Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week of January 26

TISSUE ALERT!  What an incredible four day week this has been!!  I cannot thank each and every one of you, enough, for the work you do at our school.  It takes ALL of us working together, and I am honored that we have such an amazing team!  The lessons and experiences you are designing for your learners are some of the BEST I have EVER seen.  There is great enthusiasm in our learners and THIS IS BECAUSE OF YOU! I have been super impressed with the Google Classrooms set up, the CBL challenges, the Guided Reading and Interactive Read Alouds, the tweets, the singing, jumping, and artwork, the planting in our garden, and the recycling in our school and cafeteria.  Multiple times this week I have reflected about how much we have GROWN!!  Just like our learners, we deserve feedback at the end of the nine weeks, and you deserve the highest praise.  Thank you for a job well done!! Imagine where we will be at the end of the third nine weeks! 


  • we can water the garden with hoses. We will be picking up hoses and will let you know when they are connected to the hose bib out by the garden.
  • we will begin composting soon.  We will be purchasing a turning bin that our lunch foods can be placed in to create compost for our garden.  Stay tuned.
  • that Number Talks books are in for each of you?  Please go check one out from Courtney so you can use it to support your math curriculum.

Here is a great quote that I received from Daily Impact Journal that reminded me of YOU:
“Never judge your strength by comparison, because there is always going to be someone who is more experienced than you. Judge by your dedication to what you do, and your ability to make progress. And even if there is someone better than you, use that as motivation, and strive to become better, because that’s what they did.” – Aaron DeCamp


Coppell ISD is participating in the HEB Community Challenge.  I emailed you information about this on Wednesday.  Thank you Elisa and Nicole for already earning 2000 pts for the city of Coppell for downloading the app and posting a picture of it on the site.  

Please allow your learners a brief amount of time to come back and share after our Leedership Meeting on Friday.  THANK YOU!

We will be interviewing 4th and 5th grade learners for leadership opportunities in our broadcast studio.  We want to get them running the studio as quickly as possible, so thank you, designers for tolerating our interruptions when we pull learners to interview them.

Our PTO Room Parent Coordinator is aware that we will have house Valentine parties.  Parties will be the last hour of the day.  Please talk with your grades/houses about how you will handle valentines in your classroom.  Will you have decorated boxes?  Will you have decorated bags?  Please provide a list of first names to each learner so that they can participate in exchanging valentines.  We have extra Valentines in Angela's office for those learners who may not have any.  

We have blocked out time from 8:00-1:00 and 3:00-5:00 on Tuesday and 1:00-2:30 on Thursday for you to start having your mid year meetings with Todd and I.  These will be VERY BRIEF check ins with you.  Please sign up for a time to attend on this Google doc

We have our final scheduled Club 21 Meeting on Monday afternoon.  THANK YOU, 4/5 designers (and Alli) for your dedication to these learning sessions.  Your positive attitudes and willingness to share and learn from one another are exemplars for others!!  We will meet in the Pre K room at 3:30.

Thank you for completing your school supply lists on this Google Doc by the end of the day Friday.  I will get with Jessica to add up to $2 in Art supplies to each list.  Please keep your list under $48.  Also, please add 1- 1" binder to your lists for a CBL binder for each learner school-wide.  

Please stress to your learners and families that yearbooks must be ordered by the 26th.  They can order these online or send in a paper order from PeachJar.  If they do not order one, there will not be extras to sell when they come in.  I would hate for any of our learners to miss out on our inaugural yearbook.  We will schedule a yearbook signing date and event at our next Leadership meeting.

Please update your digital signage in your house (by putting in a help desk ticket for network connectivity) so that your television shows updated work from learners. 

"LEE" QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “All our dreams can come true...if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~Walt Disney

During discussions, respect other learners’ comments, opinions, and ideas. Never laugh at another learner’s contribution.

January 26- Club 21 Meeting with VRE @Lee
January 27- Mid Year Goal Setting Meetings
                    NWISD Tour of Lee (1:00)
January 28- Red and Black Attack Shirt Day
                   Walk at School Wednesday (7:30-7:45)
                   Birthday Luncheon (Social Spurs)
                   Fed Ex Day (3:30-4:30)
January 29- Honor Choir out all day
                    Mid Year Goal Setting Meetings
                    Learn About Lee (8:00) NEW TIME!
                    Nacho Bar (PTO Hospitality)
                    Honor Choir Performance (CHS- 7:00)
February 2-6- Counselor Appreciation Week
February 2- Groundhog Day
February 4- Walk at School Wednesday (7:30-7:45)
                    House Shirt Day with Jeans
                    2nd Grade Author Skype (9:00 Media Center)
                    Staff Meeting (3:30-5:00)
February 5- 100th Day of School
February 6- Jumprope Performances
                    Jump Rope For Heart Donations Due

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