Sunday, January 4, 2015


I hope that you have enjoyed your two weeks off of school.  I am excited to return to school to see everyone and hear about the two weeks we have been apart.

Here is one of my first thoughts:

I spent way too many days in my pj pants and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.  I ate WAY TOO MUCH, stayed up WAY TOO LATE, and slept in EACH MORNING.  I hope you did the same!

We celebrate Elisa (now Genco) as she was married on December 27.  She was a stunning bride and she will be back to school on Tuesday.

I am happy to share these pictures of Jamye's beautiful baby, Finley, that was born via c-section on December 28.  We will have Jamye back either right before or after Spring Break.  In the meantime, I cannot wait until she brings him up to see his famiLEE!

I hope you have been thinking about your ONE WORD to bring to our Staff Meeting on Wednesday. If you have forgotten what this is, please look at our last post

Our school is growing as the houses in our neighborhoods are beginning to finish construction.  We have 8, YES EIGHT, new learners enrolling on our first day back.  This will only continue.  Please know that we recognize how tough this is.  I have appealed to the district that we not go over the state mandated 22 in K-4 and 25 in 5th.  They are doing their best to reroute learners to other campuses that have room in the district.  Unfortunately, we will soon be out of options to do that.  Our second grade will already be at 23 in each room after Monday's registration.  I have instructed Diana to try and place siblings in the same houses if there is room and to try and start with classes with lower numbers.  Please know, that it is likely that all of our classrooms will get new learners in the near future.  If there are supplies that you need for your learners, please ask the parents to assist you.  If they are not able to help, please get with Diana or Chantel so that we can get you the necessary supplies for your learners. 

I was invited by our Asst. Superintendent to go listen to John Hattie in Westlake.  I'm excited to learn more from him since I heard a small dose of him at Learning Forward.  The unfortunate timing of his visit is January 5-6.  That is right- TOMORROW and Tuesday.  I will be at school in the mornings and back in the afternoons, but wanted you to know that this was not planned on my part.  I recognize that I have been gone quite a bit for professional learning lately.  I am eager to share what I learn at Wednesday's staff meeting.  If you need ANYthing, Todd is here and I am a text away.  I find comfort in being gone, when I read this on my Daily Impact Journal:    

“Set your expectations high; find men and women whose integrity and values you respect; get their agreement on a course of action; and give them your ultimate trust.”– John Akers

Get a good night's rest...tomorrow is only a day away (thank you Kylie!)  Click Here

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