Friday, August 21, 2015

Week of August 24

“The ‘what if’ question begs for completion: ‘What if we tried?'” – Dale Dauten

Many times I think to could #rjlyear2 be better than #rjlyear1?  Tuesday... today...tonight... staff, ALL OF YOU, proved AGAIN, what an incredible group you are.  Walking the building before Meet the Designer solidified that you all have my complete and total trust with our learners.  I am constantly in AWE of your creativity, ideas, and ability to have FUN in this challenging field.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

What a great week we have ahead of us.  The learners are coming!  Remember that this first week is about building SOLID relationships with the children and their parents.  Please, by the end of the first week, pick up the phone and call EVERY family.  Tell them/leave a message sharing something special about their child.  It will pay huge dividends to take the time to do this!

My expectations for you, this first week, are to ensure that school is SO FUN and EXCITING, that the learners do not want to leave at the end of each day.  Please get those procedures in check while involving your learners in the process.  Todd, Angela, and I will be throughout the building to check on learners. You got this!

  • there are Lego We Build Kits available for check out in your space?  Leadership team, please sign out a set from the broadcast studio closet and share as a house.  Do we need to buy more?  Keep me posted!
  • if you want some, we have book boxes for our new designers in the broadcast studio closet.  Please only take enough for your learners.
  • that we have an a sustainability kiosk over by the Art room?  We will get training on this VERY SOON!
  • that we are over 700 learners enrolled for the first day of our second year?
  • that RJL will be receiving the prestigious Caudill Award for architecture and design? The school will be honored at the TASA/TASB Architectural Exhibit during the TASA/TASB Convention October 2-4 in Austin.
  • that each learner that attended summer school for 2+days has a file attachment in Aware called "Summer School 2015".  You will also get paper copies from Dr. Herauf.

Please by at Irving Bible Church in your Convocation t-shirt no later than 8:15 on Friday.  We will sit together as a school and take a group photo (on the stage steps) at the conclusion of Convocation. Don't forget to bring your foam fingers! Please be back at school at 12:30 so that we can have a "Nuts and Bolts" meeting.  We will meet in Blue House in Samira's space.  Please bring your MacBook.  Our Plan is that we can wrap this up by 1:30 so that you have at least 2.5 hours to work on lesson designing.  Todd will deliver your 504 folders and Amanda, Wendy, and Jamie will deliver any IEPs. 

Parents have permission to walk their learners to your class on the first day of school.  Thank you for being prepared to welcome them and to ready to leave a great first impression of their first day of school with YOU!  Our front doors open at 7:30, and if Meet the Designer is any indication of their excitement to come to school, there will be a line ready when we unlock the doors.  Here is a short blog post  about the first day that should make you smile. 

Please take time before leaving on Friday to personalize your website on our campus webpage.  You must include a photograph and contact information.  Remember we want to train our parents to go to these sites!  Here is a video showing you how. (video coming Friday)


I still need eight designers to please sign up HERE for a visit from Mrs. Kastrounis.  THANK YOU!

Interested in supporting our CISD Education Foundation?  Order your Red and Black t-shirt here and you will be allowed to wear jeans with this shirt once a month this entire school year.  You must have this year's t-shirt to participate!


Here is our updated campus handbook.  A copy of the signature page is already in your teacher mailbox to sign and return to Diana by the end of the first week of school.  NOTE: If you already completed reading the handbook, the Lounge section was updated on August 11, 2015. 

Fridays (unless otherwise notified) is a jeans day at Lee.  If you wear jeans (they may not be torn) then you must wear a RJL spirit shirt.  This Wednesday, August 26, you can choose to wear jeans with your Convocation t-shirt, too!

Excellence- to stand out with valuable quality.

"Excellence is never and accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and skillful execution." -Aristotle

Quickly learn the names of designers and other learners in the school and greet them by name.  

August 22: Jillian's Birthday
August 23: Kristen's Birthday
August 24: First Day of School
                   Kinder Yahoo BooHoo Breakfast (7:50-8:30 Media Center)
                   After School Surprise!
August 25: Roxann's Birthday
August 27: Sam's Birthday
                   Buffalo Wild Wings Night for Lee
August 28: Stephanie's Birthday
                   Happy Hour at Mattitos (3:30)

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