Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1

Thank you for a wonderful LAST WEEK of school with our learners.  It has been such fun to travel through the building and see the memorable experiences you have provided our learners.  Thank you for ensuring that learning happens until the last day at Lee!

We will start Spirit Rally at 8:15 tomorrow morning.   I know we have posted 8:00, but please take time to welcome each learner to your space this last day.  The last two mornings have been rushed (for a good reason), and now you will have time to enjoy this last morning with your friends.

We will call you down by houses starting 8:00.  Please, if you could, have learners who are getting awards sit at the front of your house (on the floor).  This will help speed up the process of awards.  

There will be a staff/learner event at the conclusion, so BE READY!  

We will host yearbook signing from 10:00-11:00.  Learners may visit spaces around the building for signatures IF they have a yearbook.  Todd, Angela, Specialists, and I will be in the Media Center to sign yearbooks.

Don't forget to sign up here for summer learning in CISD.  If you have to back out of attending, please make sure you unenroll.  Please remember that when you attend events outside of Lee that you represent our school.  Please be respectful of presenters, use technology appropriately, and enjoy learning from others.

Under the Front Office Section, the Summer 201 Device Checkout Agreement box can be checked for ALL.  This is part of the district staff handbook.  Please remember, and be advised, that technology is YOUR responsibility and you are financially responsible for any damage/loss.  Please view previous blog for insurance options. 

Have your orange sheets completely filled out and ready.  We will begin checking out houses at 2:00 and work as quickly as possible.   Exit interviews (in Eduphoria) for departing staff members will happen when we get to your house. 

June 1- Cindy
June 10- Taylor O.
June 15- Taylor H.
June 16- Sandra
June 17- Alli
June 21- Elizabeth
June 27- Viana
July 13- Cassie
July 14- Shelley L.
July 26- Nicole
July 31- Wendy
August 2- Katie
August 13- Shelley S.
August 21- Jillian
August 23- Kristen
August 25- Roxann
August 27- Sam
August 8- Stephanie

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