Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week of Nov 28

I don't even know WHERE to begin, because THANK YOU is not nearly enough...but THANK YOU for an incredible day of celebration.  I am humbled by the consideration, generosity, and kindness today.  I feel so surrounded by GOOD PEOPLE!  (I sense a reflective blog post about this over the break, so BEWARE!)

Please enjoy next week off.  You are such a talented and hardworking staff. ENJOY being away from school with your family, friends, and loved ones.  I am so very excited for our Brides to Be and wish you much happiness as you start this new chapter of your lives.   I can't wait to hear about Taylor and her first Thanksgiving as a momma and Jamie, Amanda, and Samira having their first Thanksgiving in their new homes.  MUCH LOVE FAMILEE!!!

  • that we have multiple houses and grades struggling to determine if we use the Lee Scope and Sequence, the District Splash Screens, or Heather and Mary's Scope and Sequence?  To clarify, you should be using the District Splash Screens as much as possible.  As soon as the Schoology Course is up and going, you will be the first to know.
  • that some parents DO NOT REALIZE that we are off ALL of next week?  Please put a reminder in your weekly newsletter!
  • that we have sent an invoice in for BrainPop, BrainPop Jr., and BrainPop ESL?  Stay tuned for our Lee login and password.  YAY!
  • that we have received over $14,000 in funding for our ESL learners?  Claudia has done an amazing job of getting you some resources ordered!  We will be able to fund Science A-Z (online) for all, we will be getting math and science academic vocabulary cards,  and we will be adding some National Geographic leveled readers.  Ask her if you want to learn more or have ideas of other tools for our ESL friends! 
  • there is a 360 degree view of our campus on our home webpage now?  Check it out! 

For every $10 donated online, you get 5 free jeans passes.  $10 equals 30 meals.  Donate here and your passes will be in your mailbox by the end of the day Friday.   Don't forget to scroll down to Richard J Lee Elementary and put your name in.  Congrats, so far, to Layne, Angela, and Rebekah!

Our learners will be performing on Tuesday.  Please do not hold them responsible for the work they missed while they are gone. 

Please review the Campus Improvement Plan with your house before Wednesday's Leadership Meeting.  Write down any evidence of steps accomplished.

Don't forget to advertise this event to parents.  Your courses should be loaded in our Google Folder.  Thank you, Ashley for our flyer!

Please advertise our Community Action Club HUGS Drive with your parents.  Let's continue to share our good fortune with others.

Ashley and I will continue with 2.4 Differentiation walkthroughs this week.  We have gotten behind with school business and our observations.  Please be aware that we are looking for choice in learner experiences and scaffolding to meet varied needs in your classroom.  Think about the Team Time question: How do you know they know it?  What do you do when they do?

Fairness- playing by the rules

Whenever you are offered food, whether it be a birthday treat or snack, never take more than your fair share.

"Fairness doesn't mean that everyone gets the same.  Fairness means that everyone gets what they need."  -Rick Riordan

Nov 28- RtI Meetings
              CISD Board Meeting
Nov 29- Choir Performs at Northpark Mall (10:30-1:00)
               Stop, Collaborate and Listen (3rd and 5th- 3:30-5:00)
Nov 30- School Shirt w/ Jeans
              Lee Learner Luncheons (10:30-1:00)
              Leadership Team Meeting (3:30-5:00)
Dec 1- Spurs Savings (7:30-7:50 Cafe)
            Green House Field Trip (Perot)
Dec 2- National Intervention Services Day
Dec 3- Mathurday (9:00-10:30)

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