Thursday, February 4, 2016

Week of February 8

Thank you for incredibly productive design days this week, so far!  You are doing fantastic work and designing amazing experiences for our learners.  We could not be prouder of you!!

OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.
What YOU are doing to do to LIVE out this VISION at Lee?  

  • you can give feedback on custodial services.  Just click here.
  • you got high praise from Penny Tramel: I just wanted to send a brief email to say thank you to you and your educators for the excellent job you all did in gathering and sending in artifacts.  The lead auditor was highly impressed with the quality of work.  She does audits all over the country, so I believe this is high praise for you all. 

Thank you for getting proofs back to Mrs. Giddings.  On Friday, please allow her to take a class photo and to photograph your new learners (since October) so that they may be included in our yearbook.  I recognize this is a class disruption, but we are doing our best to make sure that all learners are included in the yearbook!  She will be here in the morning.

Want to wear jeans all week?  Turn in $20 for the American Heart Association and you can wear jeans with a shirt of your choice.  If you jump with your kiddos in PE you can wear warm ups on that day.  ENJOY!!  Parents are invited to attend during your regularly scheduled PE times on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

This event is the result of three of our 5th grade Blue House learners answering the question: How does AFFECT change the world?  We will begin our themed week with a PTO sponsored Anti-Bullying program by James Wand for grades PK-5 on Monday.  Please join us in the cafe.  Themes for the week are:
  • Monday (wear yellow) Your attitude is positive and your goal is to spread joy and warmth just like the
  • Tuesday (wear super hero shirts) Save the day and so do learners who stand up to bullying to help others
  • Wednesday (wear sunglasses) Use your special vision to spot kind behavior and stop bullying
  • Thursday (bring a stuffed animal or bear) Give someone a bear hug or high five
  • Friday (wear red or pink) Show some LOVE at Lee

In order to show you how much we LOVE YOU, please join us, in the lounge on Friday, for a lunch sponsored by ChickFila!

We will NOT have a modified schedule for Friday.  Please follow our regular house schedule and plan for parties to take place (as a house) from 2:00-3:00 in your open spaces.  If you are not in specials at 1:30, and you house in an open space, please plan to work elsewhere from 1:30 to 2:00 so that Room Moms can set up.  (Ideas: media center, ecopond, pavillion, atrium, side spaces in open spaces, central collabs)  1:30 -2:00 might be the PERFECT time to exchange Valentines.  Please let me know if any learners need help getting valentines, and I will buy them some this weekend.  

Since we tend to get an overabundance of chocolate on this day, I will have a bag outside my office if you want to donate to one of the assisted living center in Coppell.  Mike and I will be happy to drop donations off.  If you remember correctly, last year, the ladies LOVED Mike being there and could care less that I was with him- ha!

Thank you for your work during staff meeting to reflect on what an exemplar learning environment looks like at Lee.  I think hanging these in your design studios is a great reminder of what we should aim for.  This week we will review the physical/virtual learning environment.  According to our CISD Educator Evaluation System: the educator will design a flexible, consistent learning environment where learners are able to collaborate in and beyond the classroom
  • the educator utilizes digital tools to extend learning beyond the classroom
  • learners and educators clearly take pride in maintaining an attractive and inviting learning space
  • work displayed reflect the learning standards and is purposefully displayed
  • learning environment design responds to instructional and learner needs

I want to remind you that on February 15th, we have a guest speaker that morning.  The speaker is Michael Wesch, and his topic is:  "Teaching Upside Down:  What Handstands Have Taught Me About Learning."  Once we conclude at the high school, we will head back to Lee for our Expository training from WFTBB.  More details next week.

Love- unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for others; warm attachment

"Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." Mother Teresa

Love your neighbor as yourself.


Week of Feb 8-12:  Kindness Matters Week @Lee & Book Fair Week
Feb 8:  David's Birthday
            PreK-2 Bullying Program (8:30-9:15 Cafe)
            3-5 Bullying Program (9:30-10:15 Cafe)
            TELPAS Training (Grades 2-5 3:30)
Feb 9:  Kylie's Birthday
            PTO Mtg. (6:30 Cafe)
Feb 10: Rachel's Birthday
             Convocation T-shirt w/ Jeans
             Walk at School Wednesday
             Parents in PE for JRFH
             Leadership Mtg. (3:30)  
Feb 11:  Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)
              Parents in PE for JRFH
Feb 12:  Chick Fil A Lunch for Staff
              Parents in PE for JRFH
              JRFH Envelopes Due
              Valentine Parties (2:00-3:00)

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