Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week of Oct 24

Thank you for your FIERCEness this week!  You did a wonderful job of representing our school with our many visitors and continue to impress.  Our guests leave Lee feeling inspired and hopeful with new ideas to take back to their schools.  This is because of each and every one of YOU!  Please remember you are "Here for a Reason" and that YOU make a difference in education and at Lee.

Thank you for celebrating us on Bosses' Day and making Monday a special day for us.

We also thank you for staying late for Watson training and moving full steam ahead with our pilot.

  • that Dodi Casper has a SS Newsletter for you to view? There are some voting and Veteran's Day ideas.  Be thinking about how you will incorporate the election and Veteran's Day in your lesson designs the next couple of weeks.  LEEdership Council info will be coming your way from fifth grade, soon!
  • the cafeteria may be short handed on Friday.  If they are, we may have to use only one line.  We MIGHT also have a guest server (trying to move things on my calendar and secure a hairnet- ha)  THANK YOU for your flexibility!
  • thanks to PTO Reflex Math should be back up and running?  Please write a card of thanks for this pricey support from them.  If you have new learners that need added, please email Ashley.

Please make sure the Write a Check letters go home in report card envelopes on Friday.  These were copied and placed in your mailboxes.  It is imperative that the letter makes it home.  The letter is also posted on Peach Jar for any parents that need another copy.  WAC is our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year and we need you to pump your learners up about it.  Please read the letter so you are informed what our funds go toward.

If you have not taken the survey (or had your learners complete it) PLEASE get this done this week so that it is off of all of our "to do" lists.  Participation is crucial for making campus technology decisions.  THANK YOU!

You may wear jeans if you participate in Red Ribbon Week theme days.

Please encourage learners and plan to participate in Friday's parade.  A book should accompany "costumes" and learners are allowed to wear their costume to the dance on Friday night.  Entrance into the event is free with a food donation that will be donated to Metrocrest.  PTO will communicate what each grade/house is bringing.  Please plan to attend the dance and engage with the learners and their famiLEEs.  We love it when you bring your family, too!   It is a great opportunity to build relationships and have FUN!

Target the Problem! is a tool to help parents and Designers understand the specific problems a child may be having with reading. You'll find practical suggestions on what you (and kids themselves) can do to help learners overcome or deal with their reading difficulties.

Ashley and I have started our observations this week.  It is SO WONDERFUL being in your space for 45 minutes.  Remember we are to see the entire lesson cycle, so you need to plan a lesson that encompasses the full lesson cycle.  If you did not get a calendar invite for an observation, please email your evaluator.  This week we start a new domain focus during our walkthroughs.  We will focus on:  2.4 Differentiation.  Be aware, if you have your observation in the next four weeks, you will not receive a walkthrough in this domain.  We will address it in your TTESS observation.  THANK YOU!

Problem Solving- creating solutions; finding answers

You should never complain if the line is too long, the food isn't good, or there is a wait.  You don't want to be negative to the point where you spoil the enjoyment of the event for others.

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations." -Charles Swindoll

Oct 23: Britt's Birthday
Oct 24- Nov 4: Write a Check Fundraising
Oct 24- Oct 31: Red Ribbon Week
Oct 24:  Wear pajamas
Oct 25:  Wear boots
              Mentor Meeting (3:30 Green House)
Oct 26:  Wear hats or have crazy hair
              Lee Learner Luncheons (10:30-1:00)
              Leadership Meeting (3:30)
Oct 27:  Spurs Savings (7:30-7:50 Cafe)
              Learn About Lee Learning Walk (8:00-9:00)
Oct 28:  TOY Nominations Due to District
              Storybook Character Parade (8:00-8:30ish)
              5th Grade Bully Program (1:00-2:30 CMSW)
              So You Think You CAN Dance (6:30-8:30)

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