Thursday, October 23, 2014

Week of October 27

THANK YOU for another fantastic week!  It is going to be exciting to host our first ever Spirit Rally in the gym tomorrow.  Details will be below.


  • that you will have at least one Design Day to work on CBL planning DURING THE SCHOOL DAY?  Once your house determines the day you would like to take: check the faculty calendar and then send the date to Chantel.  If the date is approved, we will have you complete an absence form in Formspace.  As much advanced notice as possible will help b/c we will try to get curricular support from Central Office.
  • that if you get something on your idea paint wall (like regular marker) that it will come off if you write over it with a dry erase pen and erase.  This doesn't mean you have to try it, but it works!

Please join us promptly at 8:00 in the gym.  This map (thank you, Todd) shows you where to sit.  We will sit by grade level during Spirit Rally.  This will give our grade levels a chance to spend some extra time together.

Today, Veronica (thank you) gave you a list of your learners with Perfect Attendance for the 1st 9 Weeks.  Please let them know who they are BEFORE they go to the gym.  They will be asked to stand so that we can recognize them.

Designers (who aren't absent) be prepared to have some fun after our Music performances.  As I mentioned on our morning broadcast, PLEASE wear your sneakers tomorrow.  10 of you will be asked to "participate" in the fun.  Hmmmmmm......

Don't forget your cameras, iPads, or phones to capture lots of pictures!

Please feel free to wear jeans if you participate in the Red Ribbon Week spirit days.  That is right; a full week of jeans ahead... Thank you, Mrs. Garvin for all of the efforts to organize this important week!
  • Monday: "Band together against drugs"- wear red
  • Tuesday: "Lee Learners are TOO Bright to use drugs"- wear bright colors and crazy socks
  • Wednesday: "Team up against drugs"- wear team shirts/sports jerseys
  • Thursday: "Living drug-free is NO seat"- wear sweatpants and sweatshirts
  • Friday: "Put a cap on drugs"- wear a hat (DO NOT SHARE- LICE IS NOT NICE)

This week's Staff Meeting will be replaced with a Leadership Meeting.  ANYone is welcome to come, but our Leadership team is required to attend.  We will meet in the PreK classroom set up for training.  Please bring ideas regarding our mission/guiding purpose.  Also, please bring your house tv remote control so that we can barcode it and scan it out to you.

On Thursday morning, I will have a parent meeting at 9:00.  At the conclusion of the meeting (9:30 or 9:45), we will be walking the building.  Please ignore us and continue the amazing work that you do!  We will try our best not to interrupt learning, but it will be a great opportunity to show our parents how we use all parts of the building.

Please make sure that you cut off the flap to your report card envelopes when you send report cards home on Friday.  Parents, will lick them and return them to you...ewww and we want to reuse these envelopes each nine weeks.  Dr. Herauf will print report cards for you and place them in your mailboxes.  Please request that parents sign them and return them on Monday, November 3. 

Thank you to those of you that attended Simmer Night.  Your extra efforts to attend outside of school hour functions does not go unnoticed.  Next time we will pull the tables together!!

Please communicate to your families that we will have a storybook parade for learners and designers on Friday, November 7.  Here is a form you can use to send home to parents.  Thank you, Mrs. Gaspard for creating this!

Every fall in CISD, educators are nominated by their peers to be the campus Teacher of the Year.  SO MANY OF YOU exemplify the characteristics of a Teacher of the Year.  Please look at the following documents and timelines and nominate a peer.

"LEE" QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intentions, sincere effort, and skillful execution” MJ Orricho

If you are asked a question in conversation, you should ask a question in return.

Week of October 27: Red Ribbon Week
October 27: Nicole's Bridal Shower (3:30 Yellow House)
October 28: Report Card Grades Due in Pentamation (8:00)
October 29: House or Team Shirt Day with Jeans
                    Leadership Meeting (3:30-5:00)
                    Orange Leaf Yogurt Night (details from PTO coming)
October 30: Jessica's Birthday
                    Learn about Lee and Learning Walks (9:00)
October 31: Report Cards go Home
                    TOY Nominations Due
November 1: Parent University 2.0 @CMSN (8:00-12:00)
November 2: Daylight Savings Time
November 4: Transformation in Action Site Visits
November 5: iCreate Shirt with Jeans
                      Staff Meeting (3:30-5:00)
November 6: Baby Barron Shower (3:30)
November 7: ELPS Training Due
                      Book Character Day
                      Dads Day at Lee
                      Dad's Campout @ Lee (7:00pm)

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