Sunday, August 6, 2017

Week of August 8, 2017

We are so excited...we have our additional AP hired.  Leigh Ann Howard will be working at both Lee and Valley Ranch Elementary.  You may recognize her as a previous DLC in the district. We are EXCITED to learn and grow with her.  Please welcome her to our famiLEE!

It is New Hire induction week!  We are honored to have our new folks joining CISD.  You will LOVE our district, it's hometown values, and the personal connections of our tight knit community.  Enjoy your week of learning.  Join us at MiCocina after your morning with the district, on Monday. (We have reservations for 11:45).  We will head back to campus after lunch.  You will need your technology.  We will meet in A118 (just outside the teacher's lounge).


  • we have opportunities for fostering animals this school year?  The summer camp that Layne volunteers at has (2) African Fat Tail Geckos and (2) Russian Tortoises.  The geckos are slow movers, very friendly, kids can old and touch, and they can roam out of the cage.  The turtles are quick movers, eat a lot and are not to be handled.  They do not live in water, so their are not as smelly or hard to care for as a typical turtle.  They will be dropped off either the week of 8/14 or 8/21 and picked up in May.  They arrive with all the equipment, but you must purchase food.  If you are interested in fostering email 
  • we ordered 200 pairs of eclipse glasses so that you and your learners can view the solar eclipse visible on the first day of school?  I also forwarded an email to you from Linda Cook with a great deal of instructional information. 

Please remember to fill out this Google Form that includes information about you and your favorites.  This is a tool the office, PTO, and staff uses to treat you and get to know you better.

Want to get together and meet or reconnect with Lee staff members?  We will be in downtown Coppell on Wednesday and hope you can join us!  Thanks, Kylie, for the darling invite!

We look forward to seeing this year's Leadership Team on Thursday.  Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your favorite drink to stay hydrated.

Our faculty website is updated and ready as a resource for ALL.  It is meant to be a "one stop shop" for you, so if there is something we need to add, please email me, and I will add it on there.  The Lee Staff Handbook is updated and you must sign off that you read it by August 31.  Updated items are highlighted in yellow.

Thank you to those who are coming in early to assess over 150 incoming kiddos.  We are grateful you will help us sort our new friends out as evenly as possible.  Thank you to our Broadcast Babes who will be taking our kiddos downtown on Tuesday for an authentic news experience.  Also, thank you to the Designers that attended PLC training with Ashley and I.  Lastly, a huge shout out to those of you that helped with curriculum writing.  The leadership on our campus is second to none!

Finish Strong!  Tweet out with #rjlyear4 and #summerselfiechallenge .  Do you have a bingo yet?

*Start tackling Compliance Trainings in Schoology
Aug. 7-11:  New Hire Induction
Aug. 9: Get together at Twisted Root
Aug. 8-9:  Kindergarten Assessment Days
Aug. 10:  Leadership Meeting
Aug. 11:  Residency Verification Day
Aug. 14-18:  Back to School Professional Learning
Aug. 17:  Meet the Designer Night (5:30pm-7:00pm)
Aug. 21:  First Day of School


  1. So excited about Leigh Ann Howard! She started us off on our multi touch book. Such a sweet person!

    Bingo Update: I have 7 activities left and have completed one diagonal and two across! #goals