Monday, August 17, 2015

Week of August 17

We are excited for our upcoming week together to bond, learn, and set the stage for an incredible second year at RJL.  Your spaces are looking great and it is awesome that you are pushing your barriers and putting the learners in charge of designing your spaces.

We received a special thank you from Metrocrest for helping to Sack Out Hunger this Summer.

This school is about forming and building trusting relationships.  During the first week of school it is important that I get into your classrooms to meet the children.  I would like to request 15 minutes of your day.  You are welcome to stay or take a break while I am there.  PreK - 5 Designers, please sign up HERE for a visit.  THANK YOU!

Your house leader has the notes from Friday's work day.  They have been charged with sharing all that we covered during our day together.  They did INCREDIBLE work and I appreciate your open mindedness as they share where we are moving in #rjlyear2.  Our group worked diligently to follow through with the vision of our #rjlyear1 team and in responding to feedback from our parent surveys.

Interested in supporting our CISD Education Foundation?  Order your Red and Black t-shirt here and you will be allowed to wear jeans with this shirt once a month this entire school year.  You must have this year's t-shirt to participate!

In an effort for ALL staff to be in a house, please view this document.  This is the house you will be a part of for luncheons, showers, and other events.  Your will be seated by houses for Tuesday's staff meeting.

It is an expectation that you reach out through email to welcome learners who have verified that they ware attending next year.  Diana has a comprehensive list of learners who verified.  Please email and welcome them to your class/house by end of day Wednesday so that that they know who to look for at Meet the Designer Night.  Please DO NOT email those highlighted in yellow.  The list will change as people verify, so please watch for any changes.  THANK YOU, DIANA for creating this list!

We have required training related to allergies and bloodborne pathogens.  The required trainings can be accessed in one course in Schoology.  You will need to log into Schoology and join the course.  Please use the following directions to access the required training documents and resources.  Please have this completed by Friday, August 21.  Don't forget to complete your surveys in Euphoria to receive credit.
  1. Go to: 
  2. To log on to Schoology
    2.  Log in using your school email address as your username
    3.  A temporary password was sent to you this summer, if you can’t find the email with the temporary password, there is an option to use “forgot my password”.  This will send a new temporary password to your email account.
    4.  Once you have logged in, click on COURSES at the top of the webpage
    5.  Click on JOIN
    6.  Type in the following code: 4VVC5-4HVN5

Please review this updated version before Thursday.  The more prepared ahead of time, the more time that can be given to you to prepare for Meet the Designer Night.  This document frames all of the work that we do in Coppell ISD.  

Here is our updated campus handbook.  A copy of the signature page is already in your teacher mailbox to sign and return to Diana by the end of the first week of school.  NOTE: If you already completed reading the handbook, the Lounge section was updated on August 11, 2015. 

Here is campus specific information about location and dress for this week and here is the district plan for our Nurse, ESL Facilitator, Literacy Coach, Specials Designers, and SpEd Staff.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you don't know where to go each day.  Our theme is TEAM so there will be many team building activities peppered into our learning!

This is the elementary student code of conduct learners in CISD are expected to follow.  It is posted on our website and learners are required to return a signed copy of acknowledgment.  Please review this so you are familiar with what consequences follow infractions.

Can't seem to open the calendar shared by Chantel on Monday?  Try this... open the email sent on Monday, click on add calendar (top left corner).  You should be able to see all of the events on our staff calendar in green, now, when logging into and selecting calendar.

August 18-21: RJL Back to School Training
August 19: Pre K Orientation
August 20: Meet the Designer Night (5:30-7:00)
August 21: Jillian's Birthday 
August 23: Kristen's Birthday
August 24: First Day of School
                   Yahoo BooHoo Breakfast (7:50-8:30 Media Center)
August 25: Roxann's Birthday
August 27: Sam's Birthday
August 28: Stephanie's Birthday
September 8:  4/5 Stop Collaborate and Listen
September 15: 2/3 Stop Collaborate and Listen
September 17: K/1 Stop Collaborate and Listen

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