Thursday, May 14, 2015

Week of May 18

From Nancy Garvey:  I just wanted to take a minute to thank for spending your precious time with the Apple Execs yesterday!  They were all very impressed with what you, your educators and learners do every day and how they are transforming learning. 

We had a busy week at Lee and it just keeps getting busier as the year winds down.  Please help the office, as much as you can, with your discipline issues.  The first layer of communication should come from, YOU, the designer.  They second layer can come from the office (unless there is bullying, hitting, or inappropriate use of technology- then there is an immediate referral).  ALL learners who come to the office should have a discipline referral completed when they arrive.  

There is a chance that if you request a personal day during the remainder of the school year that it could be denied.  It is mighty difficult to get subs this time of year and it burdens housemates to take on learners and also muddles the fidelity of instruction.  THANK YOU TO THOSE THAT HAVE TURNED YOUR REQUESTS IN!!

  • we recommended more hires this week?  Please welcome: Cindy Daniel, Elizabeth Bateman, Shelley Lincoln, and Alan Wade They are the newest additions to our Lee FamiLEE and some will already go to the board on Monday night for contract approval.
  • our former Superintendent is from Van, TX?  Here is a video honoring Van.  You might find it helpful in inspiring ideas for ways we can help.  There will be a QUICK meeting in the media center after school for anyone who is interested in organizing something as a school.
  • that Daniel Bass' biotech studies class from New Tech @Coppell High is working on a field study guide for our Eco Pond?  Stay tuned for more info.
  • that Stacey and Priscilla went to a gardening class yesterday?  We will find out what they learned at Wednesday's staff meeting.
  • Mary Kemper will be working on the Math reporting standards over the summer break?  If you feel there is a need to edit the Math standards and would like to see something in particular in the K-4 Math section of the report card, please share your edits with Samira.

“Be careful; think about the effect of what you say. Your words should be constructive, bring people together, not pull them apart.”
– Miriam Makeba

Please make sure the survey is completed by FRIDAY, May 15.  This is information due to the district.  EVERYONE has a Thinking Maps Binder, so please make sure the survey reflects that appropriately.

Thank you for the most impressive visit for our guests.  You have truly outdone yourselves!  We are continuously impressed how you have been intentional in posting your big idea, essential question, challenge, and guiding questions.  Please know your efforts are NOTICED and CELEBRATED!!  One of the CBL creators was present, smiling ear to ear, and taking pictures GALORE!  Because you have given More and More of yourselves this year, there will be a surprise in your mailboxes tomorrow!

Please have ALL 2-5 learners complete this survey by the end of next week, Friday, May 22.  This is a district and campus survey that will give us feedback about our school.  It is imperative that your learners take this seriously because the district will be reviewing these responses.  I would encourage you to complete as a class so that you can answer/rephrase so that learners understand the question and how they are rating on the survey.  THANK YOU for your help!

All district employees must complete an update.  Please complete this by Friday, May 29.  You are welcome to work together, as a house, during one of your conference times.  Thank you, Alli and Courtney, for keeping us compliant!

I hope you have volunteers stepping up to help you.  Enjoy this day with your learners!  Please follow the schedule so that everyone may enjoy the rotations.  Also, please thank Jenny Van Luven and Alicia for helping to organize this fun event!  If we have to delay due to rain, our make up date is May 29.

Please inform families that the Dad's Club Cricket Tournament is rescheduled for May 30 at 8:30 a.m. at Valley Ranch.  Go to the event page for more information and Register Now!

"LEE" QUOTE OF THE WEEK:   “Always look at what you have left.  Never look at what you have lost” Robert Schuller

"LEE"DERSHIP TIP OF THE WEEK:  Be positive and enjoy life.

May 20- Walk at School Wednesday
               Jeans and College Shirt Day
               NRH20 for Music Competition
               Staff Meeting (3:30)
May 22- Sheltered Instruction Training Modules Must be Completed
              Field Day
May 26- Third Grade Field Trip to Perot Museum
May 27- Walk at School Wednesday
               Jeans and iCreate Shirt
               Social Spurs Luncheon
               Sara's Wedding Shower
May 29- Grades Due
May 30- TEDx Youth @RJL

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