Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week of Oct 31

It has been a busy but exciting week!  Red Ribbon Week always brings smiles to faces with theme days and a focus on great decision making.  Ashley and I are LOVING being in classrooms for walkthroughs and observations.  We see such greatness ALL over the building.  THANK YOU for that!  You continue to tell a beautiful story about #rjlyear3 on Twitter.  Your efforts and comments to others are appreciated and noticed!

  • that we have reviewed grading practices at our last two Principal's meetings?  We continue to try to calibrate throughout the district.  Stay tuned!
  • that George Couros has a great blog this week that speaks to passion driven learning?  Check it out here
  • that PTO is going to leave the food donations from the dance for one week so you can use the items for authentic math activities?  We can't wait to see what learners create and share.  Perfect timing to reinforce that data collection we have been seeing in spaces!

We will take the parade OUTDOORS this year.  At 8:00, we will make an announcement and ask everyone to head out to the track for 2 laps.  Please keep learners in an organized line and head out promptly.  Learners who do not dress up, and parents who come up to watch, can sit/stand on the inside perimeter and cheer on the participants.  THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT PARTICIPATED and got learners involved.  I believe we are going to have even greater participation this year because of your excitement!!!

Ashley and I walked the building with someone from custodial on Wednesday.  We were inspecting the exterior window washing.  Little did we know that the inside 2nd floor interior windows were cleaned after hours, too.  Imagine our surprise when we saw smeared handprints (we are talking wet and dripping) on windows that have already been professionally cleaned. First, we emphasize the importance of caring for our beautiful building. Second that you hold learners accountable for cleaning up when they make a mess.  Please be observant!  Third, that PAPER TOWELS are used to clean windows.  (NOT hands, NOT microfiber cloths, NOT socks, NOT spit)  We have seen all four of these.  We WANT learners designing on glass surfaces, but let's teach them proper cleaning and handling.  We will purchase window cleaner and have it in the office for you.  We also see windowsills where learners have PEELED the paint off of the walls, pencil writing on aluminum door frames, and paper towels all over bathroom floors.  We need to unify together and are asking for your help and diligence in these efforts.  We want to keep our new school looking new and teach these habits to learners.  THANK YOU!

Samira sent an email, today, with the specifics regarding LEEdership Council.  I also included the dates on the staff calendar.  Please remember that those who have already served on LEEdership Council are tasked with seeing the leadership capacity in others and should not run for a spot.  They may need reminding.  Please look for Google Form from Samira for declaration of candidacy to send home in your Friday communication.

Just a friendly reminder that Chapters 1-3 should be read by Wednesday.  Ashely, Jessica, and Jacque will be hosting a *SLOW* Twitter chat, beginning Tuesday November 1st through Friday, November 4th.  Check out the directions for our Slow Twitter Chat here.  We can't wait to grow together, virtually, through the Innovator's Mindset book study!

If you have items for my blog, please email them to me by Wednesday.  Short and concise is the rule to live by.  If you have items to go in Designer newsletters, type PUT IN WEEKLY NEWSLETTER in the subject line so designers can easily search their inbox for your blurbs.

Enjoy your one hour on Wednesday where you learn about a topic of YOUR choice related to YOUR goals, and earn Flex credit for it.  This is a time for learning.  Please post to Today's Meet after 4:30, but before 5:00, on Wednesday and share what you learned during your time in order to get credit for your hour.  You may choose to participate in the slow chat part of this time.  Alli will also be offering a technology session.  She will email that info to you. You may also be interested in this differentiation self-assessment.

Please be aware that we are looking for choice in learner experiences and scaffolding to meet varied needs in your classroom.  Think about the Team Time question: How do you know they know it?  What do you do when they do?  This is a great video Ashley found on principles of differentiation from Carol Ann Tomlinson.

(thank you fourth grade for your work on the ADI pilot!!)

Perseverance- the ability to persist or continue to the end

Make every effort to be as organized as possible.

"The man who moves mountains begins by carrying away small stones." -Chinese Proverb

Oct 30- Jessica's Birthday
Oct 31- Nov 4- Last week for Write a Check Fundraising
Oct 31-  Learners Declare Candidacy for LEEdership Council
              Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Assembly (1:45-2:30 Gym- we will sit like Spirit Rally)
Nov 1- Education Foundation t-shirt and Jeans
            K-2 Math Educator Academy
            Alex's Bridal Shower (3:30 Media Center)
Nov 2-  College Shirt with Jeans
             Digital LEEdership Council Campaign Posters Due
             Chapters 1-3 of Innovator's Mindset Read
             IBM Feedback (Small conference room 8:30-12:00)
             Fed Ex Day (3:30-4:30)
             Padlet Webinar (7:00-8:00pm)
Nov 3- 3-5 Math Educator Academy
            Claudia visits houses during Specials to review TELPAS & Years in School
Nov 4- LEEdership Speeches and Primary Elections
            Chris Barton Author Visit (see schedule here)
Nov 5- Dads Club Event (Main Event)

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  1. Love the Chinese proverb! Have to start small to get big!!!