Monday, August 8, 2016

Updated Learning Framework and MORE

It has been LOVELY spending this week on campus, enjoying time with our new hires, and catching up with those of you who have stopped by to visit.  I hope you are each enjoying the last week of your summer vacation as you prepare for #rjlyear3.  It is going to be a REMARKABLE year together.  Please take a moment to put some faces with the names of our new hires. (Thanks, Ashley for making this!)

Ashley and I will be interviewing candidates for our added Kindergarten and Instructional Aide positions this week.  As soon as we find the perfect fits, we will add our new hires to the faculty list shared with you earlier this summer.  THANK YOU, Blue House for taking on the additional Kindergarten section in your space.

We would like to get a clear picture of who does/does not or needs keys in the building.  If ALL of you would please take time to fill out this form, we will make sure that you have everything you need to start the year.  THANK YOU!

We are missing quite a few of you on our faculty favorites list.  Please take time to tell us more about yourself.

New folks reviewed the latest version of the CISD Learning Framework last week.  For those of you returning, there is information that is updated that I emailed to you earlier today.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REVEIW IT.  We will continue to revisit this document throughout the year.

Cassie Knight (P4) will be serving as our ELAR Content Specialist this year.  We are so lucky- Cassie is a resident bookworm!!  While at Lit Camp this summer, Cassie created a Google doc with picture books and lesson ideas.   If you have a picture book and lesson ideas you would like to add to the list, please fill out this form.  THANKS CASSIE!!

Looking forward to seeing our Leadership Team and Instructional Coach at our meeting tomorrow.  We will start in room 120 at 8:00 and will conclude at 4:00.  We can't wait to continue on our "unity" journey as we grow together.  We will have bagels for you in the morning.  Please plan on going out to lunch, on your own, followed by and an off-campus activity in the middle of the day.  Dress is casual, and expect pictures!

Please take time to update your teacher website on our Lee homepage.  This is the first impression our parents have of you before Meet the Designer Night.  Please check out other webpages in the district or on campus to see how you can use your site as a communication tool this year.  Please include a photograph of yourself, information about your certification, our guiding purpose, and some fun personal information.  This needs to be completed by Wednesday, August 17.  Please use your house/grade team or the faculty website to help you complete this task.

Aug. 9:  Leadership Meeting (8:00-4:00)
Aug. 10: Broadcast Camp (THANKS Sam and Melinda!)
Aug. 10-11:  Kindergarten Assessment Days
Aug. 15-19:  Back to School Professional Learning
Aug. 22:  First Day of School

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