Friday, December 12, 2014

Week of December 15

It is SO GOOD to be "home" and back at school.  I am looking forward to our last week together before the Winter Break.  Hang in there- YOU'VE GOT THIS!  It has been so fun seeing you in your jeans and holiday attire.  One more week of Frozen treats coming your way!


  • that Peter Reynolds created a new video that is his gift to educators to remind you to follow your instincts and remember why you got into teaching in the first place.  See the potential in every child, nurture those emerging gifts and talents, and change their lives!!!  ENJOY!
  • that an alternate schedule will be used on Friday?  Todd will send that out to you.  
  • that the Madrigal Choir is going to perform so that your room parents can set up for the party on Thursday.  Join us in the gym at 1:00 for their singing.
  • that we have a formative assessment resource, compliments of Debbie Youngs and Diana Saylak?  Diana suggested printing off on card stock and putting on a ring.
“A leader succeeds only when they find a way to make people excited and confident in what comes next.”
– Marcus Buckingham

Please invite me in for your learners to showcase what they learned during their coding time this week.  I would love to see what they have been working on!

Please only assess learners on middle of year MAP assessments if they are on RtI or you have a concern about their progress.  THANK YOU!


Thank you for going to the Holiday Open House today!  Ashley did and incredible job leading our choir and instrumental ensemble.  Todd was a magnificent impromptu sound mixer!  It is nice to LEAVE SCHOOL and remember the reason for the season! 

Please send out information this weekend to your families regarding our yearbook contest.  I am sorry this is such short notice, but...I just got word from our PTO about the deadline.  Entries are due in the front office by the END OF THE DAY, Wednesday, December 17.  Misspellings will disqualify entries.  The cover selected will depict the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  Other entries that showcase our school, the building, our logo, etc. will be used for the back cover and title page.  Please make sure learners write their name, grade, and house in pencil on the back.  We will announce the winners at our second Spirit Rally in January. 

We have more guests coming to perform for learners.  On Thursday, from 1-2, the CHS Madigrals will be coming to perform in the gym so that your parents can set up in your rooms for the party.  (Did I just hear a sigh of relief?)  Yellow learners will be supervised by Specials so you still have your conference time.  What are your thoughts on asking learners to dress to impress for this day?  I will be sporting another sequenced sweater.  :)

We will start with morning broadcast from the stage, followed by a performance by the Drama Club.  How would you feel about our choir singing after a little brain break?  Then we can send you back to watch Polar Express in each house, complete Polar Express activities, eat lunch, go to recess, and GO HOME!!!  You can leave as soon as your learners are safely dismissed!  

"LEE" QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” -Dr. Suess

"LEE"DERSHIP TIP OF THE WEEK:  Use your utensils for eating.

December 15- West Winter Band/Choir performs for Lee (1:30-2:00)
                        TOY Recognized at Board Mtg. (6:00)
                        Taylor's Half Birthday
December 16- Lee Night at CHS Basketball (8:00 p.m.)
December 17- College Shirt Day
                        Yearbook Cover Submissions Due
                        Spur Savings (7:30)
                        Red CBL Planning Day
                        Staff Christmas Party @ Anamias (3:45)
December 18- Latest at Lee Parent Meeting (9:00)
                        Madigrals Play for Lee (1:00)                       
                        Winter Parties (2:00)
                        Rob's Boot Camp (3:30-Gym)
December 19- Ayesha's Birthday
                        Polar Express Day
                        Drama Performance (8:15- Cafe)
                        Early Release Day (12:50)
December 21- Jamye's Birthday
December 26- Alicia's Birthday
December 27- Elisa's Wedding
December 22-January 4- Winter Break
January 5- 4/5 Club 21 Collaboration with CCE (3:30 RJL)
January 7- House Shirt Day with Jeans
                  Walk at School Wednesday (7:30-7:45) Info coming soon!
                  District Spelling Bee (9:00 CMSW) 
                  Staff Meeting (3:30)
January 9- Nick and Priscilla's Birthdays
January 10- Potential Lee Parent University (Info coming soon!)

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