
                          Yellow House CBL Planning Day
    Week of February 23-27- Teacher Appreciation Week
                                              Heart Healthy Week
    February 23- Staff Volleyball Game (3:20- Gym)
                         5th Grade Middle School Parent Meeting (6:30-CMSW)
    February 25- Walk At School Wednesday
                          Jeans with Red and Black Attack Shirt
                          Fed Ex Day (3:30)
    February 26- PTO Luncheon for Teacher Appreciation
                         Art Show (5:00- Cafe)
    February 27- Wear Red Day

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