Thursday, December 15, 2016

Week of Jan 2

We hope you have enjoyed our December to Remember.  How can it already be done??!!!  This year has been going by SO FAST!!   Have a GLORIOUS TWO WEEKS OFF, sweet staff.  We wish you nothing short of the most safe, memorable, and restful break and can't wait to hear about the FUN you have.  I plan to continue to rest and get well, but truthfully, I think some laughter in the lounge the last couple of days has been good for my soul and body!!  Thank you for that!

Fond farewell goes out to our Alex.  We wish you a beautiful start to married life in California.  You will be very missed by us all, and we know you will stay in touch.

Welcome to our newest famiLEE member, Mariah Wallace.  Congratulations as she graduates from UNT on Friday.  We hope you had a chance to meet her the last two days (though it might have been hard since she blended right into Whoville with her hair up!) 

Have the BEST last day of 2016 with our children.  They deserve it!

  • that you already signed up for vertical teams at the beginning of the year?  I attached images from our sign up below.  If you do not see your name, please let me know where you will be heading on Tuesday.  You may wear jeans on Tuesday, and  I HAVE to say represent our school at these meetings.  Please have a growth mindset and positive attitude.  If you are on technology, please use it intentionally.  Network and meet some of the talented staff on other campuses.  I KNOW they will be seeking YOU out!!

We will call you down at 8:15 by house.  Please move with purpose and do your best to get seated quickly.  We are going to try putting our parent chairs along the cinderblock walls and push purple and yellow closer to center court.  I know it is HARD, but please TRY to have your LEEders of the week at a place that makes it easy for them to come up for their awards.   We will start with your Unity chants, so BE READY!

We will have Duc get every classroom an extra trash bag to help with lunch waste.  As Shanna emailed, lunches will be ready after 9:00, so get them when your house is ready.

Please follow Ashley's directions from her email regarding grades.  There is a FAST turnaround for her to print these when we get back.

Please get any items form the fridge by 9:30.  Ashley and I will be tossing anything "suspect."  Please, also visit your mailbox by 11:00.  Empty it of all contents.  There are many thank you notes in there.  Please make sure these get in take home folders.  Custodial does a deep cleaning of the campus these next two weeks.  May I suggest a FRESH START and take everything down of your idea paint so that your room gets cleaned as much as possible.  Erase what you can on your glass- you may return to some shiny glass if you do!  I will talk to custodial about what they are using that is smearing the walls.  PLEASE take down and store any holiday displays and decorations before leaving.  If ALL learners are safely gone you can leave at 1:15.

As you reflect for the new year, please come to our staff meeting with your one word.  We will practice using your creativity as we focus ourselves for the second semester.

Trustworthiness- keeping your word; doing what is right for yourself and others.

People trust in you when your attitudes, words, and motives align with what you actually choose to do.  This includes being honest about intakes, refusing to gossip and shift blame, and doing things the ethical way (even if it's quicker to do otherwise).

"Stand with anybody that stands right.  Stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong." -Abraham Lincoln

December 19- Ayesha's Birthday
December 29- Ashley M's Birthday
January 3- District Staff Development
January 4- Day 7 on rotation schedule
                  Grades Due
                  Staff Meeting (3:30-5:00)
January 6- Social Spurs Luncheon
                  Send Home Report Cards
                  LEEdership Council Meeting (9:00)
                  Instrument Petting Zoo (1:00-2:45)
January 7- May's Birthday

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