Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week of April 20

Thank you for the amazing observations this week!  It was a joy being in so many classrooms to see the learning you are designing for our kiddos.  I will be in more classrooms tomorrow.  You continue to raise the bar and impress!!  SUPER JOB with our class and individual pictures, designers.  You did an excellent job of keeping learners quiet as we transitioned and waited.  We had lots of class orders THANKS TO YOUR HELP!!

“I don’t believe in just ordering people to do things. You have to sort of grab an oar and row with them.”– Harold Geneen

  • that your Mac has a program called Image Capture that can help you transfer images and video from an iPad quickly and easily?  Take a look at this quick video to learn more! (Thank you, Alli)
  • there is a free trial of emaze to help you with digital presentations for learners?
  • that we are trying to get the MAP window opened sooner so K-2 learners could take MAP while 3-5 learners are taking STAAR?  You won't have to fight for computers and the building will already be testing.  We will keep you posted.
  • that Social Spurs will provide Mrs. George a gift for Librarian Appreciation Week?  Since she was at TLA all week, we will give it to her on Monday.  Feel free to have your learners create cards for her, too.  Wouldn't it be fun to have her return to a bunch on her desk?
  • Chantel, Todd, and Angela will be walking around after school on Friday to check for your STAAR testing environments and coverings?  You only need to cover reading and math strategies or work.  YAY!  

It looks like we might get lucky with weather for our carnival.  THANK YOU, in advance, for your attendance.  I can't wait to hear how much your auction dates raise for our school!  YOU are the BEST!  If we have to cancel due to rain, we will notify you as quickly as possible.

Please view the PPT and watch MODULE 1 on Active Monitoring.  Once you have viewed the PPT, please initial on the supplemental PPT training sheet in Angela's office and turn in Module 1 Active Monitoring certificates to her.  If you are testing, you may wear jeans and sneakers with a school shirt.


The final deadline for yearbook ordering is May 1st.  Staff and parents can order on the Balfour website  and type in Richard J. Lee Elementary.  The cost is now $30.

We will participate in Waste Free Lunch Day in celebration of Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22.  To learn more check out this resource and video.  I have purchased Spirit Sticks to be handed out to each learner that contributes to a waste free lunch that day.  In addition, we will have compostable silverware purchased from the Child Nutrition Department.  Special thanks to Elisa for getting our compost bin started.

Please continue to review expectations and hold our learners to high standards.  It is an excellent time of the year to remind our learners of the many privileges we have here at Lee.  (Furniture, building, resources, technology)  Just as we remind learners, a friendly reminder to the staff about arriving to school on time, supervising learners at ALL TIMES, transitioning with HALL expectations, not texting during the work day for personal reasons, staying on campus during your conference time, and watching your clocks to dismiss and transition on time.  Please see me if you have questions about ANY of these requests.  

Open House was a month ago.  That means your displays of learning should be switched out by now. Please do not leave work up over a month unless it is an interactive bulletin board.  Just like we move the furniture we should move the work on our walls.  With Dr. Waldrip coming on Thursday, we should be extra mindful of our spaces, walls, and evidence of learning.  THANK YOU!


Houses and grade levels have done an excellent job the end of this year filling out the necessary paperwork to go on these trips and fund them appropriately.  THANK YOU for your efforts, we notice- and so does our bank account!

Thank you, Courtney, for arranging such an exciting author visit.  I love that our learners had the experience of learning more about the Soman Chinani and his contributions to our world.

Please help make sure that your learners get on their bus before the busses depart.  The busses will depart by 3:13 so it is imperative that you WALK YOUR LEARNERS OUT on time.  Also, remind parents in your weekly communication that if they have a K-2 learner they are to meet them at the bus stop or they will not be allowed off the bus. 


Did you make them last week?  If not....please do!  Our parent satisfaction survey will be going out and one way to keep parents happy is to brag about their learners.

Have you started scheduling these?  If not....please do!

You will be getting an invitation to sign up for your summative conference.  You must turn in your summative reflections in Eduphoria by this Friday (April 24.)

"LEE" QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious and curiosity leads us down new paths.” -Walt Disney

"LEE"DERSHIP TIP OF THE WEEK:  Whether we are in school or in public, if someone drops something, pick it up and hand it back to them.

April 17- FamiLEE Carnival (5:30-8:00)
April 20- STAAR Testing 
April 21- STAAR Testing
                Kinder Afternoon Field Trip
April 22- STAAR Testing
                Waste Free Lunch Day
                First Grade Field Trip
                Fed Ex Day (3:30-4:30)
April 23- Dr. Waldrip Visits Lee (9:00)
April 24- Summatives are Due
                Volunteer Luncheon (11:00-12:00) 
                Growth and Development Video (2:00)
April 25- Dad's Club Golf Tournament
April 28- Rachel S's Birthday
April 29- Amanda's Birthday
                Leadership Meeting (3:30)
April 30- Learn About Lee (8:00)
May 1- Yellow House Field Trip
             Progress Reports Go Home
             Project Aces Day

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