Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Week of August 1, 2017

Welcome back for another incredible year at Lee.  It has been a RESTFUL but BUSY summer in the office as we have been hiring the best and most amazing additions to our school.  We still need to find the perfect 1/2 time Assistant Principal (our hire was transferred to Denton Creek by the district) and Instructional Aides for Enrichment and STEM.  We know we will find the perfect fit and will keep you posted!  Here is our latest staff roster.   *UPDATE!!!!  WE FOUND OUR PERFECT 1/2 AP- her name is Leigh Ann Howard (you may know her from her previous role as a DLC in the district).

New hires are required to attend Induction Week.  Here is the schedule of events.  We look forward to seeing you at Lee on Monday afternoon.  Please join us at 11:45ish at MiCocina.  We will have lunch together and head back to campus for an afternoon of learning.  I will also see you at the Chamber Breakfast on Tuesday.  We will need two tables for all of our new folks, so look for a familiar face! The Chamber Breakfast is a FUN event, to kick of the week, where you get to win prizes from Coppell community business partners. Professional dress on this day.

Ashley and I have been busy making sure that there is equitable distribution of furniture in houses. Please DO NOT move furniture out of your houses.  Please do not "borrow" furniture from the media center, A120 or A118, or other places in the building.  If you are a special program designer and need additional/different furniture, please fill out a furniture request form in Eduphoria Formspace. Here is the breakdown of furniture.  Please cross check it with what is in your house.  If you have anything extra or are missing something, please let Ashley know.

We will make decisions about our Master Schedule at our Leadership Meeting on Thursday.  If you have strong opinions about the schedule, please share your thoughts with your leadership member so they can voice your thoughts.  Remember our goal is the least amount of disruptions to the learning day, large chunks of teachable time, and getting red and green houses empty as much as possible during lunch times.

We look forward to seeing this year's crew next Thursday.  Please wear comfortable clothes and bring your favorite drink to stay hydrated.

Thank you to Kylie who is serving as our campus Lead Mentor and to our Designers who are taking on this leadership role this year.  All 1st and 2nd year Designers in CISD are assigned a mentor.  Here are this year's partnerships.  Our hope is that you have already started talking and supporting your mentee.

  • Mariah-Kylie
  • Akta-Layne
  • Megan S-Megan S
  • Meredith-Taylor
  • Megan O- Stephanie
  • Hannah-Courtney

Our faculty website is updated and ready as a resource for ALL.  It is meant to be a "one stop shop" for you, so if there is something we need to add, please email me and I will add it on there.

Please take a chance to fill out this Google Form that includes information about you and your favorites.  This is a tool the office, PTO, and staff uses to treat you and get to know you better.

We have asked for compliance videos early so that they do not need to be completed during the school year.  You can get these 9 required trainings done, NOW/VIRTUALLY, in the comfort of your home.  Here is how:
  • Log into Schoology (same login as email)
  • Go to Courses
  • Go to Join
  • Enter code: 8ZFJB-KQ52K
  • Please have these done by September 30, 2017

Each staff member should have keys to the Design Studio and Storage Room for your House. If you are in a classroom, you should also have a key to the classroom. If you are in need of these keys (or any others), please indicate that in this form. If members of your House have moved spaces, please check with them, first, to trade keys for the appropriate spaces. Your photo ID badges (also building access) have been delivered and Ashley has them ready for you.

Let us know what you have been up to this summer!  Tweet out with #rjlyear4 and #summerselfiechallenge .  It is fun to watch everyone's adventures.  Do you have a bingo yet?

July 31:  Wendy's Birthday
Aug. 7-11:  New Hire Induction
Aug. 9: Get together at Twisted Root
Aug. 8-9:  Kindergarten Assessment Days
Aug. 10:  Leadership Meeting
Aug. 11:  Residency Verification Day
Aug. 14-18:  Back to School Professional Learning
Aug. 17:  Meet the Designer Night (5:30pm-7:00pm)
Aug. 21:  First Day of School


  1. OMG!!! I'm giddy with excitement! Yaay #rjlyear4. Sorry I'll miss the get together. Flying to Canada that very morning.

    1. It is going to be a FANTASTIC year! Safe travels to Canada- we will miss you.