Friday, November 13, 2015

Week of November 16

What a wonderful week of school with Veterans Day, bond visitors, and more design days.  You have continued to shine and prove why we are the BEST school on the planet.  Yesterday's afternoon tour made two ladies CRY.  When I asked them why they were crying, they said that this school is what they have dreamed for children and they were touched to their core that it is happening.  THANK YOU for demonstrating on a daily basis how special our school is!!  Our school IS beautiful, but it is WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN OUR SCHOOL that is the showstopper!

High Schoool learners (as well as Samira, Layne, and Cassie) presented to the bond committee members Wednesday night.  What the high schoolers are dreaming of in a new school IS OUR SCHOOL.  How incredible it was to tell them, after their presentation, that what they want is HERE!!

Lastly, this was an email from one of our visiting Veterans:  

Good Morning:
My wife and myself attended your Veterans Day event at Richard Lee school where our grandson, Max Victory is a student and we would like to express our appreciation for a "JOB WELL DONE". Not only was the program well organized by you and your staff but we were amazed by how well you brought the students into the room but also how mature the students were in exiting the event. Not what you would expect from children that age.  Again, thank you very much for having a program for veterans and inform your staff that it really was a "JOB WELL DONE".
Thank You
Cal & Beverley Gibbs
Valley Ranch

OUR GUIDING PURPOSE: We empower learners to positively impact the world by designing learning experiences that promote relationships, risk taking, and collaboration in a flexible environment.

  • that Dr. Waldrip shared this great article?
  • even though you might have missed Math Educator Academy that you can see their presentations and resources here?

      What if we had our learners go here and vote for the BEST school in Coppell ISD?  We are currently in FIFTH place.  The voting ends on Sunday so today would be the day to get them to vote.  Please send this in your Friday communication to parents, too.

      Great Educators Matter and we have three GEMS that will be recognized before Monday's board meeting at the Administration Building.  If you want to cheer on Shelley, Roxann, and Lauren, please be there by 6:00.  Our campus will be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School at 7:30, if you choose to stay.


      Are you interested in scoring our Teacher of the Year Nominations?  We need 5-10 people interested in joining in the front conference room at 3:15 on Monday, November 16.  We have the four applications and rubrics ready.  It should not take more than 30 minutes.  If after school does not work for you and you would score during your conference time, let me know and we can arrange that.  THANK YOU!

      Your house lead was trained on updating your digital signage.  Please upload additional/new content the first of each month.

      Gratitude- the act of being grateful; thankful

      “The ones you should try to get even with are the ones who have helped you.” -Unknown

      Always say thank you when given something.  When given an assignment, there is no moaning or complaining.

      Nov 16:  GEMS Recognized (7:30 Board Room)
      Nov 17:  Chantel's Birthday
      Nov 18:  Walk at School Wednesday
                     House Shirt w/Jeans
                     Thanksgiving Lunch in Cafe during lunch
                     New Learner Luncheon (10:30-1:00 Cafe)
                     Leadership Mtg. (3:30-4:30)
      Nov 19:  Music Dress Rehearsal (8:30 Cafe)
                     Campus Tours (9:00 and 1:00)
                     Buffalo Wild Wings Night
                     Yellow House Music Performance (6:30)
      Nov 20:  Turkey and Chicken Drive (Front Loop)
                     Happy Hour (54th Street Grill)
                     Courtney's Birthday
      Nov 22:  Jacque's Birthday
      Nov 23-27:  NO SCHOOL

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      1. It was such an awesome experience to be on that tour today. Sometimes being "in it" with you guys, it is easy to take for granted how amazing the work that you all are doing truly is. Lee is the best challenge I have ever had and I am THANKFUL to learn from you all each week. It is the people that make Lee special!!